fMobi now available from OVI Store

Please support my fMobi development and get the Nokia signed fMobi from OVI Store

And please take a little time to give it a (great) review.

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  • Fran Echavarria

    fMobi will continue to be free ??

    • Bianko124

      Oh no.. I’ve seen just a few minutes ago that fmobi has become not free. It’s a very disappointing news. I was thinking to donate some ‚ā¨ for this beautiful app but when I feel forced .. Bah I will think on it

      • Hey

        you can still use your old beta i guess. its still very good ūüėČ

  • Carrillo gil

    bonsoir j’ai achet√© l’application via l’ovi store.Je proc√©d√© √† l’installation et je n’ai pas l’interface de fmobi mais simplement l’interface vulgaire et simple de facebook via le net mobil.J’aimerais avoir des explications et √©ventuellement la solution, car j’ai essaye de d√©sinstaller puis r√©installer et rien √† faire j’ai toujours cette interface laide de facebook. Merci d’avance pour la solution.?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand french, but sorry to hear that you didn’t like it. But why did you get it if you don’t like the user interface, here is plenty of pictures of it…

      • Carrillo gil

        ¬†I think that you don’t understand, because i like your interface of Fmobi by the fotos and videos saw in the net and this is for this reasons that i bought the application Fmobi by Ovistore. The installation was success full but when I open Fmobi I arrive directly in the page Facebook¬† where I put my passworld and my mail adress and that i connect i dont find the interface Fmobi but the interface of facebook that we has usual see in the net. So i don’t understand and i disapointment because i bougt 2,00 euros please can you help me.¬†¬†¬† ¬† ¬†

        • Anonymous

          When you open the app and get the login screen, don’t change language or click any other link in the page, but just insert your username and password and click login. Then after you allow app to get access to your information you will get the app how it looks in the photos.

          • Carrillo gil

            I just reply to come back about my decision. I’m so sorry. Good continuation and long life to fmobi. ¬†

      • Carrillo gil

        Sorry I just find the application the interface is very beautiful. Could you put the interface in french. Thanks 

        • Anonymous

          Glad that you got it to work, can you change the review in OVI?
          I will add other languages in the future!

  • Flame Top

    Olen todella tyytyväinen ostooni! Ohjelma on todella sulava ja toimintorikas, sekä mustalla teemalla erittäin tyylikäs! Facebookkia on nyt ilo käyttää puhelimella. Kiitos JK! Suosittelen kaikille ystävillenikin tätä sovellusta.

    • Anonymous

      Odottelehan tulevia versioita ūüėČ

      • Mr Black

        Compliments! Your software is very good but I’d like to do you a question: in the news feed why I can’t read news about friends who are tagged in¬†pictures? I can’t read also news about new friendship between my friends and other and I’m not sure about news¬†of when a friend write on the wall of another friend. Thank you very much for your attention.¬†

        • Anonymous

          You see everything that comes from Facebook’s API. If something isn’t shown that’s because Facebook API doesn’t give that.

  • Erjon

    only one question i use this program on my N97 but i cant write messages with it.why didnt the developer put this feature?????

  • DFox

    I have purchase this soft on Ovi store for my Nokia N8 bute after installed fmobi 1.3.3¬† appare to be the free version.. no men√Ļ no icons only logi facebook page and html version.. where I wrong? how install full version?

    Regard Paolo

    • Anonymous

      You shouldn’t change the language when logging. But currently there is problems with login since Facebook broke something. Fix is already waiting for OVI testers to release it.

      • DFox

        I need to wait to new version ? Regards

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, new version, or that Facebook fixes their bug. Sorry

  • Nazley Fadhley

    Purchased fMobi

    • Nazley

      Okay problem solved. Maybe Ovi Store was updating the link from 1.3.3 to 1.4.

      Installed and running like a charm on my N8.

  • Pclpaul

    very, very chuffed with fmobi. Just want a widget like as in yesterday to replace nokia social widget that I deleted.

  • DX

    i have downloaded this today from the ovi store but got the free version. When i try to click on the link to upgrade to full, ovi says its not available for my phone. I have a n8 in symbian anna

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