fMobi 1.1.0b released with Places & Check in

New version is live!

Version 1.1.0b Released!
It includes
* Friends filtering
* Toolbar is flickable when it goes over the edges
* Update setting checks for new notifications/messages/friend requests/event invitations
* RSVP to events
* Birthdays to events
* Checkin / Places
* Number flag in main menu of new things (messages, events, notifications, friend requests)
* Bigger font
* UI fixes

This was very quick update because I promised it, so there might be bugs. So all your feedback and bug findings and comments are very welcome, as always! Next release (hopefully tomorrow or wednesday) will fix lots of those things you have gave me feedback.

Cheers to all!

Check all the features and download from here

About jkosonen

Man behind the! All feedback is appreciated, follow @jkosonen
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  • TK

    It’s very good, but I would prefer to have the toolbar removed, and just have a home button at the top. 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe that could be an option in the settings…?

      • TK

        That would be great. I think the screen is getting to thin with the toolbar…

    • Marcel D. Juhnke

      I’d even go one step further an re-implement it with Qt Quick Components for Symbian, to make it “Belle-proof”.

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  • Fran Ramirez

    YEAAAAAAAH !!! YOUR ARE GOD MEN !!!!! its perfect app for facebook !!!! THANKS SO MUCH

  • Fran Ramirez

    1 thing.. I can’t accept new friends… i see the notification but I cant accept… is this a bug? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have access to that kind of API from Facebook.. maybe they give me access when there is plenty of users of the app, I don’t know 🙁

      • Fran Ramirez

        oohhh 🙁  would be nice to reject or accept friend requests. 

        • Anonymous

          I agree.. that’s doable with some apps example from Nokia. They must have some speial access APIs, hopefully I can get access to those too someday..

          • djvita

            how about searching for friends too?

  • Pcybgmts

    might be a long shot, but a homescreen widget or using the push  notifications and this app would be pretty darn perfect…

    • Anonymous

      Push notifications is not going to work, since I would need to create a web service that polls all updates from all of the users all the time

      • Rajesh Rai

        Is there a possibility you could make use of Nokia’s Ovi Notifications API? Then you wouldn’t need to  create your own web service.

        • Anonymous

          But someone need to send the messages to Ovi notifications API, and that would be the web service 🙂

          • Rajesh Rai

            Oh thanks for the explanation. Such a pity though, there’s not a single Nokia app out there that provides proper Facebook notifications.

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  • Rex

    Bugs?:Places dosen’t seem to be using AGPS; lockon takes forever.When you get a notification of someone posting on your wall, you can’t click the notification to directly bring you to the post.Keyboard’s Coppy and Paste function seems to be missing o.O

    Additional stuff:Would be nice if we’re able to tag people in normal posts too =)A Homescreen Widget would be nice too =)Still waiting for full size downlodable photos =PBEST FaceBook App EVER~! =D

    • Anonymous

       You should be able to click the notification to go to that post?

      • Rex

        For others yes. But this specific notification about a post that someone wrote on my wall, i am unable to do so.

    • Rajesh Rai

      Agree with Rex. Places isn’t of any practical use as it doesn’t seem to use AGPS – and is relying on purely a GPS signal. Otherwise, decent app.

  • Shark

    When you release S60 5th version? 🙁

    • Chickendichack

      Would be great to see a S60 5th version…

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  • Elario Hanna

    its really nice i love the interface but has some bugs… friend requests now appear but how do i ignore or accept them? and as for birthday reminders we need notifiations over events when a birthday is happening on the same day

  • Anders

    It looks great but I can’t get it to work. The only message I get when I tap any icon is “Error with the request, please try again”. Nokia N8, pr1.2, sw 014.002.

  • Inkuli5

    Totally awesome App and the speed of changes is amazing!!  I would also prefer the menu bar to be hidden and called up as you need it, like the Opera Mobile browser 10

  • Bbackyard

    Great work this app will be MAAAASSSIVE! 
    Just a small bug… When I add friends at check in they don’t appear in the news feed.

    Well done again .. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Like the app very much and is silk smooth. Couple of suggestions, with the rate this app is being updated would love to have a update option right in the app itself. I sometimes become so lazy to download and install it.

    The right side of the screen when in the facebook pages kinda look like it is gonna eat up some text. A border on the right side or adjusting the text to wrap a little before the edge will look nice.

    Also if you can make the sidebar on the left to fade-in or out and reuse the screen area will make it look better

    Final one for the day :P, since on nokia phones we got used to the back button on the left bottom corner, adding a home or back button in the place of the refresh and moving the refresh to the top will make it more functional (I guess :D)

    Awesome app dude, you really got me interested on this with frequent updates. Looking forward to more nice features 🙂

  • Candido

    In chat….if I am typing a message and the last word is underlined (because of text prediction), I cannot SEND message. I need to click the screen to place the cursor after the word to remove the underline before it accepts the SEND click.

    This is on the N8 with latest firmware.

  • Jaanika On

    Totally awesome App and the speed of changes is amazing!! Check in is great !!!! Better then Iphone

  • tomy

    This app is fantastic, the only thing missing in my opinion is having sound and vibrating notifications when you receive a message, a chat or somebody writes on your wall. Maybe in one of the next updates 😉

    Keep the excellent work man!

    • Alvaro

      I agree with you, Bro!!!

  • Craig Meads

    Hi there, I have noticed that the Home icon in the top left corner seems to be active only when the phone is in landscape mode. In portrait mode, when I touch it, nothing happens. I am using an N8 on 14.2

  • Fatt5657

    overall is good ! but the profile scrolling is too laggy ! i can’t even scroll to the second profile …pls help !

  • Marco

    Hi! Fmobi is really the best facebook client for Nokia!
    If you need it, I can translate the app in Italian and French. Just contact me…

  • Mauricio

    I like the post. The post is very Useful. Thank you, this advice will come in handy.

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  • Bernard Michael Scott

    are you going to make this app for s60 v5

  • Bernard Michael Scott

    when will this be avalible fo s60 v5

  • sanny

    hey…..when i open it my handset…….my handset is going to restart, why plzzzzzzzzzz????