fMobi 2.5 : The next step of evolution

We are happy to announce that fMobi 2.5 is finished and available at Nokia Store.

1. We have moved to Qt 4.74 based components for more native look and feel.

  • We changed the colour of buttons for both themes to better fit the interface and Facebook branding.
  • There is a new loading indicator. We tried with many and decided to stick with this one for now. Given more feedback, we will change the indicator design if required.
  • Input boxes are native Qt so now you get a magnifying glass on text selection.

2. You can now set your own background images as dashboard background. Just go to settings –> Tap on “Custom Background”. It will show all the images saved in your phone from where you can select any picture and set it as background.

If you have lots of images then this will take some time in scanning so have patience.

3. Name of languages are written in that language itself which makes it easy to identify which language a user should select.

4. Album and picture view is completely revamped. Now, when you tap to see shared images or when someone uploads a picture to an album then we show you the image with full width of the screen.

5. You no longer have to tap on buttons to go to next or previous image in the same album. Just swipe from an edge and you will navigate to next or previous image in that same album.

Tapping on the zoom-in button in the overlay toolbar which comes on single tap will open the image in full size. You can now also pinch to zoom. fMobi now loads higher quality images in Album and picture viewer by default.

6. Now you can save any link which your friend have shared to Read it Later. Try SymPaper for accessing Read It later on your Symbian phone.

7. fMobi will now show you notification when you receive a chat message, when you are not in chat view. Tapping this notification will take you to that chat.

8. We now show a user’s info in a cleaner way.

9. Profile picture, Album cover, and all other pictures now have place holder images while the real picture is loading.

10. Events section has a two tab design for easier navigation which will be designed further in next version.

11. Albums now load higher quality thumbnails.

12. Icons have been refined.

13. New loading indicator. We are still collecting feedback and will change this if required.

14. fMobi will auto refresh after you have Liked or commented on a story.

15. New Nokia Belle style dialog boxes.

16. Message indicator is now cleared when you have read your message.

17. Message input doesn’t lose your last word anymore.

18. You can now add unlimited number of top friends, pages etc.

These were the major changes in fMobi 2.5. We have made many interaction and interface changes which you won’t even notice are there but you will definitely feel it when you find your experience much faster than before.

The next version of fMobi will be little late. We have planned to optimize the app and reduce resource usage further. fMobi is already fast but we are going to make it faster and better in the next version.                

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  • Giulio Pieri

    Great. Thank you!

    I would like to be able to upload photos on friend’s wall too.  I know it’s too much but this way will be perfect!

  • Stefan Wollmuth

    Its great, but my since ive given the N8 to my sister not that great for me, but she will be happy! 😉 Now to the big Q: Any roadmap / eta for the N9 Version? 😉

  • Amadeu Coelho Fischer Neto

    Hope you dont forget Maemo, please 🙂

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    And…. the homescreen Widget?????

  • George

    is this new version available for the N9?? =F

  • Marko

    Will the update come to Meego?

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is coming to the N9


    version n9 ??

  • Weiguang

    Is this coming to N9? Anyway of making FMobi the default facebook app on N9?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll try to finalize N9 version next week. So it’s coming 🙂

  • Haru

    homescreenwidget frbelle??

  • Saurav Srivastava

    Homescreen Widget is coming soon, it is under construction. Here is the proposed design

    Nokia N9 version is already in Nokia Store under QA and should be available any day.

    Contact profile picture syncing is planned but not in the near future. It will be late as we have other important bugs to fix and features to give.

    • Luigi Monaco


      But if is possibile I prefer a multiline widget Just one line is so poor for a facebook widget 
      like this

      • Saurav Srivastava

        That depends on how much flexibility widget SDK gives us. The kind of Widget you have given might be possible on Belle but not Symbian Anna/Symbian^1 so we need to find a mid ground.

      • Anonymous

        Nokia don’t allow multiline widgets for 3rd party developers.

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t I update mine from Nokia Store? Not Available in sweden?

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  • Luigi Monaco



    • Anonymous

      Dude, we all would like to have a widget. But you don’t have to go on a all caps rage and sound so rude.

    • Saurav Srivastava

      Homescreen Widget is coming soon, it is under construction. Here is the proposed design

  • Nils Brenne

    a little statement when itll come to nokia store for anna/belle would be nice.. In a day? In a week? Waiting all day long and updating store makes my phone sick 😉

    • Anonymous

      Well Nokia has almost fixed their issue with Qt 4.7.4 so I hope that next week should happen something?

  • Eltoffer

    Please consider ALL S^3 features for meego, including adding chat, I know meego already has a built-in chat but I like fmobi one, also it would be nice to fit all icons in the whole screen, thanks mate

    • Anonymous

      Chat is coming with the next version 🙂

  • Valston_vaz

    ders no add as friend option…do sometin

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the updated N9 version  🙂  Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Adrian Osterburg

    Error Loading Page? Still the same problem – what to do?!?!

    • Anonymous

      Check your access point priority settings

      • Adrian Osterburg

        i already did.. but its not working..

  • Christopher

    hey master, have you ever consider the idea to make a TWITTER client??? i know there is GRAVITY, but its only for SYMBIAN and its not in QT so Meego users get out of reach, it would be nice if you develop a client, your fMobi app has been very adulated

    • Christopher

      any chnces??? please consider it

  • Saimir

    Where widget for fMobi will be avaible.?
    We need it, so finaly we can have a useful fb app for Nokia Belle.

  • Daniel Krasselt

    Hi, i wanted to download fMobi 2.5 but ovi store said that I downloaded it so often that I can’t download it any more!! I contacted ovi store consumer service, but they still haven’t replied. What should I do? I bought this app legally over Nokia store.
    Can you please send me the new version, e.g per e-mail?

    HELP ME!!!!

  • Svetlomir Sabev

    how to upload pictures from my phone/camera??????

  • Akshayghankear

    Thing to fix is: when someone comment on my status and i need to remoe it then it dsnt show any delete comment option. so i think that should be fixed.

    thank you


    Hey jkosonen,i have a problem.Purchased from store but i have prob,my mobile failed to install qt installer so i need fmobi v.25 FULL with out smart installer.My phone is Nokia 5800XM.And where to send my purchase information to you ?

  • Nils Brenne

    can anyone download v2.5 for s^3 allready?

    • Anonymous

      Not yet available, but should be soon.

  • Ma Vassao

    Help me!  “Error Loading Page” message appear in my phone, how i can fix it?
    I bought the 2.5 app at nokia store and this is not function!

    • Anonymous

      Check your access point priority settings.

      • Ma Vassao

        And what access point i choose?

        I need to use wi-fi connection ou GPRS?

        • Anonymous

          set gprs as prio 1 and wifi as prio 2

          • Ma Vassao

            I changed the access point and the message 
            Error Loading Page stills continue, then a loading icon on the center and blue close icon are on the screen… just it

          • Anonymous

            Have you tried to connect with both, wifi and gprs? and both doesn’t work?

          • Ma Vassao

            Done! when i connected with wi-fi the app opens well… and now when i try with gprs it’s open either! THANKS!

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  • Zeezy

    when is it coming out for nokia n8 running symbian anna? please reply 

    • Anonymous

      Now 🙂

    • Ash

      It work on N8 anna!

  • Nils

    its available now 🙂 very nice what I saw till now

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  • anon

    gonna buy it once i get belle

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  • Jocha73

    Hola como estan? soy de Argentina y me acabo de descargar la version 2.5 de fmobi, hasta ayer utilizaba la 2.3.1. Les comento que esta version nueva en mi nokia e6 al querer ingresar a la parte de noticias me dice “data not found”, con la version anterior no pasaba, bueno, despues la aplicacion esta buenisima. Un abrazo

    • Gpollano

      The same happens here (I’m from Argentina too)
      When you try to load the News Feed, take long time and then says: “No data found” on a white box, empty screen.
      Any help?

      • Anonymous

        Try logout and login again.

    • Anonymous

      Try logout and login again.

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  • Guest

    there is no custom background in settings :S

    • Guest

      Same here!?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not for S^1 versions at the moment, since it was too slow in it. I need to think something to it for next version. Or participate to the competition and win Nokia X7 🙂

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  • gnarlie

    Will fmobi work with the feed in N9(clicking items in feed launches fmobi)?

    • Anonymous

      No, not at the moment

      • gnarlie

        Perhaps in the future?

  • Bubun_n8

    1. Need share button/link to share other people’s photo,stories,etc (only available for videos as of now)2. Previous loading indicator was simple/sleek n clean. This one looks like a big block on the screen, not good.
    3. Need copy/paste function in text boxes
    4. Need tagging friends in status messages
    That’s all as of now…

    • Anonymous

      Double click or long press in the text box to get text functions.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, you rock. Latest version of fMobi is a dream on my N9, superb work, sir! Don’t know what us Nokia users would do without excellent developers like you. Thanks so much  😀

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Use  more small fonts for the chat!!!
    the font of the chat is bigger!

  • giacomo uncino

    this software is really superb! because you asked for feedback about the loading indicator i say: was better before, when it was exactly the same of symbian belle ui (cleaner, simple and, first of all, guaranteed the “family feeling” of the os)
    the last thing this software misses is only the home screen widget (may be with the ability to choose between big and small sizes) and a little general speed up…

    really good work, keep it up!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I asked from Nokia and big sized widgets aren’t available to 3rd party developers.

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  • Ivan Birkić

    v2.5 is great, thanks! A few remarks, though:

    1. Loading indicator was better before (simpler)
    2. There is no way to reply to messages where there are more than one participant, at least I don’t see a way to do that.

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  • Mr Piratz

    i hope it have function to admin on facebook page..

    • Anonymous

      That’s in the roadmap items.

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  • Hemang Hem

    2. You can now set your own background images as dashboard background. Just go to settings –> Tap on “Custom Background”.where that custom Background? I didn’t seen…

  • Prasad Patil

    Please add a option to manually add places in check in

    • Anonymous

      Facebook doesn’t give that kind of option to developers atm.

  • Anonymous

    Great app for S60V5 and others nokia symbian

  • Ash

    Great app, one comment is if I change password on web then u can’t use this you have uninstall and then reinstall would be good ifit had account settings.

    • Anonymous

      There is the logout option in settings for those cases. No need to uninstall and reinstall.

  • Unknow

    Great app (finally for Nokia)!!! But I want the *.sis file download on my PC without NokiaStore.

  • Saimir Ruçi

    1. Remove black transparent background on Reload old version without black background is better. (I think this is important)
    2. Message notification is better with number, remove star symbol.
    3. “Back” button in background need to change in “Hide app button”  like “ovi store belle version” button from ‘back’ change to ‘exit’.
    4. We can’t replay msg a person which is not our friend. (I think in Message options need more work, it work like a offline chat not a real replay)
    5. Same important suggest are in photos.

    (Hope to see this change in other update of fMobi)

    Any replay for my suggest is welcome. (Sorry for my language)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your ideas, those will be taken to consideration for next versions!

  • Saimir Ruçi

    Hi i like to know if there is any widget apps for fMobi.. i like (loveeee) to try even if it don’t work well.

  • Rafique

    Hi..i just purchased and installed fmobi for N9..however I received error everytime i load it..

    “error facebook api returned 400 bad request”

    Hope the developer could assist…thank you!

    • Ab

       I have same problem. I logged out and when I try to log in again, facebook asks login details, device name (I have that option configured in facebook) and after that there is an error in the page so I cannot give permission to the application to access my account…

      • Anonymous
        • Tifer

          I still have problem with my nokia N9 “error facebook api returned 400 bad request”, even after to use your link. Could you  help me … Thank you so much!!!

          • Christopher_j_clarke

            I’m having the sams problem, has this beem sorted out yet? Seems a shame we get 1 week trial but can’t login 🙁

          • Tj F

            Not yet!!! I´m still waiting some help from developer!!! 🙁

          • Anonymous

            Have you tried both, wifi and gprs?

          • Tj F

            I tried wifi and gprs and nothing!!!

          • Christopher_j_clarke

            only tried with Wi-Fi, don’t have access to 3G at the moment, tried your link too but no luck, also using an N9

  • Gareth

    I have downloaded this from the ovi store and paid for the full version after a few problems I have finally got this great app to work on my E7 but i can not get the chat working or it will not send messages any help would be greatly appreciated, I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but I still have the same problem

  • FedericoNokia5800

    I have bought the v2.0.1 from Nokia Store some mounth ago. Now i want to update to 2.5 version. Have I to buy it again and pay 2 euros again or the update is fre? Thank you

    • FedericoNokia5800

       I have installed 2.5 version right now. But it doesn’t work. On loading, appears a white page that i think is the loader of the facebook login. But still loading and nothing more… 🙁

  • Cristian Florentin

    I really like the interface of the application but would be better if this would push notifications and if it runs in the background. Could you add this in the next version?

  • paidforthis

    Hi, this app crashes on both of my Belle phones if the first thing I do is go into the news feed. Going first into my own profile and then into the feed works most of the time… so I guess you have some bug hunting going on

    • Anonymous

      Hmm.. works great on my two belle phones (C7,N8), so I can’t find any bug.

  • Jaydeep Vora

    I have Nokia C6-01 updated to Symbian belle recently.
    I am crazy for new apps always.
    Please let me know what is this fmobi application for.
    Means what is the use of this app.
    Thank you.

    • Saimir Ruci

      fMobi is a facebook app, this is the best fb client ever created… Is the most useful fb app, i suggest to bay on Nokia Store because this is cool 🙂

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  • HAMI_ME69

    i’ve a c7-00 updated to Symbian belle
    i i can’t finde fmobi 2.5 for my mob
    please uploade app and send for me the upload link of it
    send that link to my email : hami_me69@yahoo:disqus .com
    HELP ME ….. I NEED IT!!

  • Flavio Regis

    Always scream white

    • Anonymous

      try this: disable “Secure Browsing” in, login with fMobi and enable “Secure Browsing” back again.

      • Flavio Regis


  • Daniel

    Fmobi sucks.  It works like crap.  Might as well use Facebook touch through browser.  At least I can see the feed correctly.  So much shit is missing from the Fmobi feed.  The back button works like shit too.

  • Agungultom

    do you have Qt 4.74 components installation files for S60V5 to be downloaded from your site?

  • Wesley

    Hi i’m a Nokia X7-00.01 user. I’ve installed Fmobi 3.1.0 free trial on my phone. My problem is when tapping on the log-in page, the program shuts down/closes. I tried numerous times reinstalling the programs. Still the same thing happens. Help me. I really like to use this awesome facebook application.

  • Jack

    i try to post on my wall or on my friends wall and i get “Error Facebook API returned 400 bad request”. how do i fix this?

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  • Rafat Super-Team

    please make a toolbar for easy access to other things for example: from News feeds to chat and from Profile to News feeds and so on.thnx u for this great app

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  • palikao

    I can’t find fMobi on Nokia Store for my N9.. I can only find trial.. not the full version 🙁