fMobi 3.5 available for Symbian^3/Anna/Belle

There is a new update waiting for you in the Nokia Store.

There are following updates:
– Native photo gallery to uploads
– Native photo gallery to selecting custom background
– Progress bar to photo upload
– Option for FP2 keyboard, so text fields doesn’t go behind it.
– Widget settings should be available again with latest Belle firmwares.
– Fixes & tweaks

Have fun!

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  • shawneyforbes1

    can we see some screenshots on the facebook page please?

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  • Moii

    Ich habe mir fmobi aus dem nokia store heruntergeladen.
    ich habe ein Nokia C6-00, und fmobi lädt einfach nicht.
    Ich zahle also 1,99 € für eine App die einfach nicht lädt, obwohl die Testversion funktionierte???

  • Moii

    I have downloaded from the nokia store fmobi.
    I have a Nokia C6-00, and fmobi not simply loads.
    So I pay € 1.99 for an app that loads not easy, even though the trial work?

    • jkosonen

      That sounds really weird… try to uninstall and reinstall it. But if it doesn’t work for you, you can always ask for a refund from the Nokia Store.

      • Moii

        I do not understand why the trial version worked for me but the full version not…

        • jkosonen

          Me neither.. try to install again.

          • Moii

            not working ….

        • malerocks

          Have you uninstalled the trial as well? That might help.

  • Lasse Kar

    I can not find the upgrade on the Nokia Store?
    Have a N8 with Belle.
    fMobi ver. 3:03.
    Thanks in advance / Lasse

  • NiceOne

    Perfect, as usual !!! 🙂

  • cecchi

    and for meego?

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  • malerocks

    Thank you for adding Native photo gallery to uploads. It would be great if you can support selecting multiple images when uploading.

  • isatol

    No puedo descargarlo, siempre se instala la version 3.3. A parte se instala un ícono smartinstaller que no hace nada. Ya intente desinstalalrlo y volviendo a descargarlo y siempre me instala el 3.3. Ayuda!

  • SiN

    Still not have upload picture to group features? Im waiting for that

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  • Mahesh

    nice.. just updated.. works like a charm.. 🙂

  • roxe67

    How can I answer right on message? I can not find this feature!

  • scriptlivver

    Hi, on my N8 I get a “your session timed out” message after some time. How can I fix this? Sometimes there is no message and just the moving reload circle is visible and nothing happens. When I quit the app and reopen it I have to login again. My other facebook apps stay logged in for days. fmobi not. What can I do? Please help!

  • Donda

    What will be for s60v5 mobile??

  • Fleck

    It will be cool that we could send offline messages or at least that when you are offline of the chat you could write a message and when you click “send” a pop-up appeared asking to go online for sending the message and when fmobi has sent the message it go offline again… So you don’t have to go to settings, turn on the chat, write and send the message, go to settings again and turn off the chat.

    And by the way it will be great to have push-up notification integrated to the UI… Like whatsapp, maybe at least for messages.

    And congratrulations for the good work, this one fixed things that were slow and many issues… Now I can see messages from all my friends something that I could not do with the old version.

  • Anes Mulalic

    Widget settings don’t work properly, again.
    I can play with the widget settings but can’t click on the “Update settings” button.
    Thus I’m stuck with the absolutely horrible “Refresh when HS activated” option which extremely slows down home screen fluidity.
    Please help!

  • Mik

    Tested free version, payed full version (uninstalled free one first…) and now doesn’t work. It says “Api error” on refresh and a red message on top about gift card/cash card on login…

  • bryan

    this version gives me an error 403 ?? WHY ??? what I can do it ?

  • Johanh

    Fmobi stopped working today. API error 403 on N900 when clicking on any icon.

    • GhaV jGRite

      Looks like everybody has this problem, that’s comforting to know. Looking forward to the fix and/or update. (Nokia N8)

  • F. Sevilla

    otra vez hay errores… 🙁

  • Silvhina

    hola compre la aplicación tengo un nokia N8 y cada vez que quiero iniciar me aparece error! Facebook API returned 403 forbidden if problems persists, try to logout and login again, y no se como solucionarlo en fin lo puedo utilizar, un bajón ayúdenme si sabe alguna forma de solucionar. Gracias

  • Tomislav

    For some of my friends I can’t access all of their data (e.g. photos) over fmobi but I see them over the web. Can you please fix this? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  • mark

    any chances to have v3.5 for maemo N900? we have only v2.3 since one year

  • gerry

    did you manage to do some tweaks to get latest fmobi for maemo/N900 passed by NokiaQA?

  • Krzysztof Kula

    I hope, that you add function synchro contacts photo

  • Owen

    Kindly can you fix this error thanks : error API 403 returned forbidden (Nokia E7)

  • owen

    Kindly can you manage to solve the above problrm for Nokia E7 – facebook API returned 403 forbidden – its poping up every time i try to log in. Thanks

  • jean

    facebook api returned 400 bad request….oque fasso????

  • judgment

    I have fmobi 3.56 and belle refresh on my e7 but I do not have the widget anymore..

  • kazirahman

    at first when i installed fmobi v3.5 it was working fine..but after
    formatting my phone fmobi is running but showing the log in page as
    viewed from the default browser….no widgets .nothing..

  • Kazi Rahman

    i have been using nokia 500 and fmobi on that phone was working fine..but when i switched to nokia 603 with belle fp2 i have been getting the error facebook api returned 403 forbidden..plz fix it

    • Nacef Naffou

      same prob here -_-

  • john

    i pay for this 3€ but it never worked!! always says PRIVACY POLICY with one (!) right down! i choose that (!) and then i choose TRY THIS. then nothing happens.. waste of time and money..


    Hello I have a problem downloaded fMobi v.3.57 was removed and downloaded the widget fMobi v.3.5 for Symbian ^ 3 (Anna, Lingerie) I can not use constantly throws off error facebook api returned 400 reyaost bad that I delat.