fMobi in action

There has been lot of questions about features and how to use fMobi, so I made a video which should show all the basic features of the application. Check it out and get to know fMobi!

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  • Renato Grego

    In this update, the Back button don´t back to the same point of time line.
    For exemple, if I click twice in”Load More” and select one post, “Like”it, and click to back, the time line back to beginnig.. and I need to go down and look for my last point.
    You can´t take off this functionality!! please.. 😉

  • Jorgeduardo

    srry but the video doesnt explain how to accept friend request ! :/ i dont know how ! help plis

  • cocoagua

    Hey! May I request support for split screen text entry? Only if it’s possible! 🙂 The app’s already great without it, it would just be a nice addition to the already great app 🙂 Thanks!

  • Ozzkar77

    Thank you very much for the application, a question can not find the function to send messages to friends, anyone know where?

  • P D ^ ^

    I just purchased this in the OVI store. This is a very nice facebook client. Anyway,  I could not find the function to send  messages. Can only read them. Please add this in to your next update.. thnks

  • Carolyn Vale

    Just installed this app. It’s the best face book app out there. I wont use anything else in the future.Well Done !!!!

  • Nick fokas

    top application.but it needs some work.

    my recommendations:
    -fix the messages so we can reply.
    -i would like to see a copy/paste function if you keep pressed on the screen
    -also it would be nice after you open something on the new feeds when you will push the back button to take exactly where you was and not the top of the page…- put at the settings an update button so we can update… 
    -the notifications some time don’t refresh even if you refresh them..-also i would like to have the option to connect via 3gthats for the using your app only a week …thank you for this app and keep up the good work 🙂

  • Djdeb

    I am Agree With Nick fokas. 
    Thank you