fMobi 3.0: Enter the year of awesomeness

We are glad to announce that fMobi 3.0 is now available in Nokia store for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle.  You can download it from Nokia store.

fMobi 3.0 was originally going to be fMobi 2.7 but we added so many new features and made a lot of interface fixes and tweaks that it was wise to version this at 3.0.

With fMobi 3.0, we have made over 25 changes related to how it looks and behaves, the performance and overall experience. Here is a short list of added features and changes.


  • Widget for fMobi, a feature people have been asking for a long time. This is our first widget and we will make changes to it as we get user feedback.
  • Caching of almost all images which you see. We automatically flush the cache when needed but you can also do it manually.
  • Cover picture when you see someone’s profile.
  • Optimization of whole interface for 20px font size. We want to gather user feedback if they like this font size and optimization or not and will change things accordingly in new version.
  • Ability to post status update to a particular list only. More privacy features coming soon.
  • New design for checkin and events page. We are also showing preview of your location in check in via Nokia maps now.
  • Code optimizations. This is a continues process and with each new version of fMobi, we are trying to make it faster and less taxing on RAM.
  • New design for chat which will also come for fChat in few days.
  • New design for pictures and albums.


These are few notable changes in latest fMobi. The total list is very long to post here so we recommend that you check it out and give us your feedback in comments. Let us know what else you would like and depending on API availability from Facebook, you can soon expect it in fMobi.

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