fMobi got recognized in Nokia’s official blog

fMobi was today introducted in Nokia’s official blog, Nokia Conversations.


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  • German

    Hi Jiikoo,


    My name ins German Duran and I recently bought your application
    for facebook, I think that it’s a very good application, user friendly and fast.
    Just a comment that I think you can improve, in the birthday section would be
    great if we have the option of include a specific date in our phone calendar,
    an option that allows you to add and specific birthday in your calendar.

    In general terms great application.  

  • Varroistvan

    Hey! I´m used the fmobi from the begining and I don´t have problems but when I purchased in ovi I can´t used becose I can´t login. In the loging page writing error… What can I do?

    • Anonymous

      Facebook seem to have made some changes to their logging page, so I can’t affect that atm. Will check that later today, and add fix to OVI as soon as possible.

  • Dgarcia16

    Are you going to make a push notification?

    • Anonymous

      When I have time I will surely check if I can do that!