fMobi 3.02 now available for Belle

fMobi 3.02 is now available from Nokia Store.

It has new widget ui with some fixes to it. And now there’s also some settings to the widget. Image cache is also moved to E: drive, so everyone should be happy now 🙂 Also fixed the problem some had with news feed.

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  • Coolguru Ratedr

    thNk u 🙂

  • Sna


    Poor Me 

  • Erick

    no lo puedo instalar u..u que librerias necesito ? alguien me las podia pasar ? :/ buena app

  • Erick


  • rohitghosh

    any news for the fmobi v3 for  s605th edition ????

    • jkosonen

       No not yet, under development

      • rohitghosh

        thanks for not leaving us symbian^1 users behind  🙂

  • Sharingan84

    Anything for meego n9?…….

  • Koskelaesa

    When are you releasing the “Uppdate”  not the version you have to pay for? for Meego Nokia N9 .

    • jkosonen

       As soon as I get it ready, has been very busy lately. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll get some spare time to the MeeGo update too. But It’s coming, trust me.

  • amier

    Did you fix a chat on fMobi? Yesterday I’m using chat on fMobi but it crash after I start chatting. Hope you can fix it. Thanks 🙂

    • jkosonen

       It’s hard to try fix something that doesn’t happen in my phone. It might also bee some Qt issue in your phone..

      • amier

         thanks for your quick reply Sir. I’ll check it & give feedback a.s.a.p

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  • amier

    I have another suggestion to improve fMobi. It will be nice if you can add tagging friends name on status & photo features. I really like a new widget but I hope we can get bigger widget that can put 3 status update like Nokia Social widget.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work for updating this application. 🙂 Greetings from Malaysia

    • Mike Lee

      it was been proposed many times..i think i suggested it for more  than 20x during the 1st version of fMobi but the creator doesn’t seem interested with this i wish his eyes is like ours..the same interest..i think many people would love this function(especially me)…

      • jkosonen

         And I think I have replied to this more than 20x times. Facebook API doesn’t support tagging people in posts. When that’s possible, that’s available in fMobi. It’s  not like I’m the developer of Facebook and I can do everything I like.

  • Leo Nardo

    facinate is the best…..

  • Vizler Endre

    ” Image cache is also moved to E: drive, so everyone should be happy now 🙂 Also fixed the problem some had with news feed.”

    The quoted errors in two, I still létezik.A Image Cache c: drive installed, the news again for all this is only partially loaded be.S update form  to pay the store. 🙁

    I Install to the 2.51 version ,perfect!

    • jkosonen

       No idea what you are talking about?

      Caching saves images to e: drive now. And there is no feed errors anymore.

      • krisq

        So cache from C: is cleared automatically? Because it seems like it’s not.

      • Sword74

        not true, cache is still on C and not E. if you remove the folder in C, it stop working

        • jkosonen

           Remove what folder and what stops working? I didn’t say that there isn’t anything important in the C-drive, I said that the cache is moved to E. So if you still have cache folders in C-drive, you can sure remove those, but by removing something else might do harm to the widget.

  • Barry

    Widget setting s button not working on mine, Ive uninstalled v3.01 and  installed v3.02 but still not working, it also freezes the home screen like V3.0 did.

    • jkosonen

       I assume you have some custom firmware?

      • Barry

         Yes,v 111.040..0904   
        fmobi V3.01 worked fine

        • jkosonen

           There is hardly any changes that could affect like that, so must be something related to your custom firmware then.

          • Barry

             Ok il just go back to 3.01 for a while until i change firmware again.thanks for replying

          • Christian Eichholz

             i use the same cfw and i have the same problem…i think this leak was not so good …better to wait for a final version!

  • Wesley

    Hi i’m a Nokia X7-00.01 Symbian Anna user. I’ve installed Fmobi 3.1.0 free trial on
    my phone. My problem is when tapping on the log-in page, the program
    shuts down/closes. I tried numerous times reinstalling the programs.
    Still the same thing happens. Help me. I really like to use this awesome
    facebook application.

  • Sword74

    just install v3.2.0 but tempfolder is still in C
    my mistake or…?

  • george

    how do you upgrade to this new version is that I have the v3.1 have to buy again?

  • Israel Garcia

    everything works on my 603 thanks for this update

  • malerocks

    Love the new widget and especially the settings. One suggestion there – instead of having a setting of whether to refresh / open Fmobi on clicking of fmobi icon, set it to refresh if one clicks on the feed icon on the widget. The fmobi icon can be default open the app.

  • Shuaibsaifi78

    thankz sir for made this type of application thanks a lot sir…….. M mohd shuaib from india

  • Daniel Tan

    Hi there, thanks for the fantastic upgrades to fmobi. I have been playing with Facinate, Nokia Social, Facial, Gravity 2.0 and Fmobi – Fmobi is my to go for browsing around Facebook.

    Got a small issue here – I noticed an odd behaviour on the HS widget. When scrolling to the HS with the Fmobi widget, there is a slight pause before I can move out of that HS. This happens regardless of the widget refresh setting.

    I’ve tried various widgets to see if this is a common issue – Nokia Social widgets, Facial widget, Gravity widget, etc – and it only happens with the Fmobi widget.

    Perhaps some process is running on the Fmobi widget regardless of setting?

    • malerocks

       I face this too…

  • Vagassi

    Please help me … on my N8 widget is don’t loading … why ??

    • Vagassi

      Thants OK !! I found the problem … 

  • Jc_imperio

    -fmobi no me funciona con la actualizacion de  quality improvement
    -por que no hacer un Widget mas grande de perdido a la mitad de la pantalla o mas
    -porque no ponerle notificaciones de luz como fchat

  • Marc

    I recently updated to 3.2 on my N8 belle. I have a problem with there being a constant data connection. It is eating into my battery life and my data allowance. I don’t use the widget as it is not important to me so there shouldn’t be any need for a constant connection. I like the rest of the app alot so this is a shame for me.

  • Fabio Magalhaes

    It could make a major update widget with scroll bar

  • Jonathan Diederiks

    the text box formatting is faulty on E6, one cannot see what text is being entered when one comments etc. I thought this was supposed to be the best Facebook app for Nokia, its not great when even the basics are not done correctly! and when one opens the pvt messages why does it only give “comment’ and ‘like’ as an option and not ‘reply’ which is what one does, one does not comment on a pvt message one replies to it… formatting in general not great on E6 with Belle, app is a disappointment actually and not worth the money!

  • Ryson Vaughn Thomas

    the widget is still stuck on loading.

  • Jonathan Diederiks

    general formatting for E6 is poor, expected better, not just the text input box bug (only half of text shows while typing)…

  • Jc_imperio

    Porque no puedo ver mis publicaciones en las noticias en fmobi 3.2 solo en mi perfil tengo nokia belle c7 ya reinstale el sistema de nokia belle y sigue sin funcionar a que se debe

  • Jeahazee

    i don’t know but i did pay it then i couldn’t install it…
    So what can i do >_<

  • Jostian007

    not great on Nokia E6, doesn’t fit screen properly, formatted badly for screen size, API facebook error, and text input cannot see in box! not good app

  • PeterDirk

    I to have Nokia E6 and app is poor for screen shape and size, things don’t fit well on screen and also the box for text not showing text when writing, poor app for E6, not sure for other Nokia phones, but don’t get for E6.

  • malerocks

    A suggestion for the widget – if in settings i remove the option to display arrows, can you auto scroll / change the  news displayed in the widget? Right now if I remove arrow, its stuck on the 1st story and it looks like I have widget to see only one story.

    • jkosonen

       You can still press the places where arrows where. Or clicking the profile image will take you to the next status too.

      • malerocks

         Thanks.. Didnt know that. You really should mention things like these somewhere. Clicking the profile is a great tip. I would have never know if you would have not mentioned it.

        Thanks 🙂

  • Vindel

    Great development. It’s the best FB app
    for Nokia! But there is one little missing: You can only chat with friends who
    are online – and not with friends using apps like Facebook Messenger.

  • Rohit Ghosh

    Any news for the s^1 version of latest fmobi v3???

  • Ossi

    Hello please once with fmobi the check-in so puts in this one his/its own one(s) locates can produce much thanks

  • jalyst

    fMobi 3.xx for Maemo6x (MeeGo-Harmattan) ready yet?


  • martinfriberg

    I realy like fMobi and use it daily, but i have a more developer related question.
    HOW can i create a belle widget for my application? Can not find anything on nokia developer site. Can you please point me in the right direction?

  • Segan

    How i set the widget on the e6?

  • Quinn Cabie

    any update news about fmobi for N9?

  • Godz_godinez

    Anyone please help me, after resetting my phone i reinstalled this app and whenever i click on it at the screen it says “problem loading page” what should i do??

    • malerocks

       You probably need to reinstall QT components..

  • Bryan Lagos

    This version Works on a Nokia X6?

  • Julian Chou

    Is there any possibility that next revision of fMobi can upload picture and check in at the same time? Now I can’t combine check in and upload picture in one step by using this rev. of fMobi.

  • Rocknkaya

    I cant tag my photos. Is it impossible with 3.02?

  • malerocks

    Suggestion – When I log in to Fmobi, if I have friend with a birthday today, can the calendar icon show an asterisk (like you show for new notifications and messages)

  • Destroyzer

    And for Nokia S60V5? I bought this app, but updates stopped on 2.5 for me….

  • tony90ita

    hello…i have Nokia n8 with belle and this is the best app for facebook…but there are a one bug…sometimes, when i chat whit someone, the keyboard doesn’t appear…the only way to write is using “message” and not “chat”…the bug is solving only whit a reboot of the app…please update and correct… 🙂

  • Andrea_89

    buongiorno, ho installato fmobi sul mio nokia n8-00 con versione software belle. e non riesco ad aprire l’applicazione, cioè quando clicco si apre una schermata grigia di caricamento e si carica anche x ore senza aprire l’applicazione. aiuto!!!! sapete darmi una risposta??!!

  • Luca

    the app 3.02 bought in nokia store is not working on my n8. When i log in the app stuck. Need help thx

    • jkosonen

      Facebook made some breaking change in their login page. I have already submitted fix to Nokia QA, which should work again. Hopefully Nokia can get this to store update asap.

  • Timo

    I just bought fmobi for my (belle) Nokia N8. Whenever I turn it on, it asks for my FB sign-in data. After that only several rows of small jibberish (propably understandable for some programmers) text appears on top of the screen. The program stucks there. Please, help needed!

    • jkosonen

      Facebook made some breaking change in their login page. I have already submitted fix to Nokia QA, which should work again. Hopefully Nokia can get this to store update asap.

      • Timo

        Thanks for Your quick reply. I guess I have to remove the current version and reinstall the program again from Nokia Store in … a couple of weeks?

        • jkosonen

          Not sure if the current version need to be removed, I think it doesn’t need that. And I hope that they can process it in couple of days, rather than weeks.

      • Sandeep Lohar

        i have also notice the same problem. I know that facebook has done same api changes or something platform breaking change. I found this on fb developer site :–operation-developer-love/
        hope this helps, please kindly update we all love fmobi. Thanks for great creation.

    • Aaronjm

      the same thing keeps hapening to me in recent times i use to work well but now it stop 

      • jkosonen

        Facebook made some breaking change in their login page. I have already submitted fix to Nokia QA, which should work again. Hopefully Nokia can get this to store update asap.

  • Aaronjm

    my Fmobi stop working 

    • jkosonen

      Facebook made some breaking change in their login page. I have already submitted fix to Nokia QA, which should work again. Hopefully Nokia can get this to store update asap.

  • Aureliomilitao

    please….my Fmobi 3.2 too not work… Fix the bug … All peoples with problems

  • Snake69cl

    Hi, I have problems opening fmobi In My Nokia N8, my mistake of selling 400, desintale fmobi, here’s an Install But I returned the error persists in Him, I fix this Thanks

  • Snake69cl

    hola, tengo problemas al abrir fmobi en mi nokia N8, me sale error 400, desintale fmobi, lo volvi a instalar pero persiste en el error, como soluciono este problema , gracias

  • Su

    üdv! sajnos napok ota nem müködik az alkalmazás c7 belle mikor várhato változás ? viszont érdekesség n8 bellémen müködik a program mivel nem jelentkezik ki automatikusan kilépéskor és ha inditom a programot minden funkcioja jol müködik

  • F3RNANDO Sampa

    portuguese br – não consigo conectar! me ajude, eu comprei o aplicativo uma semana atrás e nunca consegui usar 🙁

  • Beto

    Tendra solucion el problema de fmobi..? Dejo de funcionar. es una gran app, espero que exista una respuesta inmediata y solucion del problema…!!!

  • Ajm

    does not log in. And when log in complete then does not come the fmobi skin,

  • tb

    I have the latest version for N9. I can’t go into the Events menu, the app hangs/stalls and has to be restarted. Great app otherwise!

    • jkosonen

      yup, FB made yet again some silent change that broke things, update is already waiting for Nokia QA.

  • Khan

    I Have a problem when I login  I cant login  is error  like a picture.

    • jkosonen

      Fix is waiting Nokia QA.

      • Birender

         Hi when Nokia QA is going to post it in to Nokia Store i am getting the same error in both apps Fmobi and Fchat

        • jkosonen

          I can only hope that soon.

    • Snake69cl

      Ihave the same problem

  • Snake69cl

    JKOSONEN.. tengo problemas al abrir fmobi en mi nokia N8,cuando lo  compre en la version anterior no tenia problemas, pero desde que actualice fmobi no puedo entrar me sale error, favor ver este problema, me parece que no soy el unico con esta situacion., gracias

  • Cinhdez

    Aun no funciona…intento abrirlo pero solo aparece un enlace y no da opcion de hacer nada mas… :o(

  • blackjohn

    I have installed fMobi 3.02 on my Nokia C6-01 (Symbian Anna v 022.001).
    Each time I try to login, I get the following message after entering my
    username and my password.

    The error message is : This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 6 at column 680: Expected ‘#’ or ‘[a-zA-Z]’, but got ‘&’.
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error. I have Qt 4.7.4 and Mobility 1.2.1 on my mobile. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem?

  • Surriya Wannoree

    I Have a problem when I login I cant login is error like a picture.

  • martin bishop

    Great app so far, only one snag though. whenever i type, it leaves off the last few words of text! not sure if its a Nokia thing or fMobi.

  • Vanav9

    I have a problem, 2 days ago fmobi stopped working on my phone, mark me an error saying: error Facebook API returned 403 Forbiden. will go to fix this bug soon because I love this program and I just bought :/ please answer me…

  • Thulani king

    i can’t install the applicatin

  • Giacomo Angelini

    I purchased fMobi three weeks ago from the Nokia Store but it doesn’t
    work. The error message says “Error Loading page”. Please consider that
    I have my wap connection working and the qt version is the
    right one..

    What could I do?? Please Help..PS. Installed on a Nokia 500 phone.

  • jen

    bro re:e6 i having a problem in write message she keep on hanging…