fMobi should be working again!

fMobi seems to be back in action!
Sorry for the trouble!

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  • vishalcena



  • Adam Lamar

    Been working for me the last 2-3 hours – thank you!! (808 PureView TMobile USA)

  • Nath Meaney

    Thanks. it´s a very incredible app!!

  • L’A

    running perfect on my c6 via WIFI.

  • amaan

    can we add widget now?

  • Kari Lehmusmäki

    Keskustelu ei toimi päivitetyssäversiossa 🙁

    • Aikn

      Ei toimi mullakaan N9:llä viimeisen päivityksen jälkeen. Edellisellä versiolla toimi sen jälkeen kun api-errorit oilvat korjautuneet itsestään. Nyt chätin kohdalla näkyy vain latausindikaattori. Muut osa-alueet näyttäisivät toimivan. Kaipaisin kysymys-ominaisuutta fmobiin, nykyisellään se ei tunnu toimivan.

      • jkosonen

        Ootko logannut ulos ja uudestaan sisään?

        • Aikn

          Ulos loggaus ja uusi kirjautuminen auttoi! Kiitos!

    • jkosonen

      Ootko logannut ittes ulos ja uudestaan sisään?

  • Goldmoon

    Problem – all events in one time… (nokia e6 symbian belle)

  • Cyril Poublanc

    Problem for me. All seem to be all right at startup, but when i try to answer to a post in notification, instantanely “error, facebook api return 400 bad request…

    • Marko Saarelainen

      I have exactly same error message when I try to share my location. Try to log out and relogin. re-install app. Phone is N9

    • José Bjerkheden

      I have the exact problem.

  • Maria Mir Kashif

    Sorry i m not sure if this is the right place to post my query or not, but can we tag a person in fmobi?

  • Tomislav

    For some of my friends I can’t access all of their data (e.g. photos)
    over fmobi but I see them over the web. Can you please fix this? Has
    anyone else encountered this problem?

  • Riikka

    Moi! Jostain syystä fmobi on koko päivän heittänyt erroria, samaan tapaan kuin lokakuun alkupuolella. Missä voisi olla vika?


    schon wieder fehler

  • Sandro

    it dosn’t working again, what’s the matter?

  • Nmeaney

    it dosn´t working again. it´s second time. please we need an explanation

  • Gcho

    error API returned 400/403 Bad request,please fix this bug

  • sandro

    ist es möglich dass das programm mal länger als ein paar tage läuft ? Zur zeit ist das der letzte schrott

  • sandro

    langsam nervt dieses scheißprogramm. Am anfang war das richtig gut aber jetzt vergeht fast keine wo das programm an irgend welchen tagen net geht und reaktionen daruf kommen vom programmierer auch keine. Shitapp

  • Fahmi Basim Mukbil

    Error facebook Api returned !!!

  • thong

    time to say bye to fmobi!

  • Fahmi Basim Mukbil

    it is working now thanks

  • Vitor czik

    In my N9 the problem is not fixed yet!

  • zouz

    error returned api 403 plz fix it 🙂

  • Muhammed M.Abdu

    I have problem when i open the app when i login i get Error (Error! facebook API returned 400 Bad request If problem persists try logout and login agine) and i logout & login agine i got same Error PM me 🙂

    • nung


  • kazirahman

    at first when i installed fmobi v3.5 it was working fine..but after formatting my phone fmobi is running but showing the log in page as viewed from the default browser….no widgets .nothing..downloaded v3.56 but the problem persists.

  • kamal zaki – Nokia N8

    Doesn’t open after login

  • jvirtane

    Not working on my N9. Got “bad request” errors. I tried logging out and in again but it’s not working anymore. After login screen I get a black screen. Sometimes buttons appear to bottom part of the screen but hitting those only returns a bad request error.

  • Sincetoday

    No estimative of when fMobi will work again?

  • Brynae

    I still cant use my fmobi. I deleted it and ended up getting the trial back on my N9. Now everytime it asks me to sign in a tap the email area and it just skips to the app and then doesnt work since its not loading my facebook. Cant even get a letter in before it just loads up. It says its getting a bad error reading and to log out and back in but i cant log back in anymore.

  • Gerbelli Cristian

    I install fmoby on my N8. Now fmoby still sent: Error! Facebook API returned 400! 0Auth “Facebook Platform” “Invalid_request” “Too many request in batch message. Maximum batch size is 50” If problems persist, try to logout and login again.

    I have this problem when I read the notification.

    TY and sorry for my bad English.