fMobi 2.5 for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle is now available!

Finally fMobi version 2.5 is now available to Symbian^3/Anna/Belle users too!

Get yours now and experience all new great things!

Check the change log | Download from Nokia Store

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  • Jocha73

    Hola como estan? soy de Argentina y me acabo de descargar la version 2.5 de fmobi, hasta ayer utilizaba la 2.3.1. Les comento que esta version nueva en mi nokia e6 al querer ingresar a la parte de noticias me dice “data not found”, con la version anterior no pasaba, bueno, despues la aplicacion esta buenisima. Un abrazo

    • J Ekiz C’Roblez

      Hola! ya intentaste salir y volver a entrar? … a mi no me pasa eso,, tengo un nokia 500

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  • Guest

    Found a bug. Can’t reply to messages!

    • Anonymous

      You should be able to reply. You need to have chat on.

      • Guest

        It works
        with chat on but I don’t like that people see that i am logged in to Facebook
        using my mobile. (Answering takes a lot of time)

        Why can’t we reply in offline chat mode?Very good work on the client btw.

        • Saurav Srivastava

          We doubt offline chat is available via Facebook API. This is why we have messages

          • Guest

            I don’t want to use offline chat.
            I want to be able to reply to messages without the chat mode on.

  • Brazilcan

    Nice. But well-known Qt keyboard bug still there (writing with capital letters). Isn’t it possible to discuss with Qt guys?

    • Anonymous

      Use predictive text to overcome that. And that shouldn’t be a problem when Belle comes. So let’s wait that.

  • TEET

    Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET Need Homescreen WIDGET 


    If   Fmobi 2.5  work on Nokia N8  Bella ??? help

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it will work with Belle.

      • MAJKI

        Yes, but  the  Polish language not working

        • Maciek

          It’s not working here either.

          • Maciek D

            I’ve already changed my language into polish and my app “died”. I’ve got no text in “settings” menu and “Chat, Chat, Chat” under all icons in main menu :-(((

  • Bobby

    Why can’t you fix the BACK ARROW BUTTON?????  I was hoping it’d be finally fixed but disappointed again.  I browse my feed, click a photo, hit back expecting to go back to feed but NO!, I get sent back to the main menu!  WTF?? Seriously man. 

    • Anonymous

      Give me exact path how I can reproduce that. If I do like you say I end up back to feed. I can’t fix something that I can’t find as broken.

  • Jezusisstoer

    I think the loading indicator is very ugly, is this a bug? Nokia E7-anna

  • Gunyaman

    Do I have to re-purchase  fMobi to get this update? Currently using v2.3.1 on Nokia E7-00. Tried downloading v2-50-0 form OVI many times. Will not download. Please advise how to download.

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  • Jocha73

    Buenos dias, bueno reiniciando el celular la falla de uqe no aparecia las noticias se soluciono solo. Ahora lo que veo, y aclaro que ya entre en las opciones del tamaño de las letras, es que en el nokia e6 las letras son grandes para el cuadro de escritura, tanto en los mensajes como en el chat se ve la mitad de la palabra que uno escribe, despues al mandarlo se ve bien el dialogo completo, el problema es en le cuadro de escritura. Bueno un abrazo, PD. le estoy sacando chispas esta muy buena 😉

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  • Bobby

    The BACK button issue happens after you’ve been using Fmobi for a bit and bouncing around different sections.  It has to do with the way you have the back button programmed.  If you keep hitting BACK  you’ll notice it just cycles through ALL previously visited areas.  These areas could be Chat, Check-in, Events and even EXIT!!! lol. 

    The BACK button should only go backwards in currently viewed area, not ALL areas of Fmobi.  For example:  If I’m viewing pics, albums, posts etc in News Feed, hitting back should only go as far back as the spot on news feed I clicked on to view post.  It should not go to main menu or any section in the main menu.  This is what is causing the issues.  There is already a home button or side bar.

    There is no need for the back button to cycle through ALL areas that Fmobi has viewed!

  • JS

    There is a bug on tagged photo. When I view tagged photo of person A from the photo in person A’s profile then I later view tagged photo of person B from the photo in person B’s profile. fmobi shows tagged photo from both person A and person B under person B’s tagged photo section which is not correct. It should show only photo of person B in his/her profile isn’t it. Please help check and correct. Thanks.

  • Francesco

    Hi. The program is fantastic. But in next version will be possible to share evry link? Because with the latest versions isn’t possible share every link but only a few. Why? Thank you so much. And sorry for my bad english.

  • Salvador

    Hi, how can I accept a friend request?. It’s impossible !. fMobi shows me one friend request, I try to accept it clicking over the friend but it’s impossible.

    • Anna

       I have the same “bug” like Salvador. I cannot accept a friend request on fMobi 🙁

  • Brazilcan

    Hello Juuso,
    I found another keyboard bug: Cursor jumps on the beginning of first sentence in input box everytime I switch between normal keyboard and numeric keyboard. Is it another Qt bug? Thanks for info in advance.

  • Mr.Thailand

    I can not download fMobi form Nokia store but I pay it.

  • Captenmemo

    i have problem i wrote user and password and it givethis error  the page contains the following error on line 84 column 5086: expected # or (a-za-Z) but got..below is a rendring if the page upn of the first error>>under this error that need preimission but there is no bottom to press it please help me

    • Anonymous

      Please use this link to give permissions, Facebook has yet again broke something, fix is on the way to Store too.

      • Captenmemo

        my dear alot of thanks

  • Azry_aa

    I cannot enter an underscore character inside login textbox..i’m using Nokia E6. Please help. 

  • Liang Chiuan

    The status bar missing the WIFI connection and 3G icon when connected to internet. Tested on N8 with Official Nokia Belle.

  • dan

    Ive updated my N8 to Belle. I was hoping for a home screen widget…

  • Hyeokjoon Youn

    Hello i’m user of fmobi and I loved it. Bit, i uninstlled it before belle update. After update, when i tried to reinstall fmobi, it seems that my last information for payment is gone and i have to pay again for reinstall. Could you tell me how i can soove this problem? 

    • Anonymous

      Hey, contact to Nokia Store support and they will send you new link where to download. Thanks

  • Matias Molcan

    Hi, I keep getting the Error! Facebook API returned 400 Bad Request, whenever I open the client, check messages etc. I’ve done the permission thing. To no avail. It was OK on Anna, now upgraded to Belle and this is what happens. Help please!

    • Anonymous

       Try logout and login again. Cheers

      • Akulp

         I have same problem. I was using fmobi for a week without problem (Belle E6), but today I saw this API error. I tried to logout/login, turnd phone off, but problem still exsist…

        Any solution?

        Thank U.

  • Tuija

    Hey, after loading Belle after Anna to my E7, FMobi doesn’t use/ connect to Wlan, or atleast the icon shows it uses just a regular mobile connection? Can you help?

  • Guest

    Can you add feature so I can tag witch people I’am with when posting a status update?

  • Bjuty

    I have Nokia N8 with Belle. In fMobi chat after a while can not activate keyboard. Please Help. Tthank You.

    • Bjuty

      Thank you for your reply.

      • Girish Ramaswamy

        Did u get your problem fixed…??? cuz even i’m facing the same issue.

  • Rhnsain

    I Have Nokia C5-O5 ,Can U Tell Me This Application Comparable for C5-O5 ?