fMobi version 1.1.1b released, now with sound notifications!

Version 1.1.1b Released!
– Checkin with users tagged fixed
– Chat conversations can now be cleared
– Unread signal is now working with multiple open chat conversations.
– Status bar
– Sound notification from chat/notifications
– New status view for faster commenting
– Copy & paste to text areas (hold & release)
– Big icons for default, and for landscape too
– Mark all notifications read when viewing the page
– Splash screen
– UI fixes

Check all the features and download from here

About jkosonen

Man behind the! All feedback is appreciated, follow @jkosonen
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  • Jay Montano

    Great stuff again!

  • atapy

    the preview version was good but loss something,in this versione ,the new version but i have problem with chekin,because is slow to find place and when it try I can not select the place and perform the check…this is bad. another problem:there is not a location where i accept new frieds and generally new version is more slow but for all thank you for your n8

  • Ocirk

    first: this is the best FB app !!!
    little problem: i cant see the “new status” from only one of my “friends”…is there a special setting on needed? I only see the last status 5 weeks ago…?? (the first time i use fmobi)

    • Mapantz

      That’s a privacy setting that your friend has enabled. I worked this out several weeks ago. You friend isn’t allowing the view of 3rd party applications on Facebook, so you will never see status updates unless your friend changes the settings.

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  • Howard Reid Lord

    Checkin with users tagged fixed * Didn’t work for both Recent & Nearby
    Friend request* Can’t accept, can only view their profile

    I love fMobi even more since it updated with Sound notification & improvement set,
    please fix the issues above & i’m gonna to FB with your fMobi!

    Thank Q!!

    • Mapantz

      You will never be able to accept friends, or request them on this app. A: Graph API doesn’t allow it, and B: Juuso mailed Facebook about a partnership, to be able to add this things (Like Apple, BlackBerry, Android devices) and they weren’t interested in doing so. So the most things that are missing, such as those friend requests, sending private messages etc .. won’t appear on this app sadly.

  • Onuripci

    Hei te todella tehdä suuren sovellus, joka on paras Facebook asiakkaan kaikkien aikojen, muuten älä unohda päivittää viestit osassa thah sovelluksen seuraavan kerran.

  • betatesterz

    Things i’ve found..
    1. Words underlined by nokia’s autocorrect are not sent. Like when i type “Lets have (u)Lunch?(/u)” and press send, it’ll only post “Lets have”.
    2. Facebook Places still not using AGPS for location detection. GPS alone takes forever to detect.
    3. Notification Sounds only works if you’re actively on the application. Dosn’t work when you lock the phon or on other applications while fMobi is still running in the background.

    Btw, my events is being marked [1] and there’s 2 events. The closest event i have is a friend whose birthday which is like 2 days later and the next is also a birthday event at 4 days later. Is it suppose to work like that? How many days in advance will it be considered marked? I kinda assumed that the event notification will only count on the day itself. Though if its intended for notifying in advance then it’s alright.

    Would be nice to have a widget that refreshes every interval according to settings. Displaying the messages and notifications and also keep the program running at the background =)

    Great app. Loving it. Can’t wait to see what you have for us in the next release =P     

  • Luis Hernandez

    Nice app, it really looks good, however it hanged on me twice, once while checking notifications and other while looking at my friends list, the second time it also, somehow, affected whatsapp, I mean, it hanged up and closed it but then whatsapp ended with an appearence like fmobi, and the icons were ordered diferently. I’ll kep testing it and letting you know. Thanks for the app!

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