fMobi more beautiful than ever – version 2.0 now available!

Over 50 UI improvements, features, and bug fixes will make the new fMobi v2.0 more beautiful than ever!

Version 2.0
– More than 25 new languages.
– New FB smart lists
– Vibrating alerts
– Smoother
– Lots of UI tweaking
– Messaging
– Bug fixes

Get your own copy now from Nokia Store

About jkosonen

Man behind the! All feedback is appreciated, follow @jkosonen
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  • Gorgeouslytanya

    Sorry, this item is not available for your country.I’m from Philippines.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully we will get version for you in next week!

      • Pathum Wijayasooriya

        nice work sir. I bow in respect.. Will buy this on Ovi

      • Neil Ross Goco

        Trial or full version thru other payment processor?

        • Anonymous

          Full version through other payment processor

      • Gorgeouslytanya

        thanks 🙂 I love this application!

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  • Elario Hanna

    its very nice! beautifull UI …. love IT ! hope this app always stay up to date…with regular updates 😀

  • Capoeira_boy88

    i wanna setting proxy for fmobi…HOW???

  • Rifqy

    still cannot ‘open link’ while using the browser.. you have to close the browser then open the link. it wont open the new window if fmobi and the browser are running together hmm.. *sorrybadenglish :p

  • Ardijankovaci

    trial version>>>>??

    • Anonymous

      It’s waiting for Nokia QA

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  • Max

    I bought version 1.4 before, if I want to update, should it take extra cost?

    • Krish maverick

      i want to know about this too. i just bought v1.4 last month atleast updates in the coming month should be free..

      • Christian Eichholz

        yes it is free. you should see it in nokia store as update!

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  • Subraj

    Just updated it. Awesome.Expect continuous support for this app

  • Farooq

    HELPPPPPPPPP…. Cant buy this app from Ovi Store India. says Card Error Encountered.

    • Vignesh V

      i’m also facing the problem..

      It says error in processing payment… 🙁

  • Steven23


    • Anonymous

      It’s coming in next big release

  • Kursat Sezai

    Will there be a Maemo versiom?

    • Anonymous


  • Denis Matas

    i see that it is possible to send prihvate message from friend profile page, not it is still not to reply from message window?
    in any case, apsolute congratulations for the apsolutly the best app for facebook. great work. keep up!!!

    • Terje

      I can only recive messages. There is no way I can answer the messages. Uses an Nokia E7

  • Njafridi

    how i use free……

  • Liang Chiuan

    Just bought it and used 3 min later, the Groups view for Chinese lag than Nokia original Social Application. I don’t understand why whole application cannot smoother like New Nokia Store v3.16.36 Beta (Update today). Developer, can you explain for us please.

  • Gailan Ali

    it seems you removed split-screen keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

    • Anonymous

      It’s not removed?

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  • Nokiatividade

    You put three options and two Portuguese language of Brazil. See the post we publish:

    • Anonymous

      Is that bad?

  • Gaby

    Instalation error, somebody could help me ?

  • Liang Chiuan

    After close the fmobi v2.0 , the WLAN icon still running and will not auto off! Please fix it, thanks.

    • Luis K Cubero

      Just turn off the connections!

    • WLR

      I had this problem as well…
      Did you also update the Ovi Store to the new Nokia Store?

      De installing the Nokia store from program manager solved the issue for me..

  • betatesterz

    Split screen input’s gone.. It was there in the previous version with swype support too~

    • kez

       wow I didn’t have this in the last version… 

    • Anonymous

      I still have it

      • Vignesh V

        First of all.. fantastic app!!!

        me too having the problem with split screen keyboard..
        Is it an installation error???

        Please help.. i use this app everyday and split screen input in 1.4 was amazing…

        Please help..

        • Anonymous

          Don’t know what’s the problem since it works in most phones. Maybe some Qt issue. What Qt versions you have?

          • Vignesh V

            Qt 4.7. i’ve installed a few apps from betalabs.

            also i’m in India my trial gonna get over. i’m not able to purchase as operator not available and card purchase not available..
            Can u help please???

  • denni

    Where can i download the trial version for S60 5th ed?

    • Anonymous

      It’s under OVI QA

  • Ashleyd

    Please can you tell me when you are planning to include the option to tag friends in status’s as this is the only thing that stopping me from considering purchasing the app. Everything else on the app is fabfab

    • Anonymous

      Not supported by Facebook API, so when FB supports it, I will add it.

  • Bosh

    Hi! First of all, thanks for the great app. Now, I think it might be a bug, but when I enter some friends profile, the wall just shows like 3 or 5 of the recent wall posts, for example: friend A has written 10 posts in the last week (I can see them if I go through Opera Mobile), but in fMobi I just see like 3 of them, and then the older posts, there’s no way to see the other new posts, even after closing the application and reloading the friend’s wall several times.

    I hope you can look into this, thanks in advance 🙂

  • Renato Ferreira

    thank you for include my language!

  • Cesar9957

    T^T maemo please

  • Spsk 1990

    First of all there is no split-screen qwerty in this version.. And secondly, there is a lot of MEMORY LEAK in this version, after i open an close this app everytime, the RAM reduces automatically. But when i uninstalled it and installed the v1.4, Then there is NO MEMORY LEAK.. Pls help and fix the issues…

    • anson

      same issue here. After using Fmobi2.0. You will face an error message said “not enough memory. please close other apps” if you open browser to browse.

    • Anonymous

      Fix is on the way

    • Aku

      Everytime I open fmobi, it takes almost 20 mb RAM which never returns free. Because of that I have to shut down the phone at least once a day. Fmobi simply eats all the memory and phone crashes. Otherwise, the best facebook app for symbian. I hope the fix will come soon. Thanks!

  • JME92

    i am unable to update my status on this version????????

    • Anonymous

      Use your profile page, fix is on the way to the main screen status update.

  • TKNO

    Like if you think this should be the official pre-loaded FB app for Nokia.

  • Vvava

    Amazing! looking very good now

  • Karnal Girish

    how can i download it for n97 mini… pls help….

    • Anonymous

      Look from OVI Store

  • anonymous

    When the fix is ready? Can the patch to fix the memory leak issue release first? It is very critical as you can’t do many things like web browsing after using fmobi..

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully in day or two

  • Gary Bruce

    Massive crashes and memory leaks on my N8 running Anna. It has almost bricked my phone and now I can’t even re-install the corrupted installation! This fix can’t come fast enough for me! Otherwise an excellent app….when it’s working!

    • Anonymous

      Fix is in OVI QA, hopefully released soon.

  • Gandan

    Please, a version for N9! *o*

    • Anonymous

      That’s under testing, few problems still that needs to be solved.

      • Mikko Kartano

        Also waiting for N9 version 🙂

  • Nitin Ulé

    Good Facebook App but it will be much better if we get Hide Button on bottom right where exit button is there.. So we do not have to close the App .. Just hide and it will keep open in Background and we can get loud notifications. Also onscree Widget for Nokia N8 will be much better for handeling. rest all working gr8


    • Anonymous

      Can’t you use the phone’s function key to do that?

      • Nitin Ulé

        Yes I can.. but feels software option right inside the app window can be better than pressing the hardware button. 

        • Saurav Srivastava

          We suggest using the hardware key for it as that is what Symbian UI suggests

          • Nitin Ulé

            ok.. Thanks for reply. Homescreen widget for N8 can be better to get instant notification alert. 

  • ankur arora

    hey jkosonen
    in ur next update add a small scroll bar on the right side cuz
    when reading a status with 375 comments … one has to scroll down so much so much so much
    or u can add go down button

  • Pelj

    It is not possible to update news feed, when are you going to fix that bug. Otherwise the fMobi is excellent. fix the bug and we, the user will be very happy

    • Anonymous

      What you mean with that. Try the new 2.0.1 if it’s already working in it.

  • Antonymcevoy

    Will they be home screen widget fof n8?

  • Ralph

    im from philippines and i cant download the fmobi, please send me another link please. hoping for a positive reply.

  • Leo Callejas

    Status on the fix for Symbian^1 ?

  • Reddragonseye

    i cant use this app…..
    white screen issue is irritating me….
    how to download ‘new qt quick component for symbian ‘
    when i try to instal qt comp v1.0 ,it says expired certificate

    • Anonymous

      Just uninstall those components from your phone and when installing fMobi, it should get all needed parts.

  • Leopoldo Varriale

    come si usa il check in??? help

  • PatrickMroz


    I have the app in fMobi Ovi Store bought and downloaded. Symbian
    ^ 1:
    Make sure you have Qt 4.7.3, 4.7.3 and QtWebKit QtMobility
    installed the 1.1.3 and then downloaded the program.
    Installation is prepared but before it starts the installation

    How can it?

    Phone: Nokia N97 mini

  • Simran Pal

    i’m currently using v2.0.1.. it worked well initially but now it is having problems with split screen keyboard.. i uninstalled v 2.0.1 and then installed v1.4 but it also started showing same problem which earlier was not there .. don’t know whats wrong with it.. PLEASE HELP….

    • Anonymous

      That’s a problem with the latest Qt version you have got when installed something from Nokia Betalabs. Fix is already waiting for Nokia QA

  • Ev_3

    Hi…I’ve been using the 7day full trial version currently available in the Ovi store. I have noticed that when writing status updates or commenting on posts the last word of my sentence is missed off…unless i put lots of spaces of the last word. I’m using a N8

    • Anonymous

      Press arrow, so that the word/letters aren’t underlined. Then it will work, that’s a known bug in Qt

  • Mos_2541GUZA

    My device can not upload photoes.