Error using fMobi at the moment

There are somekind of limit reached with Facebook API, or FB API is returning “Application limit reached” to every API call, so that is why fMobi is not working at the moment, but just returning Facebook error. I have no idea what that limit is or when it is cleared, hopefully soon. Until that I’m clueless what to do. Hopefully everything sorts out well soon.

I know this is very bad to you guys, but believe me, it’s very bad to me too.

Apologies, but yet again, this is something that I did not cause and only FB has the solution 🙁

Update: This is now fixed.

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  • Renata

    Mais demorar muito..quero usar o aplicativo..

  • Keir Seventy-Three

    I’m getting an API error 403 forbidden. Can’t resolve it.

  • john

    if u cant fix the problem so u dont have righrs tocharge us to buy this software..ur aplogize wont back us money back k?so quitedevolping ur this apps

    • jkosonen

      I’m doing my best to figure out how to make it work again. But it’s nothing to do with my development. All because of Facebook.

      • gb

        same error since 02 oct 2012 on all phones

      • Diracian

        Any idea why it’s not affecting other Symbian facebook apps, such as Social and Facinate? (sorry to mention the competition just thought it might help to know!)

        • jkosonen

          Since somehow there was billion api calls made trough fMobi to Facebook servers so it got blocked. Nothing to do with other apps.

          • Adam Lamar

            THAT is very weird..

    • ColdBlood

      Can you understand “is not the app is the facebook”? if you don´t take grammar lessons, sucker…

  • Adam

    @John, you are a tool.

  • ayush

    ‘m getting an API error 403 forbidden…:(…make it work fast..

    • jkosonen

      Trying my best to contact Facebook, but no luck yet

  • Rafu

    Make it work please. Cheers from Portugal!

    • jkosonen

      Trying my best to contact Facebook, but no luck yet :/

  • Timple

    I think it is very disrespectful of the fmobi userbase that Facebook does not give you a hotline direct to their API gatekeepers. It says it all about them. I really dislike facebook but since all my friends are on it I have no other choice if I want to keep up…….

    • jkosonen

      I agree with you. This is so bad from them… It’s very hard to get contact to any of them :/

  • Mik

    Not working since yesterday…BUT…one hour ago it worked for a while….now 403 error again

  • Akash

    Okay then when it fixed please notify me.

  • Manish

    ok, this is really frustrating.. But all i know facebook is to blame not u :/

  • ck

    so is it going to be fixed?

  • Raizo Auditore

    hello i just update fmobi 3.5 on nokia n8 belle and it appears an error API returned 400/403 Bad request. how do I proceed to solve this issue i tried to uninstall it and does not work

  • Marco

    fMobi is probably the best browser for Facebook. However 2 days of interruption of service are like 2 years for who use your program and paid for it. So sort this problem asap. And about the fact that is a facebook error well who sell something answer about it even if it’s a supplier mistake.

    • adam

      seriously,you guys who complain have need to get a life. This is something that is clearly out of the developers hands. Relax,take it easy,and do something more worth while than facebook.

      • Marco

        beside the fact I have something better to do, and who doesnt have can use the browser included in the phone without any need to spend 2 euro for fMobi, this is not the answer of who earn € 2 x thousand people = thousand euro.

        • jkosonen

          There’s problem with Facebook API, it’s blocking fMobi calls at the moment,
          that is why fMobi is only returning Facebook error to every function.

          I have contacted FB and they are investigating it, hopefully this is sorted soon.
          Thanks for your patience,Juuso

          • Adam Lamar

            Hope it all sorts out soon; even after I ran into this and read all the status remarks here, I went to Nokia store and left a 5-star rating. It is by far the best Facebook application for any cell phone – I can’t speak for ios since I’ve never had a ‘me’-Phone, but can assure you it beats anything on Android and Windows Phone. Even better than the Gravity client.. I’m sure you’ll be successful in resolving this!

        • Adam Lamar

          Tried a few minutes ago; still nogo..

        • Adam Lamar

          Still down.. Thus 10/4.

        • Adam Lamar

          Up and Running! 🙂

  • christian

    lo vas a arreglarrrr?????la gente de nokia me informo que es un problema de la aplicacion

  • jith89

    am using c7 anna….firstime was successfully i enterd fb through fmob…bt aftr that error occurs api403.api 500

  • gags

    pls let me knw that hw can i get rid of this error 403 forbidden!!

  • gags

    pls let me knw that hw can i get rid of this error 403 forbidden!! AS this is paid application pls provide me the solution.ASAP

  • Renata

    O Seu jkosonen da um jeito aí meu paguei e quero usas..faz algo..mova me porfavor..

  • alex

    I removed my fmobi away and tried install it then again from Nokia store for my N9 but there wasn’t anymore fmobi for sale. Could you bring that application once more time again for sale?

  • Daniel Lopez Garcia

    This is a support message from me.Should I assume that FB is trying to get you out of business?
    Lots of people are mad at you, perhaps you should consider releasing an update
    that at leasts blames facebook on the api error :p.
    In any case, i completely understand you. Best wishes from Mexico

  • Maxi

    If youu feel a bit “regret” about this problem, why fmobi is still on Ovi store at the moment? You should put an advertise or something to let people know your app is not working, so they dont waste time and money.

    • jkosonen

      It takes same time to take it off, than make a fix. And fix is now on it’s way. Sorry for the trouble.

      • Diracian

        Glad you got a fix on the way, I’m so missing this!

  • jagdish

    hi all, its started working on nokia 500

  • Infinity

    When will resolve your problem?

    • jkosonen

      It should be working already

  • oho

    hmm. Works now. At least with my N9

  • Guillote

    Ya esta funcionando nuevamente

  • Ian Parry

    Hi just purchased this app through nokia store only to find out it doesn’t work and by the look of these posts has been down for a week. Is there any progress being made?

    • jkosonen

      Hey, it should be up and running already, what’s your problem?

  • Raúl Velázquez

    fmobi doesn’t work ijus t get an 403 error forbidden…¡¡¡¡ What’s going on..??


    fehler heute schon wieder

  • thong

    this problem happens again! Bad request! R

  • abigist

    hi, dear sir,

    i just buy fmobi app yesterday, but today cannot work, error 403 forbidden, what to do?

    tq, abigist, malaysia

  • otto

    ei toimi!!!! haastan sut oikeuteen paska jkosonen korvaa täää!!!!!!!!!

  • Kamal Kiko

    Hey i Have New Problem

    i dont know why ?

    I uninstalled fmobi and installed it again

    but still i have the same problem :/

    this is pic to the problem

  • zoltán németh

    Today i try to install fmobi First time
    and it installed successful. but when i
    log in it says :
    Success Secure Warning : (here something like)
    Your account may hijacked. And after this the app open but
    whenever i go to anywhere (eg. Chat,
    Notifications etc.) It shows some errors
    like :
    Error! Facebook API returned 403
    Forbidden. Please help me to use this application.

  • Fab Gomez

    i bought and installed fmobi yesterday and it worked fine, but now it shows the message Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden. Please help me to fix that problem. I’m using a Nokia 603 with symbian belle

  • Tom Christensen

    fmobi still not work on my Nokia X6, 16GB. fmobi still sent “403 error” and it have been going on a month. What can i do. it is too Bad !

  • Gerbelli Cristian

    I install fmoby on my N8. Now fmoby still sent: Error! Facebook API returned 400! 0Auth “Facebook Platform” “Invalid_request” “Too many request in batch message. Maximum batch size is 50” If problems persist, try to logout and login again.

    I have this problem when I read the notification.

    TY and sorry for my bad English.

  • Sid Ashidiq

    dear sir,

    just downloaded the v3.56.couldn’t even login.then it automatically goes to the interactive screen without me loging in.and there’s that ‘error:facebook api returned 400 bad request.if problem persists try to logout and login again’.
    How am i supposed to do that when i couldn’t even login in the first place?i’m using Nokia E7 symbian anna v022.014.kindly help.