fMobi gets major update!

Version 1.2b Released!
– Back button
– Searches
* Feed
* Places
* Events
* Groups
* Friends
* Pages
– Fullscreen photo viewing
– “User Agent fix”
– Places to support non satellite positioning methods
– Recent checkins
– Nokia Pure font
– Share link
– Links are clickable in feeds/comments/chat
– Fullscreen view
– New sounds for alerts
– Time to chat messages
– Refresh button for status and checking for new comments
– New settings
* Enable T9 (then you have the last word missing bug)
* Louder sounds
* Font size
– UI fixes
– Bug fixes

Check all the features and download from here

About jkosonen

Man behind the! All feedback is appreciated, follow @jkosonen
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  • Anthony

    That’s a very good job, congrats

  • Tommaso Sacco

    thank’s for you jobs!

  • Wei Kang

    why this happen?

  • Fran Echavarria

    Just great, here are some comments. 

    I think that the back button should be displayed in full screen mode. 
    When big icons is disable and you close and re open the app, the icons appears big again even in the config the option shows OFF.

    • Jose Rodriguez

      if you choose to return to home instead of menu in settings, everything works fine, a minor glitch

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  • Jose Rodriguez

    instead of news* sry

  • Kilicogluyasin

    help my i have white screen in this version 1.2.1

    • Jumojn

      i got the same problem here bud! 🙁 

      • MarK

        I have got white screen… 🙁

        • Ame

          and also same here N8 pr1.2

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      As do i 🙁

    • JAMD

      me too =(

    • Felipe Queto

      So am I….

    • Asdf

      Same on my E7. Pre-splashpage version worked fine

  • HongYaw Lim

    Finally. Managed to installed 1.2b after many failed installation for previous build. Thanks. 

  • betatesterz

    Error liking and commenting on some stuff. Keep getting “Error with the request, please try again”. So far i’ve been unable to like and comment on photos, youtube links and some website links. No problem with such actions in the previous versions.

  • Marc

    It is a great app. However, would really like to be able to upload photos. Having to use Nokia social. Looks really good and I have no problems yet on my N8.

    • betatesterz

      lol uploading photos to facebook/twitter is the ONLY thing the nokia social app did right =.=

      Though the new function being able to zoom in photos is a nice addon, would be nice if we were able to download it directly into our phones =)

  • Mascotabaco

    Still waiting for a s60v5 version… 😉

  • oswald

    I have a “white screen” when the application starts.
    Why? help!!!

  • naynejung

    I have a “white screen” when the application starts.

    help me please !!!

  • Mauricio Arteaga

    really usefull aplication, thanks, the social application from nokia team is really poor and slowly.  For a future updates, can you add a answering way on messages view? 

  • Daniel Lugo Iglesias

    el inbox no funciona :S como mandar mensajes a gente que no esta conectada???

  • Manjusakatin

    The application closes automatically while I  am trying to share my status on E6-00. 🙁
    But anyway, it is still the best FB client on Symbian. Glad to see “Font size” option in 1.2!

  • Uusi käyttäjä

    Todella hyvä sovellus tämä fMobi 🙂 ainoa ongelma on ettei sovellus löydä sijaintia, vaikka kuinka kauan odottelisin. Ja chat bugaa sillon tällön, eikä näytä chat-ikkunassa ketään. Sovelluksen uudelleenkäynnistys yleensä korjaa chat-ongelman.

  • -gregfromphils-

    great app you have here! it’s the best facebook app for symbian, hands down. kudos to you! but can you please look into the memory management of this app. it doesn’t seem to release the memory used after the session.  may i suggest a clear cache button in the settings. thanks!

  • Michaël Paris Benson Hedges

    wanted to know when split screen will be implimented?and in full screen theres no option to go back.And multitouch while zooming would be nice thanks for your great work 🙂

  • Dgarcia16

    its there gonna be a push notification? as on gravity?

  • Damian_jhm

    when im trying to sing it it says Error with the request. Please try again, what can i do?

    • Philipp H.

       same here. i just put in my login details and get to the main menu but then selecting any of share status, profile, news feed, groups, messages, places provokes a “Error with the request, please try again.”
      chat and notifications just sit there and do nothing (white screen), events keeps “loading…”
      tried reinstall, got qt hotfixes and libqtm-11 installed.
      how can i fix this?