The fastest, coolest, simplest and the most beautiful chat for Facebook.

You can chat with your online friends and you can also search offline friends and send messages to them too!

– Home screen widget
– Notification light when screen locked
– White and black theme!
– Adjustable font size!
– Audio alert!

Currently available for Nokia Symbian^3/Anna/Belle

Download from Nokia Store

Facebook page

  • http://twitter.com/MoritzJT MoritzJT

    Not for N8 Belle?!

    • jkosonen

      Should be?
      Edit: just tried, works for my N8 Belle.

      • http://twitter.com/erkki_ruisleipa Erik Crouch

         Works on my N8 Belle too, and it’s fantastic. 

  • cyberdog-fs

     the program crashes after startup!? bug?

    • JDS

       It’s happening to me too.

    • jkosonen

       Try to add the widget to homescreen, that might help

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  • reservoir_dog

     how can i set the fmobi widget on screen?

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  • Enry105

    Chat Dosen’t work…N8 belle…

    • jkosonen

       What’s the problem?

  • Candyman

    Bought the app to support the Dev…just like I did for fMobi.
    Running on N8 Belle and runs well.

    However, the notification LED does not work. Tried turning it off and back on and still no notification LED on my N8.

    Otherwise, another great app!

    • jkosonen

       LED notification should come, if you get new messages while in lock screen.

      • Candyman

        Does not work. I have tried different setting/combos ( with widget/without widget, setting OFF/setting ON).

        Nothing works. My LED notification does not work on my N8 Belle.

  • Candyman

    When not connected to fChat and running widget on homescreen, clicking on the widget does nothing. It should be able to log into FB chat without having to go to the app drawer to start the app itself…..just an opinion.

    • http://twitter.com/habdsl Christian Eichholz

       on my n8 with belle the same…the widget doesnt connect! the app itself works fine!

  • JDS

     break down when it’s uploading the contacts. N8 Symbian ^3

  • Skeba

    Does this support group chats? The problem I have with fMobi is that while I can read group chat messages, I can’t post into the chats at all.. 

    • jkosonen

      Sorry, not at the moment

      • Skeba

        Okay.. Are you planning on implementing it in the near future, or is this something that would be difficult to do?

  • joe

    On my Nokia c6-01 Belle, the notification led never works, and when I’m chatting sometimes suddently crash the app.

  • joe

    On nokia Belle, in horizontal position, the last contact is hidden by the black bottom bar. Works fine in vertical position.

  • marco

    fchat crashed at the open. nokia n8 belle with  xeon 2.6.2

    • jkosonen

      Does it crash if you add the widget first?

  • Saban071

    One bug that i found is that icons for fChat shows up in gallery, dont know how but they are there. Hope it helps you to fix it or can i delete them safely?

    • jkosonen

      Hey, the widget is using those, so if you remove those, you can’t see image in the widget. Or if you modify those images you will those modified versions. I might need to put those to better place in next versions.

      • Saban071

        Thank you for your reply…

  • Candido Nogueira

    Version 1.0.1:

    Notification light still does NOT work on my N8 Belle (Sounds works). Please fix

    Widget now logs you into chat once you select it (didn’t do that before with version 1.0.0)

    • jkosonen

       Are you using custom or official firmware?

      • Candido

        Official. Nothing hacked.

    • http://twitter.com/habdsl Christian Eichholz

       yes now the widget starts the chat but thats all…i still cant use it! if i have luck..sometimes i see a text inside that says: connecting…but thats all. i use a originally belle on my n8.

  • Candido

    Not too sure if it was something I did from the various testing I have been doing, but after upgrading to 1.0.1 from the Nokia Store (from 1.0), I now had 2 fchat widget line items in the widget selection screen. By uninstalling the app and installing a fresh copy of 1.0.1 corrected that.

    Are others also seeing 2 fchat widget line items as well in the widget selection screen? (maybe it is an installation bug).

    FYI…even after a fresh 1.0.1 install (not upgrade) on official Nokia N8 Belle, notification LED still does NOT work.

  • Iotu

    the program does not work! It closes after a few seconds only! [I have a Nokia N8]
    You must feel a thief! Money thrown to the wind!

  • http://twitter.com/raulpisko Raúl el Capitán

    make it available for Nokia 500 with Symbian Anna 

  • robbert

    The UI doesn’t look that good on the E6, sliders are partially out of screen and the default-text in the ‘ chat bubble ‘ is chopped of at about 3/4 of it’s height 🙁 Hopefully you can fix this!


      wer the same..im also using e6 but the jikoo products soft…not working to my unit.

  • Mike

    It still has some bugs (Nokia N8, original Symbian Belle hacked with Coderus method):

    – When there are more than 50/60 contacts online it crashes or it says “fChat: Memory full” (even if fChat is the only app running)
    – Notification light doesn’t work, even in lock screen mode (sound alerts work fine)
    – Widget sometimes doesn’t work good, doesn’t show new messages or says fChat is not connected, it fixes itself if you tap on it opening the app that was running in background

    Some suggestions (for fMobi too):

    – What about push notifications? Like “messenger” in iOS or like the chat app for Android…so users connected to desktop Facebook version could see that we are connected from a mobile device

    – What about vibration alerts?

    sorry for my bad english and thank you for your devoloping, I love your apps

  • hb

    Yeni yükledim ama sohbet te boş beyaz ekran var ters bişiler mi var acaba yapmadığım ?

    • Onur Önal

      Dostum telefonunun işlemcisi yetmiyor olabilir. Ben de ilk başta e6-00 için yükledim ve uygulama ilk başta 3 açık kişiyi yükleyip ardından kendini kapatıyodu. Belleğin yetersizliğinden dolayı. Daha sonra tekrar yükledim ve kullanabildim. Fakat fchat açıkken başka hiçbi programı açamadım çünkü kapatıyodu kendini. Eğer başka soru sorucak olursan onuronal@windowslive.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002064022088 Рамин Шавадзе

    Please make push-notification and LED notification!!!!!

  • Saban071

    Can you tell when is the update expected ?


    i’m not able to download the app again from the store after i reflashed my phone .. always says download failed / download error .. please help me with this .. TIA ..
    btw , everything works fine as for me .. before , though .. 🙂

  • Rodrigo Echegaray

    something for symbian 1, lol i wont that app on my n97 pls!!!

  • Jc_imperio

    cuando actualizan fchat porque siempre que estoy en el chat se cierra la aplicacion 

  • Jc_imperio

    fchat me parece muy buena aplicacion solo que siempre se me cierra la aplicacion al momento de estar chateando y tambien no es compatible con la aplicacoion Swype fmobi ya lo actualizaron pero me gusta mas fchat para chatear favor de comentar a que se debe el error de que se me cierre la aplicacion al momento de estar chateando 

  • Jc_imperio

    la vdd muy muy buena aplicacion para cuando sale otra actualizacion para fchat porque de vez en cuando se cierra la aplicacion y ahi veces que no llegan los mensajes de salida o de entrada 

  • Jc_imperio

    actualizacion para corregir los pocos errores que tiene fchat que son de vez en cuando se cierra y de vez en cuando no llegan los mensajes

  • Saban071

    We want updateeee!!! Hehe just joking… now seriously ,when to expect the update?

  • Saban071

    Can you give us ETA on fChat update ,please ?

  • Jc_imperio

    Favor de mandar una actualizacion para fchat yo uso mucho está aplicacion y me parece muy buena sólo qué tiene algunos errores y se qué se pueden corregir porque con fmobi ya no me pasa qué se me cierre la aplicacion cada vez qué chateo y en fchat si a parte de qué aveces no me llegan los mensajes qué me mandan o los qué yo envío

  • Jc_imperio

    si ya no va ver actualizaciones para fchat pongan notificacion de luz a fmobi al momento de llegar un mensaje o una notificacion gracias

  • Billan

    How to disable the autostart on mobile power on?

  • Denemecii

    pls make fchat for 5800 🙂

  • Mike NokiaN8


    – please remove autostart
    – it doesn’t show led notifications
    – it doesn’t save audio settings (I have to remove “loud sound” everytime)
    – it crashes when there are too many contacts online (more than 50/60)

    Nokia N8 with Nokia Belle (no CFW)

    p.s. the widget works fine sometimes, I tried to apply it and then restart the device and it seems to work…

    this would be the best facebook chat app, with the best UI, please fix these bugs 🙂

    thank you for your attention

    • Mike

      some good ideas:

      – vibration alerts
      – push notifications

      please make this app use less RAM, I hate the error “Memory Full” ..thanksss

  • Raubeb

    When I run the app, a notification says: “Function not allowed”. Why can it be?

  • Guest

    I wanna read message like fb massenger… is possible?

  • Gat0rade

    Fchat, cuando pasa mas de los 38 usuarios conectados la aplicacion se cierra y ya no quiere conectarse hasta cuando bajen de los 38 usuarios.. por favor, esta aplicaicon es muy buena, arreglen ese inconveniente pls

  • Rudironsoni

    Juuso, everytime I open fChat, it show 2 or 3 contacts and after a minute the app close without any warning. The second bug is that sometimes a message 
    “fChat: Memory full” and the app closes.I want the app working, I paid for it.

  • Cikbt

    I wanna message, not chat!!! 🙁

    • Confusem

      I guess you just need to open an offline-contact to write a message instead of chat…

      • Cikbt

        This is possible, but if an offline contact write to me i can’t see!

  • Confusem

    I changed my FB-password and now I can’t login anymore… 🙁
    Instead of going to run fChat there is always some sort of domain displayed after entering login and password… :((

  • Germangp2003

    no me entra el fchat que puede ser?pongo el usuario y el password y me aparecen unas letras

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  • jc_imperio

     tengo un nokia 603 con symbian belle feature pack 1 todas  fChat al momento de estar en el
    chat se cierra la aplicacion ma que se puede deber mi problema pero solo esa
    aplicacion por que todas las demas que tengo no me pasa eso ha tambien fmobi

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000400735000 Ion Manlin

    hello, i bought fChat from Nokia Ovi Store few days ago.
    I never used it. Cause everytime i Open the APplication and ask for to login then when i press Login it just keeps on loading and loading, and i tried to reinstall it again still the same result, i tried to keep it loading wholeday but still really nothing happens… I just waste my money of buying this. 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020299851 Josef Rokos

    Just bought and download the new Fchat but, everything working fine but just realized that “LED notification” on my 808 Pureview means the the camera flash is blinking… Would be nice to to move this light notification to the middle button as all the other applications. also Czech language will be appreciated. Im using also the FMobi and there is the Czech language support! Thanks a lot

  • Archan

    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 7 at column 802: Expected ‘#’or ‘[a-zA-Z]’,but got ‘&’.

    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

  • jc_imperio

    favor de solucionar el problema de cierre de aplicacion al momento de estar chateando me gusta mucho esta aplicacion favor de corregir en fmobi y fchat

  • http://www.facebook.com/mithun.appu Mithun Appu

    its not working in n8

  • jhonn cristian mondragon

    bueno se q pasara con estte progama q siempre dice err ono se si no es compatible con ,i nokia c7 q sale error cada ves q entro a chat

  • Drusty

    Why are there two different settings menus? Image 11 and image 16.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1020299851 Josef Rokos

    Hi, do you plan to do an update? On 808 FP2 the text wondow is sometimes under the new keyboard. Thanks

  • Mario

    i have the most recently problem with fchat it show 3 contact and after a minute the app closed and it says “fChat: Memory full” please solve this problem and add tone alert in the next version of fChat

  • Maxi

    Cada vez que la abro carga 2 o 3 contactos y se cierra por falta de memoria o sobrecarga. No soy el único favor de arreglarla.

  • hana

    hi guys

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000635288713 Ismail R. Ferizi

    I can´t buy it ?

  • Vikas Pradhan

    not working on my n8 from some day…when i login in fchat or fmobi the default and incompleet browser open.with facebook. 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/leonardo.ferrante.5 Leonardo Ferrante

    fchat and fmovi do not connect to “chat” or send messages in “messages” only receive. in configurations the chat is connected

  • TOM

    Give me back my money !!! not work !!

  • henry alegria

    hola hoy mismo compre el fchat desde mi nokia c7 en tienda nokia … y es un problema tarda en cargar el face y no me aparece en el celular lo que sale en las fotos sobre el chat?? a que se debe como arreglo eso ahora ya que lo compre en tienda nokia via tarjeta mastercard … espero respuesta por favor

  • องอาจ สุวรรณวัง

    app always crash “Full memory”. i’m just open 2 apps(fchat and whatsapp) and same crash with run only fchat. please fix/update, i like this app and still need to use it.

  • pablo

    compre esta aplicacion ayer, se instaló pero queda en stand by, nunca carga.. hay alguna solucion???




    i downloaded fmobi…sorry but its not working…try it fix…im using os symbian belle .. it nice application but thers a problem. thank you.

  • saban saulic

    can you fix fchat like you fixed fmobi ?

    • jkosonen

      I’ll try my best.

  • Danijela Lukić Fucak

    I bought fchat but does not work on my Nokia N8 can not connect to the chat is displayed as if there is no one to chat.Now what?I’m disappointed… 🙁

  • saban saulic

    In the new version of fchat you cant exit the program because exit button doesnt work. you have to kill the application in the task manager… and after installing i still have widget on the screen. probably installer doesnt delete it and leave it…

  • Tekin Onur İpçi

    yes..exit is not working in fp1 / fp2 and refresh devices..fix it a.s.a.p. please

  • murray

    Exit is not working and no widget.

  • saban saulic

    2 icons from fChat shows up in gallery in the latest update 1.0.3. . Previous version didnt do that…

    • Tekin Onur İpçi

      these are from widget pics..you can remove them..cuz there is no widget anymore

  • Tekin Onur İpçi

    now i can’t send or receive message from my online list..i can see my mates online but can not chat with them..

  • Thefleck

    what happen to the widget?
    And it does not update, it shows friends as online that are already offline.

  • hanuka

    After the latest update: no widget, led option doesn’t do anything, can’t exit chat with a firend. Nokia N8, Belle. And If you could add custom sound or at least change the one that is now.. it is so irritating.

  • Tekin Onur İpçi

    don’t you think about to fix them mate?

  • hanuka

    ok, again… after last update this app is a mess… It was much more stable before. It is my fav fb chat app, so please make it work again asap.

  • Marvin Portillo

    ¿Y cuando va para Nokia Asha y Lumia?

  • Jorge Roa


  • Ali Hassan

    sir in v1.0.3 exit buttton not work also can not close chat also no widget .(in v1.0.2 work perfect but there is audio also when somebody typ i recive 1 msg and many audio, sometime only audio no msg beacuse if somebody start typing but not send) so please update i have nokia n8 belle refresh.

  • xx

    when it will be available widget? thank you!

  • John Doe

    Guys, it might be 2014 but quite a lot of people are still using symbian phones. Your applications are the only ones that offer an adequate level of functionality. I’m using an E6 and your applications are the only ones that work well on it, since the screen is quite small. I like my phone a lot and dont want to change it because its awsome, no acces to the chat function of the biggest social network in the world though is a pain in the ass.
    Please update both fmobi and fchat.

  • Annick

    Hello. I have just Paid and downloaded fchat on my symbian phone nokia 808 pureview but I am having a BIG PROBLEM!! It says facebook API sent 400 bad request and I cannot use the app!! when I am trying to send a mail for support I couldn’t even see what I was writing and to quit the app it would not work!! It is the first time that I have ever purchased an app on the store and see my experience.. I am really annoyed actually.. Could you please help!! Thanks.

    • Kilotea

      With all the respect, don’t be stupid. Download the cracked version for free. Both fmobi and fchat are available, do not pay for these apps. They are not having support, updates.

  • Przemek Kowalski

    when will be availeble fchat widget?