fMobi updates to 1.4 S^3/Anna/Belle & S^1 & Maemo

fMobi is now available in version 1.4

Version 1.4 Released!
– Split screen
– Chat view updated
– Photo upload with previews
– Bug fixes
– UI modifications

Get greatest version for S^3 / Anna / Belle from OVI Store

Limited time beta versions (without split screen) also updated to all versions. Check those out from here.

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Man behind the! All feedback is appreciated, follow @jkosonen
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  • tsnq

    thanks for photo upload with previews! and chat works great!

  • tsnq

    @jkosonen聽using fMobi on Belle N8 – I’m finding it a little hard to catch the slide down phone notifications panel (from the black notification/status bar at the top) Have to do a little double swipe/shuffle to get it to slide down (unlike elsewhere on Belle and the Notifications panel slides down effortlessly)… know what I mean? It is a great feature to be able to access the phone notifications without having to exit fMobi so hope it can be fixed to slide more easily.

    • Anonymous

      It’s using the Nokia’s own component for that. Maybe it works better when Belle is officially released.

  • Anonymous

    Good update! Chat is much better with the split keyboard!
    Everything looks cleaner as well, like the settings page.

    As a suggestion, is it possible to send events/birthdays details and description to the Nokia Calendar app through fMobi?

    • Anonymous

      Need to check if I can do that 馃檪

  • Anonymous

    聽Sort of like Nokia Social app does currently – sync all at once as well if possible.

  • Amadeu Coelho Fischer Neto

    Hey, really thank you! I麓m waiting fmobi to arrive on Ovi Store for N900 so I can buy it! Will try new version 1.4 just now! 馃榾

  • Simran

    Sir, you’ve done a gr8 job by developing this app.. I just love it.. :)) I jst want to give a suggestion that:- Pls try to add functionality to sync my fb friends photos with my contacts, their birthdays to my calender, and status updates to the the contacts.. If this is implemented, then it would be THE BEST fb app for NOKIA.. even though still its the best.. :)) Thnx..

  • jerrin joe francis

    had to uninstall previous version of fmobi to install the latest version on my Nokia 5230

  • Lamiae Faouzi


  • Saimir

    Try to work with scrolling…it is the best app for fb till now..but in all version hi had problem with scrolling,,, 馃檨

    • Anonymous

      Set comments off from the newsfeed to make it smoother

  • Guest

    Seem like the notifications is not working in this version, because I got friends commented my post, but I can’t get any notification聽in fmobi… not sure is fb broke the notifications api??

    Thanks for the great app… 馃檪

  • Chemy Krosoft

    I am having problems to install it, the N900 says me “impossible to install ‘fmobi’ ” in the app manager, I was usin without problems the previous version and I have the聽qt Mobility 1.1,聽Qt Quick compatibility and聽Qt hot fixes. it doesn’t show me what is the problem about in the app manager. BTW I can translate it to spanish (just the text, you should do the programming stuff) if it cn help you email me

  • Nokiafanman

    Hi, I like this app very much. It’s very east to navigate, and fun to use. As great as it is, though, there are still a couple things missing. The first thing is that it seems that you can’t reply to inbox messages. I check my fb from the web on my phone, and I see that I have a message. The app doesn’t show it till much later. When it does show, I am unable to respond via the app, and must return to the web version in order to reply. The second thing is that it’d be nice to be able to delete your history of comments you made on your friends’ walls. In the web version, if you click your profile, not only do you see all your status updates, but you also see the comments you made on your friend’s wall, and you are given the option to delete it from public view. Other than these two things, this app is nearly perfect. Keep up the great work!

  • Manuel

    Hola, felicitaciones por esta gran聽aplicaci贸n聽la utilizo durante todo el聽d铆a聽en mi聽tel茅fono聽N8, la considero mucho mejor que la聽aplicaci贸n聽nativa que trae, el unico problema que he encontrado hasta ahora es el no poder escribir ni responder mensajes privados a mis amigos o grupos de amigos,聽quiz谩s聽en la聽pr贸ximas聽actualizaciones se solucione………por lo聽dem谩s聽te felicito por la聽aplicaci贸n聽la聽seguir茅聽utilizando como siempre

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  • canyamo

    split-screen keyboard in chat is not working for me! and yes i bought it from ovi store.
    also when i press “share status” the “full-screen” keyboard appears. if i now close the keyboard and press in the text-input field again, the split-screen keyboard appears. it’s the same when i search for something and everything else expcept the chat. there, the splitscreen keyboard doesn’t appear ever. do you have any idea?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not working that well with Belle.

      • Monteria_cordoba

        im use anna and no split-screen in chat… in status yes amd other but chat no why?

  • Tamara Nieroda

    How can I insert new Places?

    • Nicosixxx

      The Facebook API dont support to add new Places from Apps like Fmobi…

  • hntgzr

    When I post to FB using 1.4 via Share Status, the post appears but has “Only Me” rather than “Friends” as the default view on my feed. 聽I have to log in to FB normally and change the settings per post to as my friends can see any posts made by fMobi! 聽Have I missed a setting somewhere?

    • Anonymous

      You need to change that setting from the Facebook, don’t remember where it was, but you need set that this can share to those who you want.

      • hntgzr

        Sorted thank you… had to amend the settings for fMobi under Application Settings and change App Privacy to Friends rather than Only Me.

  • Keysuresh

    where is copy paste option? i saw that option on v 1.3.but i bought from ovi v 1.4,but no copy paste option.please fix this.

  • Nicosixxx

    fWhy聽 Fmobi show me Messages that I delete from Facebook? I dont like…
    And the Question ist: Why do you add Messages Support (Read Messages) when the Facebook API dont support to whrite Messages. I dont want a feature who dont work and who will never work because Facebook is a bit stupid… Sorry for my bad English :S

  • iman400

    fMobi doesn’t show Messages correctly

  • Bomarcom

    I have a C7 with Anna, why the keyboard chat doesn’t appear with split screen keyboard (like the above picture)? Thanks

    • Zana_ayil

      same to me :((( pls anyone reply…

  • Bronnie Potts

    If the place I want to check in to is not listed, how can I type it in manually? I can not see this option.

  • Fazilmmm

    great application,juuso kosonan., it will b more usefull when it adds the friend request.,we can see the request in the notification icon.,but no idea how to accept the friend request..,pls add that feature also..,thanku..

  • tarun kakkar

    how to send friend request in fmobi????????
    anyone tell me

  • Walter Fusto

    I’ve bought it on Ovi Store but I haven’t been able to download it, now it says I’ve reached the maximum number of downloads.. So did I spend my money uselessly?

    • Anonymous

      Send mail to OVI support and they will help you trough it.

  • Aranposu2000

    I like the application, is a great application, its聽 make me really enjoying my facebook, just bought it from Ovi, but plsease try and make some amendment like sending message and confirming frnd requested.Thank u and Keep it up

  • Mitch

    Please add the function to upload videos and it is not possible to answer direkt on a message. That should be possible in the next update. Thanks

  • Vusi Machie

    Hi @jkosonen:disqus, just wanted to say that this is by far the Greatest Facebook app on the market and well done!!!!!!

    I noticed that I can’t add a friend on the 1.4 version, or is it only me that has this problem?

  • Mickbrad11

    why can’t i delete messages from my fmobi when they have been deleted off my facebook on my computer?

  • Frozen _heart

    hola, tengo un inconveniente, compre el fmobi por nokia store y no lo puedo instalar, me salta instalacion fallida… por favor si me podes ayudar… tengo un n8 con anna

  • Hakan-c

    Great App but:
    -I can’t accept friend requests
    -I can’t write/answer to messages
    -I can’t delete messages
    -I can’t write manualy a check- in if not exists in list
    -In Messages, I see my name and photo, If I was the last one that has been posted.. So I can’t see with who the conservation is.

    If these things ‘ll be solved, its the best FB app for Symbian

  • USB 3G

    Oh yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for the help! I hope you will post exciting imformation more.

  • kakashigna

    The beta nokia drop for belle, uses the notification panel of belle…
    驴Fmobi聽could use聽the notifications panel聽in the future?聽
    for notifications of messages, friends, etc