Color Line for N900

Yet another puzzle game for N900. Not sure if this game has been previously made or not, I don’t remember playing this kind of game before, have you?

1 install QtWRT
You should enable the extras-devel repository on your Rover and install the qtwrt-experimental package from there.

After you have QtWRT installed to your device, you are able to install my game to your N900 from here.

Game idea:

Create lines with three (3) same colored blocks in horizontal or vertical direction. The trick is that when clicking the board you always get two same colored blocks and then one random colored block, which never is the same color as the previous one.

Example blocks when clicking the board: red, red, blue, green, green, blue, blue, blue, red… etc.. Have fun and give improvement ideas!

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Man behind the! All feedback is appreciated, follow @jkosonen
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