fMobi 3.0: Enter the year of awesomeness

We are glad to announce that fMobi 3.0 is now available in Nokia store for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle.  You can download it from Nokia store.

fMobi 3.0 was originally going to be fMobi 2.7 but we added so many new features and made a lot of interface fixes and tweaks that it was wise to version this at 3.0.

With fMobi 3.0, we have made over 25 changes related to how it looks and behaves, the performance and overall experience. Here is a short list of added features and changes.


  • Widget for fMobi, a feature people have been asking for a long time. This is our first widget and we will make changes to it as we get user feedback.
  • Caching of almost all images which you see. We automatically flush the cache when needed but you can also do it manually.
  • Cover picture when you see someone’s profile.
  • Optimization of whole interface for 20px font size. We want to gather user feedback if they like this font size and optimization or not and will change things accordingly in new version.
  • Ability to post status update to a particular list only. More privacy features coming soon.
  • New design for checkin and events page. We are also showing preview of your location in check in via Nokia maps now.
  • Code optimizations. This is a continues process and with each new version of fMobi, we are trying to make it faster and less taxing on RAM.
  • New design for chat which will also come for fChat in few days.
  • New design for pictures and albums.


These are few notable changes in latest fMobi. The total list is very long to post here so we recommend that you check it out and give us your feedback in comments. Let us know what else you would like and depending on API availability from Facebook, you can soon expect it in fMobi.

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  • et3rnal

    When this will be available for meego 🙂

    thanks for the amazing work

    • jkosonen

       It’s coming, hopefully sooner than later 🙂

      • Rahul


      • Stephens_Eloped

        Awesome! My N9 is smiling at the thought of fMobi 3.0  🙂

  • Francko Ferj Aravena

    excelente aplicacion

  • Sagui

    will this available for maemo (n900) ?

    • jkosonen

       There is a possibility for that too.

  • Mr Zatanx

    สวดยอดไปเลยลวกเพี้ย…..( อ่านออกก็เก่งแล้วไอ้สัต…)

  • schumi1331

    Looks great! 🙂

    But I’m not able to install it on my 701, Belle FP1. After download I get “Installation failed.” Please advice… (tried already deinstalling the old version, restarting phone, and also a soft reset) 🙁

    • jkosonen

       Sorry, I have no idea about why it wouldn’t install to your phone 🙁

      • schumi1331

        ok, fixed it now, it seems it was an error with the Nokia Store…

        if someone else should have this error, here’s the solution that worked for me:

        now I can have a look at this new version 😀
        thanks for reply anyway 🙂

  • Christian Eichholz

    great work man! i love you for that! but should i do something special to see my other pages?? when i click on the key in pages i see nothing?! the widget and check in is very nice!!

    • jkosonen

       If you have been using fMobi before. You need to logout and login again, because you need to give more permissions to be able to log as page.

      • Christian Eichholz


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  • Rafaelvlmendes

    Jiikoo. Hi
    When coming fMobi to Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan? Ill update? Thank very much

    • jkosonen

       Hopefully sooner than later, I will keep you guys posted when that happens.

      • Ed_Luva

        Thanks for supporting the Nokia N9! I have been a FMobi user since my E7, and you guys are the best Facebook app on the N9. Great news about the pending update.

  • Jagger_augustine

    argh here I cant install it, when I go to Nokia Store it says download error, anyone from the Philippines who’s having the same error?

    • -gregfromphils-

      I’m having the same problem!

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  • Andigandi

    great app, but widget does not seem to work properly, it just shows “Loading…” all the time, rebooting does not help….

    • tjb

      I have the same problem.

    • Andigandi

      … I’ve forgotten, i have Nokia N8 with the latest belle….

    • jkosonen

       I have heard this from a few. I need to test if I can reproduce and publish a small fix update.

      • Habdsl

        I have only this problem when i lose connection. After reconnect it only shows loading! Then i must reboot. I use n8 with belle.

        • roxe67

           same problem on N8 with Belle. The widget ist not usable… 🙁

          • jkosonen

             There is fix coming after Nokia QA accepts it.

          • ASCO

             Is that maybe a problem of traffic. Cos at night it works

          • ASCO

             Using a Nokia 701 by the way…

  • TS_88

    and the version for s60v5?

    • jkosonen


    • Jkuon_90

      will it be the same version in anna belle?

    • Jkuon_90

      is it out for s60v5?

  • GiulioPieri

    First of all, sorry for my english.
    I love this application. The only missing thing, is the possibility to share photos on friend’s wall. Do you think in future will it be possible?
    Another question, can we set the widget to not stay always connected?
    Thank you!

    • jkosonen

       Hey, thanks! Let see what APIs FB will open. There’s no settings in the widget atm. But you are in other homescreen than the widget is, then it doesn’t use internet at all.

      • GiulioPieri

         Thanks for your reply. The widget question I made was mainly for battery consumption.

      • jonas

        I’d like to see an option to change how often the widget connects too. Staying connected all the time isn’t really needed. Other than that, great update!

  • Dj Miguel Santos

    fMobi is, by far, the best facebook app for mobile phones

  • Valston_vaz

    ders a prob in d app lyk..wen i pull down the notification bar d app crashes,…

    • jkosonen

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  • Adam Barr

    Why is there not a setting in the application to check for newer version??  This would be very useful.

    • jkosonen

       Thanks, need to think to include this for next versions

  • Movie Iga

    An option to upload photos to my pages would be very useful.
    And to search and add new friends also an “unfriend” function.
    And deleting messages.
    FMobi rocks!!!

    • GiulioPieri

       Hello, if you log as a page, you can upload every photo you want. Go to the pages menu and click on the key on the bottom.

      • Movie Iga

        Thank for that hint but if I click on the “key” symbol only an emoty window will appear 🙁
        No idea how to conect my pages…

        • jkosonen

           You need to logout and login again if you are old fMobi users, since you need to give some permissions for that.

        • GiulioPieri

          Try to logout and login,but after reeboting your phone!

  • GiulioPieri

    I’ve a new questio……..Every time I use Fmobi, C memory loses 2/3 mb, and by deleting cache, I can’t recover the whole lost memory!

  • Hannarachel_7

    awsomness ???? we can’t even manage messages or requests or friend requests yet !!! how about a usefull update !! and hatee the new feature of the log !! we have to clear the log every time we use it !! hate the new update !! 

    • jkosonen

       Like said about thousand times, Facebook doesn’t provide access to manage messages or friend requests.

  • Thomas Kalhauge

    Still the best Facebook client for Symbian, though the widget doesn’t work, keeps loading. Hope there will come a fix soon :).

    • GiulioPieri

       Reboot your phone and go in the settings menu and click on “register widget”!

      • Thomas Kalhauge

         Thank you, but I have done that several times, but after the 5th. it started working, but freezes the phone to the home screen where the widget is. Rebooted again and now works, but if you have to go through all these steps to get it working every time you reboot your phone, I think I will do without the widget.

        • jkosonen

           Hey, there’s fix coming to this, waiting for Nokia QA

          • Thomas Kalhauge

             Sweet, and thank you 🙂

  • jalyst

    Any rough time-frame on availability for Maemo 6x? (MeeGo-Harmattan)
    Haven’t bought this app yet but I suspect I will this time.

    Ah I see someone’s already asked, still, a rough time-frame would be nice 😉

    • jkosonen

       Hopefully get it ready nextweek, then there’s the Nokia QA top of that.

      • jalyst

         Ah so within 3wks tops, thanks for confirming!

      • jalyst

         It’s at feature parity with the Symbian^3 client right?

      • jalyst


        So it’s been over 5wks now, is this “still” being assessed by QA?
        Now there’s already 3.02 for Belle….
        Will Maemo6x jump right to that, or will we have to wait another mth+ for it?
        Will the Maemo6x 3.02 be at feature parity with the S^3 3.02?


  • -gregfromphils-

    I can’t download this on my n8 official belle and I paid for the previous version. 🙁 i kept getting download error from the Nokia Store. Anyone having the same issue?

    • DisplayName

       im having the same problem… you’re from the philippines right? wonder why?

      • -gregfromphils-

        Yes. I’m from the Philippines.  

        Jiikoo, is the software locked for download from the Philippines? I bought this app 2 times. One directly from you and the other from the Nokia Store. Can you check with Nokia about this?  Thanks!

  • Destroyzer

    This update will come to Nokia S60v5? Waiting…

    • malerocks

       The widget design is not something that fits in S60v5. So maybe you wont get widget, but everything else..

      • Destroyzer

        I know, but the app got some fixes and improvements I could have on my phone, even S60V5. But they stopped the updates on 2.5…

  • Me2fa

    Hi, first off all, thanks for this great new version, but why I have now all this little Facebook profile-images in my gallery?
    I see them with gallery widget and also on Nokia Suite(3.4.27b) aufter syncing, not in the gallery app

  • malerocks

    You rock…

  • malerocks

    How about allowing a dark version of the widget instead of the current white???

    • jkosonen

        You can modify the background image of the widget. But font color can’t be changed.

      • malerocks

         Oohh.. How??

        • jkosonen

           Well you have the widget images in your file system, just update those images 🙂

  • malerocks

    I have found a bug with the widget. I noticed that the widget refreshes when you come to the home screen that has the widget (it shows loading…). If the widget goes to “loading..” when there is no data connection available, it stays at loading… I have removed and added the widget multiple times since then. Also registered it, but nothing helps…

    • jkosonen

       There’s fix in Nokia QA waiting to live. That will fix this issue 🙂

      • malerocks

         So a v3.0.1??

        • jkosonen


          • hihiman

            Nice to hear that this is going to be fixed. I’m running 701 with the latest belle updates and have this loading… problem with the widget too. When will we get 3.0.1?

  • Breno Caputo Filho ✠

    Oh man, when you will update the fmobi for S60v5?? :/

    • jkosonen

       I hope to have time to start working with that next week.

      • Breno Caputo Filho ✠

         Good! Thanks!

  • Toby

    Great update, but I see a lot of 400 Bad API Request errors when I click on a notification. Never saw this before. I have tried logging out of Facebook and back in again, clearing the cache, but it still happens.

    Anyone else seeing this? 

    • jkosonen

       Hey, there’s also some fixes to this coming in the quick fix release waiting for Nokia QA.

  • malerocks


    Ever since I installed v3, my C drive randomly looses and recovers about 10 MB of space. Sometimes the space is lost just after I close Fmobi. The recovery of the space happens over some 10-15 mins after I have shut down the app. This did not happen with v2.6. Is this because of the caching of the images? Can it be done on E:?

    I am using an N8.

  • José Diaz

    Hola soy de Argentina y acabo de instalar la version 3.01 y dice que tiene widget pero no lo encuentro, no me aparece por ningun lado, tengo un nokia E6 con Symbian Belle. Alguien mas tiene este problema

  • Prochajda


  • Prochajda

    the newest version keeps on saving a lots of photos into my internal phone photo library. Is it possible to disable this somehow?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Edwin Aldrianto™

    Can’t upgrade or download from nokia store 🙁

  • Daz

    v3.0.1 *still* adds every one of your cached Facebook photos to your PC photo gallery, when you synch your phone to your PC via Nokia Suite.

    Surely there must be some way to identify these cached photos so that Nokia Suite won’t pick them up? If not, then please remove the cacheing from fMobi, as this is a major PITA.

    • jkosonen

       a) it shouldn’t do that anymore.
      b) try to remove c:/.config/fmobi if you still have this folder
      c) you can disable caching from settings if you don’t like it.

      • Daz

        Ah,  great. Deleting c:.configfmobi did the trick. Cached fMobi images no longer show up in Nokia Suite.


  • hugo

    thanks for the update mate.
    but can you please fix the problem that you cannot send messages while offline in chat. And if you add these real messages could you put in an option where you can send images?
    wud be really awesome. and another small thing, its still crashing if you open the pull down menu, no matter if fmobi is minimized or open.
    but its already the best availabe fb app 😉
    keep up the good work!

  • Luka Pongrac

    Really nice updates!

    But on my E6 I can’t add widget… There’s no fMobi widget on widgets list.

    Any solution?

  • malerocks

    I have a couple of suggestions for the widget:

    1) Currently you have set the widget to refresh everytime the user comes to the homescreen where the widget is. This can sometimes be annoying for users like me who are always flicking between homescreens. Can you put in a minimum period between refreshes to the widget when one comes to homescreen? Maybe you can use the time period that a user specifies for the app in the app settings?
    2) Instead of the arrows to switch between feeds in the widget, can you set it to auto switch after a few secs? Or let the user switch manually by a upward or a downward scroll flick?

  • Guest

    Doesn´t work on my E7 Belle. Well everything else works exept News feed

    • Guest

      Ok, now it seems to work. Dunno why it didnt work earlier but now it works.

       Keep up the awsome work!

  • Casfreitas

    I need hellp?
    How I relog in fmob?
    My email is
    I dont see opitions for relog.

    • Guest

      Go to settings and slide the the log out on exit switch to on/yes. Next time you start fmobi it will ask your account info.

      • Lelane Abraham

         where do i get this on my N8? ~I also don’t know how relog in fmob

  • malerocks

    The new widget is stuck at “loading” again. If I click on the feeds icon on the widget, it shows the feeds that were downloaded last before it got stuck on loading.

    It got stuck on loading when I accessed the homescreen and there was no data connection available at that time.

  • Wesley

    Hi i’m a Nokia X7-00.01 Symbian Anna user. I’ve installed Fmobi 3.1.0 free trial on
    my phone. My problem is when tapping on the log-in page, the program
    shuts down/closes. I tried numerous times reinstalling the program.
    Still the same thing happens. Help me, i really like to use this awesome
    facebook application. Thanks

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  • Jehazee

    I did pay fMobi Full Version but i couldn’t Install it, i don’t know why but i got message in setup step
    so how can i fix it or back to me my money -_- coz why i have to pay something not working……

  • Ed_Luva

    Will there be a FMobi 3.0 release for the Nokia N9??? When do you think? Hook us up!

  • Girish_g_nair

    Not able to use FMOBI for N900 as a widget on screen. Pls guide. Pls revert on my mail id. its

  • Syslcm

    When will 3.0 come to N9?

    • jalyst

      It WAS supposedly coming several weeks ago….
      I don’t think he actually gives much of a shit abut Maemo 6x, sadly 🙁
      There’s a regular pattern of it playing 2nd-fiddle (in a big way) to S^3.

    • jalyst

      Give Sociality a go if you can’t wait….
      It’s free and they need testers right now…
      MAG is known in the community as a very talented coder.

  • jalyst

    So I’ll try asking again, maybe there’ll be an effort to provide feedback.

    How is the Maemo 6x (MeeGo-Harmattan) version progressing?
    Will it be at feature parity with S^3, & when can we pay for it?

  • Lelane Abraham

    I adon’t know how relog in fmob … where do i get this on my N8?

  • Ian Schwarzenegger

    Are you ever gonna update the version for MeeGo?? Its programmed in Qt right, so its an easy compilation for you, PLEASE update the MeeGo version, we are still stuck on Version 2.6! 🙁

    • jalyst

      It’s out, check the store, check the version no….
      He just hasn’t bothered updating the date next to the version no.
      Nor has he bothered updating his BLOG with the news…
      He also still hasn’t bothered clarifying whether the Maemo 6x client is at feature parity with the S^3 one.

  • Badsha Khan

    i cant logging in my account plzz help me i m using n8

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  • ismail

    Why does no longer support fmobi s60v5 devices ? : (

    • jkosonen

      v3 for s60v5 is currently in Nokia QA

  • Motasem B Twait


    i have problem with ver 3 i cant add widget not there as it must be why ?

  • Gaurav Dutta

    I have downloaded fmobi 3.02 from OVI store but I cannot see the homescreen widget in the widgets list even after reboot the ph. I am using Nokia E6-00 running on Symbian Anna

  • Vee

    Fmobi 3.0 for s60v5……..? Plz..

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  • Karthik Mahesh

    Why is not available for Nokia S60V5 N97 I want pay and install this on my phone

  • berengere

    this is the best fb app but i have issues with the messages not updating… i don’t have the chat on and need to use another fb app to get up-to-date messages. any solutions? in case of any use, i’m on a nokia E6 still running Anna. cheers!

  • rapman

    i really wanted to try this out but unfortunatly i get the 403 404 and now a 400 error code. ive been using fascinate and i like it but its not user friendly to me personally and use it rarely, and when i downloaded the trial version on nokia store all these error popped up.

    this one looked and works better than fascinate so far as i can see hopefully this gets worked out soon