First version of fMobi released to Maemo (N900)


The first version of fMobi to Maemo platform is released.

There is some issues still remaining with this, but test and give comments. Chat is disabled by default, and if you set it on, there might be some connection popup issues if you don’t have network connection on.

Download and more details from HERE

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  • Amadeu K.

    yeeeeah, thanks man! gonna install right nooow =D

    • Diego Sepe

      doesnt work on the confirm screen, doesnt apper che confirm buttone, and is impossible to continue. anybody can help me?

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  • Steven O’ Dochartaigh

    Just tested the N900 version! great, so far! Thanks for bringing it!I wonder if you could post a .ts file so I can start a german translation.are the .qml files available for download, so i could help to make fmobi multilanguage.

  • Mikkel Stenkjær

    Dosen’t work for me right now 🙁 but when it’s working for me, i love to help you make a danish translation 🙂

  • icebox

    Thank you, will give it a spin right now.

    I know that you probably target the newer maemo devices but thank you for considering us n900 users 🙂

  • Asdasd

    so far, the most comprehensive near-native-like facebook app for the N900

  • Sheng 930729

    friend list loading too long and chat not wokring……..

  • Jani

    I’ve got N900 with Maemo 5 Community SSU version 20.2010.36-2maemo15 installed. Fmobi gives just a blank black screen when started. Nothing else happens. Tried to restart a couple of times, but still the same. Ctrl+backspace brings out the dashboard properly, so it’s not crashing or anything. 

  • Jani

    And now it’s working. Removing all qt-related stuff and reinstalling them helped.

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  • Anonymous

    Works really nice! Just had to install the extra stuff mentioned on the download page but that was easy enough. Really like the interface! Would be nice if the back button was a little further away from the hide menu button, though. Also could we get support for gestures?

  • Badambuchacha

    Per il nokia 5800?

  • Steven Molina

    I have a problem. Authorize fmobi on Facebook, when I try to use it says: “Problem with the request, please try again”. Always this happens.

    Please help 🙁

    • Steven Molina

       “Error Facebook API returned 400 bad request”

  • Borislav Stoilkov


  • Jani Siro

    Mulla ei toimi toi n900:ses  .. ku käynnistän ohjelman ni tulee pelkkä musta ruutu siihen eikä lähe siit mihinkää sit .. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Ja oot asentanut ton Qt Quick compatibility (apt-get install qtquickcompat)?

  • Chuchakialbo

    please fmbi is white screen help!!

  • Serkan Er

    herkese seLam 🙂