fMobi 2.5 : The next step of evolution

We are happy to announce that fMobi 2.5 is finished and available at Nokia Store.

1. We have moved to Qt 4.74 based components for more native look and feel.

  • We changed the colour of buttons for both themes to better fit the interface and Facebook branding.
  • There is a new loading indicator. We tried with many and decided to stick with this one for now. Given more feedback, we will change the indicator design if required.
  • Input boxes are native Qt so now you get a magnifying glass on text selection.

2. You can now set your own background images as dashboard background. Just go to settings –> Tap on “Custom Background”. It will show all the images saved in your phone from where you can select any picture and set it as background.

If you have lots of images then this will take some time in scanning so have patience.

3. Name of languages are written in that language itself which makes it easy to identify which language a user should select.

4. Album and picture view is completely revamped. Now, when you tap to see shared images or when someone uploads a picture to an album then we show you the image with full width of the screen.

5. You no longer have to tap on buttons to go to next or previous image in the same album. Just swipe from an edge and you will navigate to next or previous image in that same album.

Tapping on the zoom-in button in the overlay toolbar which comes on single tap will open the image in full size. You can now also pinch to zoom. fMobi now loads higher quality images in Album and picture viewer by default.

6. Now you can save any link which your friend have shared to Read it Later. Try SymPaper for accessing Read It later on your Symbian phone.

7. fMobi will now show you notification when you receive a chat message, when you are not in chat view. Tapping this notification will take you to that chat.

8. We now show a user’s info in a cleaner way.

9. Profile picture, Album cover, and all other pictures now have place holder images while the real picture is loading.

10. Events section has a two tab design for easier navigation which will be designed further in next version.

11. Albums now load higher quality thumbnails.

12. Icons have been refined.

13. New loading indicator. We are still collecting feedback and will change this if required.

14. fMobi will auto refresh after you have Liked or commented on a story.

15. New Nokia Belle style dialog boxes.

16. Message indicator is now cleared when you have read your message.

17. Message input doesn’t lose your last word anymore.

18. You can now add unlimited number of top friends, pages etc.

These were the major changes in fMobi 2.5. We have made many interaction and interface changes which you won’t even notice are there but you will definitely feel it when you find your experience much faster than before.

The next version of fMobi will be little late. We have planned to optimize the app and reduce resource usage further. fMobi is already fast but we are going to make it faster and better in the next version.                

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