First version of fMobi for Nokia Asha now available!

First version of fMobi for Nokia has now arrived also to Nokia Asha (touch) phones!Take a look at:


This is first version, so any ideas and improvements are very welcome.


News Feed, Notifications, Photo upload, Check-in, Messages, Profile, Friends, Groups, Events, Pages, Settings

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fMobi should be working again!

fMobi seems to be back in action!
Sorry for the trouble!

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Error using fMobi at the moment

There are somekind of limit reached with Facebook API, or FB API is returning “Application limit reached” to every API call, so that is why fMobi is not working at the moment, but just returning Facebook error. I have no idea what that limit is or when it is cleared, hopefully soon. Until that I’m clueless what to do. Hopefully everything sorts out well soon.

I know this is very bad to you guys, but believe me, it’s very bad to me too.

Apologies, but yet again, this is something that I did not cause and only FB has the solution 🙁

Update: This is now fixed.

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fMobi 3.5 available for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle

There is a new update waiting for you in the Nokia Store.

There are following updates:
– Native photo gallery to uploads
– Native photo gallery to selecting custom background
– Progress bar to photo upload
– Option for FP2 keyboard, so text fields doesn’t go behind it.
– Widget settings should be available again with latest Belle firmwares.
– Fixes & tweaks

Have fun!

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