fMobi 2.6 now available to Nokia Anna/Belle & MeeGo

fMobi has updated once again.

Latest version gives better chat experience and fixes problems in the messaging.
There is also some UI tweaks and some minor bug fixes included.
MeeGo version shouldn’t cut words anymore when posting comments.

The winner of Nokia X7 is Johnaros Agrinio from Greece, congratulations to him!

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  • Coolguru Ratedr

    hmmm thanks

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  • Anonymous


  • mrsulmen

    What is the latest maemo version? Any updates for those who purchased?

  • Muhammet Uzun

    thank you is share

  • Heine

    Thanks for updating! ūüôā

    Still there is room for improvement:
    * Reply to messages when ofline in chat is not possible.
    * Open links in messages not posible
    * When you press back on a attending list, yo go 2 steps back.
    * You can’t upload photos from phone
    * IMPORTANT: You can’t tag witch people you are with in a status message
    (possible only in check in mode)

  • Ale

    it is impossible to control or modify the privacy settings!!!!!

  • Dave

    Everytime I use the drop down notification menu in BELLE on my Nokia N8 Fmobi crashes. 
    Has anyone else had this problem?

    – (fmobi v2.6)

  • Nils

    I am enjoying the Maemo version. Are any updates planned for this version? Currently i am running 2.3. Please update Maemo aswell.

  • Kivoleung

    I found that some of my friends’ post and info was disappeared using fMobi but it’s appearing when using web base facebook. Do you know why?

    • jkosonen

      Some privacy settings your friends are having, are limiting 3rd party apps.

  • Ostozek

    i m using version 2.6 at a nokia e7 with nokia belle and hav some problems with wasn t at version 2.5.1

    e.g. The signal tone that there is a new message or a notification is coming but nothing is shown, even if i click on reload…

  • Annu

    p√§ivitetyss√§ versiossa ei keskustelu toimi ollenkaan. Yhen viestin saattaa saada l√§hetetty√§ sit tyss√§√§. Aikaisempi versio toimi moitteettomasti ja oli hyv√§. Ainut mik√§ ei siin√§k√§√§n toiminut oikein oli viestit. Keskustelu kyll√§ toimi tosi kivasti ūüôā harmittaa kun p√§ivitin ja meni tosi paljon huonommaksi. Toivottavasti tulee p√§ivityksi√§ mitk√§ korjais ongelmat. K√§yt√§n C7-00 ja t√§ss√§ on belle k√§yttis. Olisi hyv√§ jos voisi ladata vanhemman version takasin.

    • jkosonen

      Hei, päivitys ei tuohon vaikuttanut mitenkään. Ilmeisesti Facebookin päässä ollut ongelmia, kokeileppa josko nyt jo toimisi? Itse kehitän appista juurikin C7-00 Bellellä, ja ei ole ongelmia ollut. Ja kiitos kun menit heti Nokia Storeenkin arvostelemaan kahden tähden arvoiseksi.

  • Bcardozam

    hi! I like fmobi in my N9… and I purchased it from nokia ovi, but now I have a message ” Error! Session has timed out, you need to relogin”

    how can relogin???

    what can I do?? help me please!!!

    • jkosonen

      In settings, select logout when exit, after that you will need to login again next time.

      • Bcardozam


  • Nigel Barry

    im unable to place a comment on any Facebook news post i click onto. Is there any way to fix this problem for the Nokia C7

  • Alex

    Is it possible to view news feed without posts from contacts in “acquaintances” group?

  • Annu

    Ei toimi viel√§k√§√§n. Kaverilla N8 ja sil toimii ihan hyvin. Mut tosiaan t√§√§ versio ei toimi ainakaan mulla. Aikaisempi versio oli kyll√§ ainaki 5 t√§hden arvoinen ūüôā toivottavasti alkaa pelitt√§√§n tuo keskustelu..

  • Akenathos

    Ok, this is kind of strange: I can’t get the latest updates from one of my friends’wall…how can it be possible? If I go to the website version, they’re showed as usual.
    Then, a small wish list:
    1. show/edit complete profile info;
    2. possibility to change profile picture;
    3. show complete friend’s profile info;
    4. real friendship request’s management, not via the website;

  • Walterbiassi

    man this is simple wonderfull app. For the former versions it would be even better if it incorporates the comunication client of other services as gtalk. Msn and skype. It would be just perfect if were possible incorporate the phones

  • MikkoH

    Kiitos tästä, pidän kovin. Ainoa ärsyttävä ongelma on chatissa, jossa jokaisen kirjoitetun merkin jälkeen fontti muuttuu capseiksi. Ei huvittaisi ihmisille huutaa, muttei jaksais koko ajan pieneksikään muuttaa. 701 ja tuorein belle siis kyseessä. Sama ongelma ollut jo useammassa viimeisimmössä fmobin versiossa. Eipä muuta, jatkakaa hyvää työtä.

    • jkosonen

       Tää liittyy jotenkin Qt:hen, jos käyttää samaa input kenttää useasti, heidän buginsa, en oiken voi itse sille tehdä mitään. Mutta jos vaihdat ennustavan tekstinsyötön päälle, niin tätä ei tapahdu.

  • Ceztubillo

    hello….i tried fMobi 7days trials from my N8 … it was a nice apps…. i tried to get the full version but unfortunately i cant buy from my ovi store…can you please help me how to download properly….thanks in advance….¬†

  • farham

    this is the best app for facebook for symbian belle certainly .
    but I think if it cache News Feed for offline reading (like nokia social) will be better.

  • Felix Rimfrost

    After the latest update to fMobi 2.6, notifications have a small problem. Earlier notifications came in cronological order, but not anymore! Sometime I have to scroll down very far in the list to find new notifications. Are you gonna adress this problem soon?

    Another problem is that when I have read a notification and go back to notification list, it updates and every other new notifications is not highlighted any more! Sometimes it do not updates but more often it does…

  • Spmohamed

    hi jiikoo,
    i bought fmobi v.3.0.0 from nokia store and after installing it hangs frequently and i uninstalled… i am unable to download it’s showing maximum no. of download attempts reached…and asks To Buy again…please help me to download..

    • jkosonen

       Hey, you need to contact Nokia Store support, they will activate download to you again.

  • Mattijs

    Hi Jiikoo,

    I have the Nokia N9 (MeeGo) and was wondering when fmobi v 3.0 will be ready for MeeGo?

  • Information Technology News

    Wow great application and must have application for facebook users and its work like a charm Thanks fMobi