fMobi – Facebook client for Nokia Phones

  • News feed
  • Chat
  • Profile
  • User info
  • Messages
  • Check In / Places
  • Sound notifications
  • Vibration notifications
  • Top Friends
  • Search
  • Multiple settings
  • Photo Upload
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Commenting / Liking
  • View comments / likes
  • Albums / Photos
  • Notifications
  • Landscape / Portrait
  • Black / White theme

Privacy Policy

Little introduction
In main window you can select from functionalities.
When in some function, you have toolbar on your left where you can quickly move to another functions.

Almost in all functions you can go to user’s wall by clicking the profile image of the user.


Quickly like or show likes of a comment by pressing the comment. If you like to comment user’s status, just click on the status to get more access to it.

Download FULL version for Symbian & Maemo & MeeGo:

Download trial versions for Symbian & MeeGo:
Nokia Store



If you have problems giving permission (script error or similar) and can’t login to the app try this link to give permissions:


Make sure you have Qt 4.7.3, QtWebKit 4.7.3 and QtMobility 1.1.3

White screen issue? Install qt Mobility 1.1 (apt-get install libqtm-11)
Black screen issue? Install Qt Quick compatibility (apt-get install qtquickcompat)
And make sure you have Qt hot fixes also installed (link)

Please give comments, bug finds and improvement ideas while using the application!


  • Dmitry Picollo

    I bought the application in NokiaStore.
    During the installation process fMobi, the application is downloaded to the phone (Nokia C7-00, Symbian Anna, 025.007), the installation begin but the phone gives an error (“Failed to install”). Please tell me, where the problem will be fixed?

    This problem occurs not only at me …

    • Anonymous

       No idea, I was able to install it to C7 for both Anna and Belle.

    • malerocks

       Its usually when the QT smart installer is not able to complete the installation process. Try again after restarting phone.

  • Hem9300

    After max downloading from nokia store i have to purchase fmobi again for same device?

    • Anonymous

       I think you can ask more from Nokia Store support.

      • Hem9300

         complained from store….

  • Guest

    I get the following error when trying to start the program the first time, after typing in my login data. On the grant permissions page it says:
    “The page contains the following errors:

    error on line 103 at column 5421: Expected ‘#’ or ‘[a-zA-Z]’ but got ”

    Please advise on this.

  • Fabio

    Hi, i have a problem on the message section (not the chat) with only two of my friend if i open the message history i see always the same old message and not the last one… Any suggest?

    • Anonymous

       I would need to be able to reproduce this to say more, but facebook is having some problems with the messaging part and I have reported it to them.

      • Luigi Monaco

        hi JUUSO I’ve found a problem in fmobi (2.5.1 and older version) i try to explain what happened 
        ->  I was chatting with a friend then I go to fmobi home for to see some feeds meantime my friend answer me in the chat and I see a new post in message box … then i go into the message box(not in the chat but I was online) and try to answer him but he doesn’t receive e message (i checked on my desktop and I noticed thate message has been sent  to me myself and not to him)…. 

        I hope u got it. Thank u

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  • Onyx

    Hi, I have a problem with fmobi .2.5.1 update in Nokia OVI Suite to download blocked and can not give place to downloaded. I recommend that you can unlock the thousand and I got stuck and left the suite and I repoernit novi and shows me all the way blocked.

  • Jvinokuroff

    the last two updates I received of fMobi, currently running 2.5.1 has just one issue, for me. The Notifications do not seem to work on my N8 with Symbian Anna. Fmobi indicates a notification is present, and I know one is there, but it displays a blank screen. Refresh will not help. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous

       Logout and login again, and I think that the app will ask for some permissions from you that you are missing to fetch notifications.


    porque no puedo colocar fondo a mi fmobi 2.51 es legal, ya busque y no puedo alguna sollucion


    background because I can not put my fmobi 2.51 is legal, since I can not find any sollucion

  • Andrea Rosata

    Hi! sorry for bad English… I noticed some little problems: 

    -> the magnifying glass function doesn’t work very well. It should zoom the word ABOVE your finger, not the UNDER one. I try to explain… When I write a new status, for example, I can’t zoom the words of the first row because the magnifying glass goes out from the screen;

    -> sometimes I can’t read all the messages from fMobi, but I can from pc;

    -> sometimes the red number of the notifications is wrong, however I can read all them;

  • PiteN8

    Does this  have push-notifications and a homescreen widget? If not, do you have plans for it?

  • malerocks

    Hi Jiikoo,

    I moved to Belle for N8 3 days ago. I notice now that the status bar at the top when Fmobi is launched does not show the same icons as before. Probably since you had the Belle version of the status bar ever since Anna days. Maybe you can now just move to showing what the handset is showing.

  • Martin


    Wie kann ich fmobi auf meinen Vivaz Pro (S60 5th) Installieren? Es steht immer da qt, und qtwebkit und qtmobility fehlt, habe mir alles runtergeladen…aber es steht da Zertifikatsfehler? Ich würde gerne deine app nutzen! da sie echt super ausschaut, und schon viel drüber gelesen habe! bitte um Hilfe 🙂 danke im vorraus 🙂

  • Saimiri1991

    It is true that fMobi is the best facebook client, but when i want to do something i still use facebook from my mobile web.
    1. We can’t change profile picture, or set a picture for my profile pic.
    2. Message replay don’t work if chat is of, so message replay is not a real msg replay but a offline chat text.
    3. We can’t delete a post in oure profile if it is not posted from fMobi.
    4. Need to be more fast in scrolling post’s, comment, links ect.. like gravity.
    5. Other suggest i will send you with photo.

    • Rafael Vinicius

       6° Invite peoples for Fmobi. because in Nokia N9 only can invite for

  • Moonbl

    Fmobi is the best FB app but still need improvement.
    1) need the ability to resize photo upload to maybe 25%,50%,100%, just like what pixelpipe can do. So this allows much much faster uploads.

  • C7 Belle

    Today i buy Fmobi for my C7 with Belle
    sometime works the app, but the most time, when i go to News Feed the program stoped and switched to the homescreen. What can i do??

  • Marco

    Hello Juuso 🙂
    Thanks for your brilliant application: I’ve fallen in love with the trial and I’ve just bought it!
    Great work.

    • Franko

      oooooooo do lai preso quale è

  • Franko

    scusa quale ve siete scaricato
    dove devo andare

  • Pedrompires

    After the installation when I turn on fmobi, my Nokia 5800 gives me the message Error loading page! 

    • guest

       have the same problem…

  • Danielhn

    Hi, I have been a user and a fan of fmobi for a while on my Nokia N8. Now that I have updated to version 2.5 and then 2.5.1, I can no longer tag photos that I upload, there is no option to do it. Is it just me or is the option gone? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

       There is still the same option. Just tap in the image, and you will get that option.

  • Christopher Silva

    This is getting frustrating. Why can’t I add events to calendar anymore? When I tap the add event icon, the (+) sign appears on theleft of the event. When I tap the (+) sign, nothing happens. I check my phone calendar to see if the event is there. Nothing. Any workaround or solution to this?

  • n5530

    I can’t see my photos or other people’s photos

  • noki

    Hi there
    I have a problem on my updated Nokia E6 (Belle) and the latest fMobi release. Special characters are not entered anymore. Whenever I select a special symbol, it is not entered and I get out of the input field. This is serious problem for me, since my username includes a special sign –> I cannot login to facebook anymore… So the app is currently useless for me.
    Further, when it worked earlier, I had the same problem that Fabio posted 6 days ago:

    Fabio 3 comments collapsed Collapse Expand
    Hi, i have a problem on the message section (not the chat) with only two of my friend if i open the message history i see always the same old message and not the last one… Any suggest?

    • noki

      Am I the only one having this problem?
      Please let me know you suggestions.

  • Tomáš Bravenec

    Hi, I would love to ask you about adding a new feature to fMobi. Can you please add widget to homesreen on symbian belle? 

  • David Morris

    Just noticed now that I have Belle on my N8 that the top bar in fMobi goes over the top of the new Belle bar. can this be changed as it gets in the way. Ta 🙂

  • Aex giancarlo

    tengo un nokia N900 y tengo el siguiente error al entrar a mis notificaciones: Error Facebook API returned 404 Not Found, compre el Fmobi desde la tienda OVI hace 1 mes

    • robbiefowler

      same problem here. observed for over a week since upgrading to belle. update/fix coming soon ??

      • Anonymous

         So what is the problem exactly?

  • Darren

    Hi! I installed the version 2.5 on Nokia E6, and im having problem on the message area, whenever i type something or making a long paragraph, the message area doesnt expand, it always stay like this:

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, I’ll check this.

      • Darren

        Thanks, let us know for the updates

  • Tommi

    Why there cant be reply button in messages, its like read messages then goto friends profile, send message, really ?

    • Tommi

       running on N8-00

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, there is reply button? At least in my version.

  • Jana

    Hello, I quite like this app.. But one of the things I’m missing is the possibility to add friends in your status.. Will you add this further on??

  • Pintas

    This is definitely a must have, but I have a major problem.

    When i try to chat,  the typed text is too big for the text box and is cut by half. It jumps up and down when i type. It’s almost impossible to chat with anyone. :(I’m on the Nokia E6-00 (Belle)

  • Ale

    I installed the version 2.5.1 on Nokia E7-00 (Belle).
    I have a problem, when I post something on my wall I can’t set or modify the privacy in any way…

  • jebena_zecica

    If I buy fMobi on N900, do I get the latest updates and where to get them?

  • Flavio Regis

    I bougth in OVI.STORE. but always this app open a white screan when i open.

  • Flavio Regis

    I have installed 2.51 version right now. But it doesn’t work. On loading,
    appears a white page that i think is the loader of the facebook login.
    But still loading and nothing more.

  • Harris Abdul Wahab

    hi i have installed fmobi 2.3 in my nokia 5800.. the problem i cannot reply message from inbox & when i go to the group suddenly my phone restart…

    • Anonymous

      Hey, update to 2.5. And your chat must be on to be able to reply to messages. And go to settings and hide comments from feed, so the groups won’t kill the app. For some reason in groups all messages are shown in comments and it gets too heavy. I’ll check that in next version.

  • Mikael Kepp

    I think there is a problem with one the messages. When opening the app the following error message comes up:

    “Error – facebook API returned 400 bad request”

    The same error message comes when I try to open the specific message thread.

    I do not see any error messages when I log on via pc etc…

    And also some questions:

    – Why is it the first message which is shown before you open a message thread and the latest one?

    – why isn’t possible to see friends friends in this app?

  • Rami

    2.5.1 on N8-00 Belle has become useless as it displays only couple of updates on News Feed… 🙁

  • meow

    I’m also having a lot of “Error – facebook API returned 400 bad request”, log out and log in doesnt solve the issue. Now can’t even read messages as the error keeps popping up. On Belle and ver 2.5.1.  
    Pls fix this as we paid for the app to work !

  • Stig Mogensen

    Am also  getting  “Error!! – facebook API returned 400 bad request”, on fMobi v2.5.1.

    No other FB app, or facebook website makes this error…………please fix asap.

  • Chris

    fMobi works great and smoothly on my Nokia X7 (with Belle).  Top Facebook app!

  • Yin03

    For all those guys who speak of the 400 error….it’s probably connection problem, and it’s temporary. I had it but i was using Wi-Fi so i just refreshed it, so if that’s not  your case, just try refreshing your connection it’s probably because of that…..hope i helped 🙂

    • Yin03

      And thanks alot for this, it works gr8 in my c6-01(belle) 🙂

    • robbiefowler

      it is temporary but temporary as in it occurs EVERY time you open the fmobi application. In QA terms .. we call it ‘consistently reproducible ‘. Not sure what the equivalent phrase in Finnish would be. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else but probably just not reassuring to users as it indicates perhaps not as thorough testing on Belle as one would like for a paid app. thx.

      • Anonymous

        If you get 400 error, it means FB api returns error, not my app. And please go to report that to FB and for their QA team, I have already done it but they haven’t fixed it yet.

        • Affinity

          ive had the same error popping up now more frequently then ever, to the point where some of the tools ie. chat, messages cannot even display at all now, it is happening with BOTH on wifi and a clear 3G connection.. 

          and with all due respect, that’s a very lame reply coming from you as a developer. why should we be complaining this to FB since this is your app and you are suppose to look into this.  

          • Anonymous

            Since it’s a FB bug with some queries, not mine. Eg. I don’t have any of those errosr. But like said I have already reported to Facebook, and yes, I try to find a way to make it better.

          • Mikael Kepp

            Ok, it might be a FB error…, but how come the error only appears when using this application?

            When I try to open one specific message thread in Fmobi, then I get the famous “facebook API returned 400 bad request” and cannot open the thread. When using my iPad I have no problems at all in relation to the same message thread…

            I cannot understand why you say that this error has nothing to do with your application???

          • Anonymous

            Hey, there is big difference with native Facebook apps, and apps made by 3rd party developers. We get much limited version of API’s that we need to use. But I found a way to make this work, and I’ll try to upload that version to Nokia Store next week. Thanks

  • Konepyörämies Rossi

    Load fMobi 2.5.1 free trial version to my Belle-updated E7. Looks very promising! Must go shopping before the end of Feb 😉 

  • Anwargdl

    I have a NOKIA N9 and when I use FMOBI and write messages on my friendspublications, are always incomplete and I have to write another to complete theabove, how can I fix this 

    • jkosonen

      Try update to latest version.

  • Ychaudry

    its giving me….error loading page…on n8 belle 🙁

  • Zaid

    My post was added to friends activity in facebook,
    I do not konw how?
    It was about the error 404,
    When trying to remove it all the topic dissapeared,
    Can not see it any more,
    As I think I did a mistake,
    I’m new to facebook,
    I was not able to log in at all from my mobile,
    I clicked at the link and the word (succes) was showing,
    So I’m still able to participate in the contest?

  • Andrea Rosata

    Hi! I noticed a little problem: 
    The magnifying glass function doesn’t work very well. I think it should zoom the word above your finger, not the under one. I try to explain: When I write a new status, for example, I can’t zoom the words of the first row because the magnifying glass goes out from the screen.

    • jkosonen

      That’s component provided by Nokia.

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  • Simone

    I’ve a problem :
      when tiping my comments, or updating status  the content is uncomplete…
    for example i write : Today is a great day… But my program not work well.. in my status appear :
    “Today is a great day”

    • jkosonen

      What’s your phone model?

  • Anthony

    Hey great app, but i have a problem… i bought it from ovi store, on a nokia n97 mini. it downloads and everything.. but when its trying to install , it says”an error ocurred while trying to install” what can i do, then?
    apart from that, if we already downloaded it, an payed for it… how we now if we could get free updates on this app? thanks again ^^

  • James

    Hi, i had any problems with fmobi. I bought it 3 months before. I installed and uninstalled it several times, because it didnt work on 3G network, wifi only. Now, shows me I cant download it, I reached maximum downloads. What next?
    Thanks, James.

    • Anonymous

      Contact Nokia Store support, and they will give you link to get it again.

      • James

         I did it already – without response. Ill try again, thanks.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, but that’s the only way, since I don’t have access to Nokia Store stuff..

          • James

             Ok ok, thanks. Anyway.. it didnt work on 3G or 3,5G network. Any idea? :-))
            Love this app, Juuso, its really cool!

  • Wise31

    Good job ! I still have problem : can’t see video in new feed and can’t see statuts of people

  • Eluojuko

    Hei, latasin uuteen puhelimeeni, Nokia 500 fmobin. Käynnistättäessä fmobia ruutu menee valkoiseksi, eikä siitä siirry mihinkään. Miten saan fmobin toimimaan puhelimessani?

    • Anonymous

      Näkyykö siis ruudulla mitään, vai pelkästään valkoista?

      • Eluojuko

        Pelkkää valkoista.

        • jkosonen

           eli ei ylä eikä alapalkkiakaan? Kokeile asentaa tämä:

          • Eluojuko

            Eli pelkkää valkoista, asennettu ko tiedosto eikä apuja.

          • jkosonen

            Hankala kyllä sanoo, joku Qt asennus sulta on mennyt sit pieleen, että noin käy. Kokeileppa asentaa Qt 4.7.4 ja QtMobility uusiks kans, ja samalla QtComponents

          • Eluojuko

            Kiitos,  kaikki Qt:t uusiksi ja lähti toimimaan.

  • James Pakai

    Hi, I’m wanting to know if you can help me out. I have brought your fMobi for my Nokia N900 but some of the options don’t work like…Photo Upload, Check-In and Groups. and when I was checking your web site you talked about the updated v2.5 I brought this app thinking that I would be getting this up date as well but when I checked the version I have is v2.3 is that right?. the app looks really good and should work the way it supposed to but I’m not seeing that on my Nokia N900.Please could you help me make this work on my Nokia N900. Thank you, and look forward to your reply, James Pakai P.S.can you tell me how to get portrait mode please. as when I reply it goes straight to landscape. I really want this to work on my Nokia as it looks awesome and people with other Nokia smartphones like the look of it as well.

    • Hari

      even i am facing the same issues … please help …

    • jkosonen

      Install QtMobility 1.1 again

      • Hari

         Tried it … still not working. Photo Upload, Check in not working … Also how can we get the latest version ? … Please help …

      • James Pakai

        Hi…where do I get QtMobility 1.1 from?.thanks

      • Noelia

         hello! first, sorry for my english. I’m from Argentina. I love the application and works fine on my n8. I wonder which version should I install on a Nokia N97 (s60v5). I do not know which is correct. Thank you very much! I wait for your answer. And thanks for such excellent application

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  • numan19

    v want free of cost

  • James Pakai

    I think its an awesome app and for saying that it should be free is….come on!!!. it was just about free. for all of this in an app for my Nokia N900 Its fantastic. but I would love to get some help to correct some…minner..glitches. apart from that. you cant get a better faceboook app for Nokia  
    Keep up the good work Juuso!!

  • Adam

    I see that there is a home screen widget for the new facebook chat program – Will this be available on the facebook app for the people who have already paid and have been using the app? A home screen app for notifications or just the chat would be great – or must we buy the new chat program seperatly just to get the widget?

    • jkosonen

      Widget will come to fMobi too later on.

      • Adam

        Thanks – We await the update 🙂 – I had previously stopped using Fmobi as the messaging never seemed to work… it always showed an error in retreving messages – All seems to be fixed in the new version – Great program and so much faster than nokia’s social app 🙂 Well worth the money 🙂 

        • jkosonen

          Great to hear, thanks!

          • Rajesh Meena

            Yes buddy the only reason I din’t install the built-in social is just because it has widget.

  • Carlos Sierra

    buen dias solo queria comentar descargue el fmobi 2.6 tenia el 2.5 y nunca me habia pasado muchas de las notificaciones  no me aparecen no me pasaba con 2.5 a parte en las noticias tambien no salen muchas publicaciones de mis amigos

  • Jc_imperio

    solo una pregunta fmobi no es compatible con la aplicacion swype por que a la hora de escribir se me traba mucho el chat 

  • Jc_imperio

     that the application fmobi 2.6 does not send me notification and let me see some friends who post comments as in 2.5 fmobi otherwise is incompatible with the application swype because at the time of being in the chat lock me much

  • Jc_imperio

     2,6 fmobi sanoo minulle etten ole tiettyjä En näe tiettyjä ilmoituksia uutiset ystäviä, jotka kommentoida seinälle jutella minulle paljon ei lukita, jos sillä on jotain tekemistä sovellus swype

  • giacomo uncino

    a bit of feedback, i hope it’s appreciated:

    v2.6: thumbs up for: – the new loading indicator
    – the “back” button, that returns really back also from the homescreen instead of exiting! 

    – the app is still really slow in loading the groups page with a lot of posts: i have to set to not  load the comments in the main screen and/or not load the profile images to make it a bit faster (still pretty slow imho).
    – a sort of images preloading is needed: when i’m looking one photo, the next one (ones, better) should be loading in background to open instantly when needed
    – image should be zoomable (with the good pinch zoom already implemented 🙂 ) immediately and not after clicking the icon with the lens –> this would make fmobi’s use more more smooth

    keep it up for this awesome app, make it reach the perfection!!!!

  • Mareksuper

    hi, does fmobi support secure connection (https) ??

    • jkosonen

      All queries from Facebook API are done in https

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  • Oniroku69

    Hello, I have downloaded fMobi for Maemo 5 from Ovi Store: I already had qtMobility and qtQuick compatibility. I have realized I didn’t have qtHotfixes only AFTER  fMobi installation. At first, fMobi didn’t allow me to upload pics from my N900 device, didn’t allow me to manage private messages and didn’t allow me to see all of my friends’ walls or feeds and shared pics or profile pics. I mean, I can see some friends’ stuff and some other I can’t see.
    So I’ve realized I was missing qtHotfixes and I’ce run “apt-get install mcsp” from Xterminal and then reboot: fMobi is actually giving me the same problems.
    What do I have to do? Maybe uninstall and re-install?
    Please give me an advice…

  • welshach

    how do you poke someone using this software?????

  • Marcos

    How do tag a photo in fMobi?

  • Heine

    Thanks for updating! 🙂

    Still there is room for improvement:
    * Reply to messages when ofline in chat is not possible.
    * Open links in messages not posible
    * When you press back on a attending list, yo go 2 steps back.
    * You can’t upload photos from phone
    * IMPORTANT: You can’t tag witch people you are with in a status message
    (possible only in check in mode)

  • Ayushgupta

    hey first of all thanks for such a great app for facebook….but prob is that it not opening groups in my N8…rest every thing is fine…..may u help me out….

  • Fabianojonsen

    Some comments to let the perfect Fmobi:

    – Enter the feeds without updating all times;

    – Allow the loading of images faster. In gravity works like a charm;

    – I have the impression that the Fmobi connects to wifi, updates and disconnects. When we upgrade again, he makes another connection. If so, you could set to always stay connected.

    – Adjust the screen to slide you stay softer. Is heavily loaded!

  • erick josimar garcia

    hola quería ayudar comentando que en mi Nokia E6 
    -cuando quiero responder un mensaje en la bandeja de mensaje por supuesto el mensaje a responder las letras son enormes tanto que no puedo lograr a ver lo que escribo en el cuadro del mensaje.cuando  subo o intento etiquetar una foto ya subida anteriormente dicha etiquetación no la puedo ver y re-etiqueto pensando que no se a hecho.
    en antiguas versiones 2.5 me sucedia lo mismo.
    de ahi todo excelente me corre a mil gran app bravo solo comento eso para construir no denigrar saludos y sigan adelante.

  • Pikapika Q Hung

    x6 cant use pls help ,install just have white colour only 

  • Raúl el Capitán

     you should enable purchase from your website with VISA or MasterCard and not force to buy from the Nokia Store

  • Vincent Ling

    When I get update in Nokia store,  the installation will cancel automatically. How to solve this problem?

  • JKul

    Hei! Muutama huomio suomennoksesta: Asetuksissa kirjoitusvirhe (Värinähylytys). Lisäksi paria kohtaa suomennoksessa voisi ehkä muokata vähän sujuvammiksi (Teema, Tumma? ja Aloitussivu, Uutiset?). Vähän kökköä suomenkieltä. Lisäksi Keskustelu -toiminnon hakukentässä suomentamaton teksti (Search from all friends).

  • Battista17

    hi ther is a problem with events, if i touch to add at my agenda the events don’t compare on it it’s only my problem or it’s know yet?
    i’ve nokia e7 belle.

  • Michael Bünermann

    can not see all of my friends when i click the friends-button. some are missing. also message from missing friends are not displayed. why does fmobi do not display all of my freinds?

  • noelia

      hello! first, sorry for my english. I’m from Argentina. I love the application and works fine on my n8. I wonder which version should I install on a Nokia N97 (s60v5). I do not know which is correct. I installed the components “qt” that are on this page .. but I tried to install version 2.60 and doesn’t work. Thank you very much! I wait for your answer. And thanks for such excellent application

  • Salman123

    will it work on nokia c6-00 . i have already installed but fbmobi failed to open

    • Ele_com85

      me too.

  • Morex

    Hi all, my nokia 5230 with last firmware, with all qt installed when fmobi load, in the black page, give an error “error loading page” for less than one second e wait…

    I give the permission to the app in facebook, but nothing change.
    someone had resolved?

    • Morex

      p.s. fmobi 2.5.1 version from nokia store

      • Saban071

        Install 2.6 version

        • Morex

          is not available for 5230… 

  •張浩子/100001696639926 張浩子

    I love this app. It’s made me enjoy using Facebook through a mobile phone again

  • giacomo uncino

    Here (nokia n8 + belle), in fmobi 2.6 stopped to work the mail reply function: i write the answer, i press the “send mail” button as always, fmobi says me “done” or “sent” or whatever, but it doesn’t really work.
    checking the messages story in fmobi and also in facebook from pc, the reply is not there. i’m forced to use the social nokia’s app to answer a facebook e-mail… why? i’m the only one?

  • James Pakai

    I really like this app,,,,but,,, I’m wanting some help with a few things like up load pics (not letting me do that at all), I cant look at private messages and its not letting me look at some of my friends messages as well. there are others as well but I would really like to know if you can help, or not?.
    Thank You

  • jessie

    hi.. i’m from the philippines.. whenever i got to nokia store to download this app for my nokia n900, it says “sorry it is not available in your language” so i was not able to download it.. any advice?

  • Jonathan Diederiks

    Hi, version 2.6 randomly shuts down while uploading photos or commenting etc. on my N8 with Belle, previous version worked fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but problem remains, 3 out 4 attempts to use app results in crashing… not sure why, thanks

  • choy

    how can i upload some picture

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  • daniel

    i’m getting notification alerts but when i go to check them they don’t show up in the list. 2.6 on nokia c7 belle

  • peques

    would be great to have a possibility to answer or write group messages that your friends have sent. Atm it is only possible to read them.

  • Agungultom

    Hi, I’m using FMobi version 2.5.1 on Nokia N97, purchased from Ovi Store.
    Photo Upload section is not working (blank page)
    Please advise
    thank you.

    • Agungultom

      The problem solved now! re-install existing QT package app.
      Thank you!

  • noki

    Hi there
    I have a problem on my updated Nokia E6 (Belle) and the latest fMobi release. Special characters are not entered anymore. Whenever I select a special symbol, it is not entered and I get out of the input field. This is serious problem for me, since my username includes a special sign –> I cannot login to facebook anymore… So the app is currently useless for me.
    Further, when it worked earlier, I had the same problem that Fabio posted 6 days ago:
    Fabio 3 comments collapsed Collapse Expand Hi, i have a problem on the message section (not the chat) with only two of my friend if i open the message history i see always the same old message and not the last one… Any suggest?

  • Andy Andreevaa

    hello, I like a lot your app but unfortunatelly I have problem with cyrillic…Can u help me :), my phone is nokia 5800

  • Issam9401

    Hey, can you help me ? 
    I don’t know how to add friends. It’s a very good app,  you did a good work.

  • Sangitariq


  • Sangitariq

    i can not resolve white screen issue what can i do for this problem. i have n900

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  • Jc_imperio

    por que fmobi o fchat al momento de estar chateando se cierra la aplicacion tengo fmobi 2.6 y fchat 1.0.1

  • Jc_imperio

     Fmobi la aplicacion al momento de estar chateando se cierra ahi veces que no me llegan los mensajes que me envian no se ven todas las publicaciones tengo Fmobi 2.6 y nokia c7 y soy de mexico que puede ser

    • Darkhunter Hellsing

       Es Un Error. Lo Mismo Sucede En Mi Nokia N8. :/

  • Darkhunter Hellsing

    Hello Jiikoo I’m And Old User (Since Your Betas versions) And I’m So Happy :P, In This Version 2.6 It’s So Buggy, Lags, Crashes After 8 – 10 Minutes.  Thanks For Your Hard Work But The Version 2.6 Needs An update!

  • Felix Rimfrost

    After the latest update of fMobi, notifications have a small problem. Earlier notifications came in cronological order, but not anymore! Sometime I have to scroll down very far in the list to find new notifications. Are you gonna adress this problem soon?

    Another problem is that when I have read a notification and go back to notification list, it updates and every other new notifications is not highlighted any more! Sometimes it do not updates but more often it does…

  • Mike

    The last version (2.6) crashes when I pull down the Belle notification bar…I tried to reinstall fMobi but the bug is still present, some friend of mine have the same problem…please fix it 🙂

    p.s. what about push notifications support?

  • DK

    i dun have an option set custom wallpaper
    im having fmobi 2.5 for s60v5 (Nokia 5530)

  • Manhdung91

    Good job team,fmobi is best Facebook client

  • Crowfield

    Just upload fMobi.  I like it, however, I seem to have a problem on my ‘Friends’ list.  A friend sent a friend request, which I accepted via my phone, she is now showing on my PC, but isn’t listed on my mobile Friends list.  We have unfriended and re-requested several times, but I still can’t get her on my mobile.  Please help.

    • jkosonen

       Ask her to check her privacy settings for 3rd party applications.

      • Crowfield

        Thanks, will do:-)

  • Donoban

    I Buy Fmobi long ago. I have a nokia n8 , all perfect. and then i have to refresh my phone and now I get back  to nokia store and I have to buy it again….. so I buy it.
    1 month later (yesterday) I update my firmware and i went to the store to see MY DOWNLOADS and download again the fmobi that i already buy. BUTTT says  BUY IT (againnn) … how many times I have to buy it ..?

    • jkosonen

       Hey, you should contact to Nokia Store support, and they will send you a link to download it again for free! Thanks for your support!

  • Renee

    Hi Jiikoo!
    I beg for your help concerning Photo Upload with fMovi on my N97.
    I put a comment on your fMobi page on facebook a couple of days ago, but there´s no answer yet, so I try my luck here as well :o)
    I hope for a solution!

  • Guest :-)

    Dear Jiikoo,

    love fmobi sooo much! It´s the greatest facebook app…  Unfortunately, I have changed my smartphone – now i have android instead of symbian… Hope really, really much to find fmobi sometime for android in the future…Thanks anyway for the great time with this app i had with my symbian smarthphone…

  • James Clarkk

    hi is fmobi avalible for nokia lumia 800?

  • Michael Guillet

    Problems with app. when i click on Chat i just get a turning wheel on my N8 Belle. is this a known problem or just a problem with my phone?

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  • Himangxu Kaxyap

    awesome man!!
    Well done 🙂

  • Tendador

    How does it work “login as page”? If I click on the key symbol an empty window apears. And what is the “plus/minus” function in the upper right corner? I’ve tried to add my own pages.

  • E Luspo

    i have a e6-00 symbian belle. I donwloaded fmobi v3 latest version.
    I dont have the fmboi widget. How can i solve this issue?

    • Henri Cleven

      Go to settings > register widget. That should do the trick, it worked for me 😉

      • E Luspo

        which settings bro? Phone or fmobi?

        • Henri Cleven

          Settings in Fmobi (bottom of page)

          • E Luspo

            i dont see that option on my e6-00 in fmobi.

          • jkosonen

             Widget not available for E6 because of it’s different screen ratio. Sorry 🙁

  • Pathum Wijayasooriya

    AWESOME WORK!!!…. HIGHLY ADMIRABLE DEVELOPING Jiikoo…. you are an example for Nokia developers themselves. We shall spread word of your dedication towards fmobi to the entire social network community.

    V3.0 is simply breathtaking… i love it….

    I noticed a few things

    1) the cached pictures show up on Nokia Suite and when the pictures taken by the phone are synced to the PC, the cached pics too get synced to the PC. I guess the picture folder location or attributes can be changed to hide this from Nokia Suite

    2) Checking is still not working for me 🙁 … it never used to work for me on  any version of Fmobi… i wonder why 🙁 (the satellite icon goes on and off but i do not get a map or anything to check in)

    • Henri Cleven

      I’ve got a question regarding your first notice.

      Could this result in filling up the C: drive? Because since I installed v3.0 on my n8, the C: drive has only got  10 mb left to store.

      • Henri Cleven

        Confirmed! v3.0 is filling up the C: drive, after going to settings > clear cache, my I got my 30mb of space back.

        Please fix!!!

  • Rzx Archive

    This version 3.0 is filling up the C drive with cached images. See this post:

    I’ve lost about 15MB of space on C.

    Also, when you Sync your Gallery to your PC via Nokia Suite, it adds all these cached thumbnail images to the gallery folders on your PC!

    This serious bug needs fixing!

  • Lurppa

    Widget isn’t working. Just keeps on loading, and pressing the news or notification buttons does nothing either. And in Fmobi settings, pressing the “register widget” freezes the phone completely. Using N8 with Belle.

    • Windzero1226

       same problem!!

  • davide

    A me da crash quando da fMobi 3.0 provo ad accedere alla barra delle notifiche e poi torno nel programma. il programma si chiude in automatico, che fare??

    • jkosonen

  • Cyrus Bulsara

    Many thanks for V3. Have been looking for a way to manage my fan page for a while, so thanks for sorting this out. Would be great if cached images could be saved to the E drive instead on a Nokia N8 Belle.

  • Jayzied

    when i pull down the notivication-bar and return it fmobi doesnt react and then the app shuts down 🙁 what can i do??

  • Angermanagement54

    I have a Nokia N8 with Belle, and a recent update of fmobi V3.0. all paid for via the Ovi/Nokia Store. However  whenever I try and upload a picture I am presented with a picture uploaded box and view or close, I click on view and Im given the messgae  Facebook Error API returned 400 Bad Request …then my picture is not uploaded. what is the problem?

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  • Vitocarpentiere

     Hello Juuso, congratulations for the program;) I’m waiting for version 3.0.1 … in the meantime, I have a question to ask you: I can restore the 4 files in C :/ private to their original size?? How do I reclaim the space lost by now? I have a nokia 701 UNhack … thanks a lot..

    • jkosonen

       To remove files that fMobi has made, you can press the Clear cache from settings. Not sure what those private files are that you are talking about. Those might be some gallery app thumb images of those cache files. Not sure how that works.. But maybe after clearing cache and rebooting everything is back in action.

      • Vitocarpentiere

         Thanks for the reply. I know that the enlargement of those files is not caused directly by fmobi, it is a different matter now relates to the previews of the gallery;) I say this because the function “clear cache” in the settings doesn’t return all lost the use of fmobi 3.0 MB in C:…  If you know a way to reset the file previews responsible for the gallery please make it known 😉

  • Jc_imperio

    en esta version fmobi 3.0 la aplicacion se me cierra mas seguido es mas nunca me habia pasado con fmobi en otras versiones que el celular se quedara trabado si que se me cerrara pero que tubiera que reiniciar el cel no a que se puede deber esto otra cosa por que el  widget no lo hacen mas grande porque la vdd esta muy pequeño

  • Jc_imperio

    una pregunta para que sirve alerta de vibracion en fmobi por que en la versiones que he tenido en ninguna funciona ni cuando me llegan notificaciones ni cuando me llegan mensajes ni cuando estoy en el chat o para que es la opcion Alerta de vibracion 

  • Sebi

    Hi I´m from Germany and have fmobi version 2.5 on my C7 (Symbian Belle)  at the moment but there is no update available in store version 3.0 for Germany?

    • jkosonen

       Update should be to all countries. Check the fMobi store page. Maybe the updater is just broken.

      • Sebi

        I checked the store page a few times but I can only start Fmobi there, but no button for any update ..

        • Saban071

          First uninstall fmobi then go to fmobi nokia store and you can download latest version…

  • Ompeixoto

    I got the fmobi for nokia x6. I cannot make check-in at all neither install the 3.0 version! how can I solve this?

  • Ompeixoto

    I´m having another problem. My version is the 2.5.1, and I am using a nokia x6. Whenever I want to upload a photo, nothing happens. I am redirected to a screen to choose an album, and after choosing it, there is just a blank screen!!  Will I be able to upload to the v3.0? 

  • geNEtrSM

    Juu, kyllä oot hienon ulkoasun saanut aikaan, toimiikin nopeammin kuin uskalsin odottaa! Seuraavaan päivitykseen olisi kyllä listattavaa vähän. Varsinaisesti ei haittaa ole ollut, mutta mikäli keskustelet ihmisen kanssa joka on myös puhelimella ja jonka puhelin ei näytä henkilön olevan online tilassa et voi keskustella hänen kanssaan normaalilla tavalla. En edes tiedä kuinka sen korjaisi? Vaikkapa yhdistämällä chattiin viestit jotka vastaanotettu keskustelun aikana? Tai kenties viime tunnin aikana. Ei hirveä puute mutta mikäli haluat jotain tekemistä niin tuossa yksi aihe. Mutta todellinen parannus olisi syytä tehdä tuon c:-aseman täyttymisen kanssa, ikinä ennen ei ollut tila vähissä mutta sovellus ilmeisesti lataa kavereiden kuvat, tai ainakin jonkun osan niistä muistiin. Puhelimeni alkoi valittaa puhelimen muisti lähes täynnä tms. Joka tietenkin hidastaa jo kohtuu hidasta puhelinta. Joko tiedostot pitäisi automaattisesti tallentaa muulle asemalle, tai jättää tallentamatta. Vaikka äkkiseltään voisi saada käsityksen etten pidä sovelluksesta on se mielestäni paras Symbian client facebookin käyttöön. Kaikki tarpeellinen on ja hyvä niin. Jatka hyvää työtä. 🙂

    • geNEtrSM

      Niin ja meinasin tuolla normaalilla tavalla sitä että keskustelun viestit ilmestyvät postilaatikkoon tai siis normaaleihin viesteihin. :):)

  • Rwaad

    each time i try to login in FMobi said” Beta has ended,Please go to to get the latest version application

    • jkosonen

       You need to get the app from Nokia Store.

  • Jc_imperio

    aplicacion fmobi  V3.0 se  cierra sola sin estar haciendo nada en la aplicacion
    fmobi anteriores no me pasaba eso solo cuando estaba chatenado

  • Sword74

    in the previous version 3.0 there is a folder in “C:data.config” called “fmobi” with various files and folders inside, now with 3.1.0 there is another folder directly in C…so we have two folders with similar content and both takes space in the already poor space of C.. it will be better if the “cache” are in F or E

    • jkosonen

       hey, you can remove the “C:data.configfMobi”, I forgot the remove that with the new installation.

      • Sword74

        already done 🙂
        but I think it would be better to move all in E or F
        even if we speak of a few kb, C gradually runs out of space, also due to other installations (eg nokia maps) .. at ca. 40 Mb we cannot install any apps from nokia store…and some N8 users are near this value

        • jkosonen

           Hey, I tried some folders in E: but with that it ended up showing in the phone’s gallery which is not nice. But I need to keep investigating. You can turn the cache off in this version if you think it’s taking too much space. Cheers

  • debili_nizajedni

    Is Maemo 5 version updated to 3.0?

  • Adam

    Can you clear up a few questions for me
    1) – If I read a message in my Facebook inbox, it doesn’t get marked as read!  i have to log on the PC and read it to clear it off.  It’s causing problems as if the update cycle is set to a few min, then it notifies me that i have a new message all the time.

    2) – The ‘register Widget’ button?  Does this need to be pressed once? or updated every time you open the app? Very unsure?  

    3) – Does the app need to be open for the widget to update?

    Many thanks

    • jkosonen

       Sure 🙂
      1) Facebook doesn’t provide API to mark messages as read by apps. But if you go to messages in fMobi, it should mark that as read in fMobi so that it doesn’t notify about that anymore.
      2) That’s button is just for those who doesn’t get the widget to their widget list with installation. So if you see the widget in your widget list, this button isn’t for you 🙂
      3) No, app don’t need to be open for the widget to update. It updates every 5min if you have that homescreen open where the widget is. Otherwise it only updates when you go to that homescreen where the widget is.


      • Adam

        Thanks a million for your reply.  Would be great to set a timer on the widget update – save it updating overnight when it’s not in use.  Great application though – And possibly an option to have a larger widget on the phone? like the size of the Belle Email widget – Would make things so much easier.  Thanks

  • Luis

    Hi, your last 3.01 for Symbian Belle devices has an important BUG:
    If I use the News Feed, the screen no works, just shows me a circle and the screen has a grey shadow.
    I re-installed 3.0 and this BUG doesn’t exist.
    Can you fix it, please ???

    • Luis

       And I installed 3.01, then I reboot my N8 Belle and finally I opened fMobi 3.01 but the BUG still appears: News Feed no works.
      So I must reinstall 3.0

    • Nfl09

       i have the same problem the home screen widget does not work it shows allways “loading”

  • Giacomo Uncino

    great great great… this is going to be really perfect!
    what’s still needed:
    – i quote the request of adding the possibility of a bigger widget as the belle email or rss reader, may be with an interface more consistent with the other belle widgets
    – again, more easy photo browsing: i’ll be glad if i could zoom (with the pinch) a photo without having to click on the lens buttons, yet from the browsing, then zooming all out or double clicking or something like this, return to browse. exactely LIKE IN THE NOKIA GALLERY 

    thank you good work!!!
    PS the news screen doesn’t work anymore in 3.01

  • Felix Rimfrost

    I really miss the possibility to reply to Messages. Can you make that happen? That would be great… 🙂

  • Tero Kemppi

    Like in some facebook apps, it would be great to have a possibility to sync the profile pics with phone address book – would this be impossible to implement? Also, I miss ability to paste text from outside the app. Otherwise, best fb-app ever, thank you!

    • jkosonen

       I need to investigate that.
      You can paste text. Just longpress the text field.

  • Windzero1226

    hi~ may i ask, even i update to V3.01, but the widget still not working. is there anyway to turn it on? thanks. i love this app!!

  • nate

    Hi- I like the app! I’ve got a couple suggestions (requests, haha); it would be cool to be able to tag friends (in statuses, pics, check-ins), have the option to load larger pictures in the news feed, and larger areas (textboxs) for typing comments, captions, etc.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • Raymond

    If  I tap on the Belle notifications bar on the top the program exits.

    • Andrea


    • Roland

      Notification bar kills program, please fix this :). Good job though!

  • Kaanko

    v3.01 needs improvement or i’ll have to reinstall and use v3.0.

    Problems that i get:
    * App stucks at the loading screen when launching.
    * Widget (especially feeds) doesn’t work probably, and stucks in the “loading” screen.
    * Notifications doesn’t work, you only get notificated when you successfully launch the app.

    • Andrea

      I have the same problem.
      How a car reinstall 3.0 or prewius version??

      • Andrea

         How I can reinstall 3.0 or 2.6 versione??

  • Mhmad Hanman

    help i can’t log in with the last version every time i open the app says (error facebook api returned 400 bad request if problem persists try log out & log in again ) the problem s i can’t log in at all

    • jkosonen

       From settings, set “Logout on exit”, then you will be asked login details on startup.

  • Sangitariq

    i have n900 white screen problem not resolve above installation. what can i do now

  • Cutemoiz

    i cant reply on msgs with fmobi 3.0 installed on belle phone

  • Muhammet Uzun

     Hi, I bought the program to update a few ideas but I really would like to offer health care to your hands, such as android sistemteki notification when a new message or a new application whatsapp fmobi Do not have a chance to come to the notification style? I’m sick of going out into the program he has something new .. Waiting for your reply. good work

  • Jacky Dussart

     hello !  I have a Nokia n9 and when i have a sound notification, it’s stop my music / Bonjour, j’ai un nokia N9 et losque j’ai une notification sonore, elle stoppe le lecteur mp3 d’origine

  • Alexey

    I would like to report some bugs, although I believe upcoming 3.0.x will fix them for N9. Currently I’m using full version of fMobi (2.6) with Harmattan PR 1.2.
    1) In messages view, when I’m trying to reply,  input text area appears on top (I believe it’s more logical to place at the bottom, just under the last message in thread) and has caption “What’s on your mind”, which is unsuitable in this context.
    2) When I replied in a thread in messages view, my reply is not shown unless I refresh thread or go back.
    3) When I open a conversation with a new message and go back without replying, conversation is still marked as one with the new messages

    And also, it would be great to have a background daemon listening at least to incoming notifications

    Best regards and thanks for great app!

  • Saban071

    Can you consider to make 2 version of the widget small,like now and large ( about half of the screen ) for fMobi in the next version ??? And when do you plan to update fChat ? That bug with icons in gallery is bothering me…

  • Jc_imperio

    Porque no hacer mas grande el Widget de fmobi y favor de mandar una actualizacion a fchat para corregir los pocos errores qué tiene cómo cierre de aplicación y entrada y salida de mensajes o no salen o no me llegan

  • Jc_imperio

     porque no hacer un widget del tamaño de social de nokia haber si se pudiera que las notificaciones o el chat te mande como el fchat – Notificación de luz cuando este bloqueado el telefono o vibraciones 

  • Jc_imperio

    poner notificaciones de luz cuande te llegue una notificacion o un mensaje como fchat

  • Anonimo_usa

    Hello, I’m here to make a complaint from a blog that your application has illegally!

  • Pathum Wijayasooriya

    Tried 3.0.. nice work… as always 🙂

    REQUEST – In the photo upload page, I believe it’s good to place the CREATE ALBUM link on the top rather than having to scroll all the way down. Especially for people who have a lot of albums on FB.

  • Jc_imperio

    la version fmobi 3.2 me marca el siguiente error  “Error – facebook API returned 400 bad request como lo puedo solucionar nunca me habia pasado mas que con esta version no me deja publicar nada

  • Jc_imperio

    como soluciono el error  “Error – facebook API returned 400 bad request porque no puedo publicar nada

  • Jc_imperio

    Para los qué les pasa el Error – facebook API returned 400 bad request no es problema de fmobi si no de una actualización de nokia qué salió hace 3 días quality improvement yo desinstalé esa actualización y ya me funcionó

  • Jc_imperio

    alguien que me pueda ayudar porque fmobi no funciona con la actualizacion  quality improvement

  • Jc_imperio

    Ya volvi a instalar nokia belle en mi nokia c7 y fmobi medio funciono ahora cuando publico algo ni lo puedo ver en mis noticias solo en mi perfil a que se puede deber eso alguien que me pueda ayudar

  • Oliver

    Hi. Thanks for keeping this app so frequently updated. I noticed a bug: When fMobi is running and I use Belle’s pull-down-menu, fMobi will crash. This can be reproduced. Running on an E7-00 with Bell 111.030.0609 (.223.01)

  • kakashigna

    Hello I am a user who has Fmobi and wants to contribute with suggestions:
    -Notifications integrated into Symbian Belle Notification panel.
    -Notifications and messages in real time(when the app is closed too), with sounds.
    -Improved graphics-interface, with the style and colors of facebook(buttons,bar,colors like the nokia social app, fmobi doesn’t looks like a facebook app)-Add the facebook Video call suport for the phone with Front Camera-Ability to access account options-Ability to use all functions of the Timeline, how to change profile picture and cover picture, etc…

    Please try to listen to suggestions to improve fmobi, is a great app,but lacks enough
    Sorry, sorry for my bad english xD

    • Roland

      You want a web browser mate. Video call?! Even official Skype app don’t do that on Belle.
      BTW, keep the design guys 😉 – its dark and simple, I’d like if FB itself would look like this instead of blue/white style :/

      • Giacomo Uncino

        DO NOT TOUCH THE GUI 🙂 it’s simply perfect

  • waldy

    Check-In and Photo-Upload doesn`t work for me on my n900. Any ideas?

    • Ompeixoto

      same problem here… nokia x6 

      using the version 2.5.1

  • Kapilpbhatia

    i have installed  the latest paid version for fmobi on nokia n8 belle but the proble is its only working on wifi and not connecting on mobile data 3g or gprs pls help me as i m not always near a wifi 

  • Jc_imperio

    porque no puedo ver las publicaciones que hacen mis amigos con  blackberry

  • James

    I’ve found a small issue with the belle widget. On my N8 the widget doesn’t disconnect the data connection after updating. I can drop the connection and it stays off till the next update cycle. I have had to remove the widget to preserve battery life.

  • Jills4824

    what is the latest version for Symbian 1 ?

  • Tomek

    I’ve just bought your app and come across the same issue as @a832468ce538711fab189d02bd0a4fd6:disqus here have mentioned. Shall you fix it somehow? Cheers.

  • Giacomo Uncino

    another widget issue: “widget settings” button is not working, when pressing it nothing happens. 
    may be a qt related problem?
    (fmobi 3.02 on n8 with belle 111.040.0904)

    • jkosonen

       That’s some custom firmware, it’s because of that.

      • Giacomo Uncino

        that’s correct. i had to install the qt components 1.1: in this way widget and widget settings are working but there is the bug of the crashing app when pulling down the notification bar. uninstalling the qt components the behavior reverts.

  • Phildb

    a waste of time, money. non usable, and above all, VERY intrusive app. you nearly to give your Fb page keys to use this programm. Unbelievable, and unbearable. AND compltetly out of mind of the spirit that leads N9 users…

    • jkosonen

       Well that’s a Facebook app, so yes, of course it needs access to all functions in Facebook. Otherwise it couldn’t work.

  • Antonsbuk

    when i update my status it can only be seen by me on my home page!!! and yes i did try changing the option to friends on the who can see bit

    • jkosonen

       You need to change your custom privacy settings to fMobi from Facebook’s app privacy settings.

  • Mikko

    I’ve updated fMobi to v3.02. Some of my friends are missing from the friends list? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstaling the software.

  • Blend Ostergllava

    Why cant i write “_” on the e6 ?

  • Giacomo Uncino

    hi, i’ve an issue with the message replying (since some versions of fmobi, sadly still there): randomly (but pretty often) the function doesn’t work. i write the answer, i send it, the app show the refresh/loading icon, the message page updates but my answer is not there. sometimes pasting again the message and sending it again works, sometimes not. so i have to remind to copy the text message (to not loose it) and paste it in facebook mobile site to have the possibility to answer a message: really frustrating.

    what can it be??

  • tomsnq

    I wonder if you can hide the “Cover Photos” and “Wall Photos” albums on the “Photo upload” screen – It seems that those albums cant be uploaded on FB.

  • Tomas_clay

    instale el fmobi 303 en mi nokia n8 pero anda el chat,q pasa?

  • Nico79

    i wanted to update to 3.2 on my C7 with Custom Firmware (Delight Belle),  there was always an error at install process. So i deinstalled 3.1.0, but it doesnt matter, 3.2.0 its for me not possible to install. Can i get 3.1.0 back?

  • enano rc

    hola a todas quiero bajar la aplicacion en forma gratuita y no puedo alguien me podri decir si se puede

  • Sandeep K Ram

    Hi, I just downloaded this from the store – excellent work ! I have one doubt though – I dont see the side bar when in the news feed screen or any screen for tha matter – is this feature disabled in the latest version ? 

    • jkosonen

       You can enable that from settings. (Show full screen)

      • Sandeep K Ram

        Thanks ! 

  • Timi

    The widget doesn’t disconnect the data connection after updating…N8.And “widget settings” button is not working too….

  • Saban071

    Any news on fChat update ? Autostart and pics in gallery are the bugs that needs to be taken care of…

  • Vyvy_1022

    tengo la version fmobi v2.5.1 en mi nokia c5-03, cada ves q la uso se me reinicia el celular a cada rato eso xq???? algun problema??’

  • Kaaleth

    Hello! Is it possible to create new language? If yes, how? 

    • jkosonen

      Currently no

  • Andrei Valentim

    The cache mode is so shitty. Please give a option to disable that!

    • jkosonen

      There is option to disable it in the latest version.

  • Yanyna_paez

    yo tengo un n8 y no puedo chatear alguien me puede decir que tengo que hacer?

  • Abhi Coldblood

    when i install fmObi On mY nOkia 603 ( symbian belle feature pack 1 [112.010.1404]). it tells me Qt quick components v1.01 or newer is required..wat should i dO…

    • jkosonen

      Try to download via Nokia Store, smart installer will install all needed components.

  • Edmárcio Santos

    I have “bad request” error every time I enter in Events comments.

  • Dailen Clarkson

    Hi, When I start the application it does not log me in and comes up with a message saying “error loading page” Please help

    • jkosonen

      Try both, wifi & gprs

  • Hameer Abbasi

    Any way of making this compatible with the Swype keyboard? It’s annoying to use Chat with it. Every time I reply, the keyboard pops back up and I can’t see the messages.

  • C.

    Nice App, I’ve been using it for a while now so thanks…

    I have a question about seeing updates from friends since I appear to be missing some updates from people, but when I logon to FB on my PC I’m see them all.  Are there any other privacy settings that I need to double check, or even those settings of my Friends that might limit me seeing Updates on my Mobile.  This does not appear to be limited to fMobi, the nokia Social app was the same.

    Any Advice or pointers appreciated!

    • jkosonen

      There’s option how 3rd party apps sees your updates.
      Privacy settings -> Ads, Apps and Websites -> How people bring your info to apps they

      So if writer hasn’t allowed statuses etc. to 3rd party apps from that settings, it’s not visible to e.g fMobi

  • Keyserd

    I have subscribed to a group. I am able to post text to the group but there is no option to upload photos to the group that I have subscibed to.

    • Michał Kawaliło

      Not every group allowing to upload photos. Ask an admin of group.

  • Celine

    Hi, I just downloaded it for my N900 and I am unable to use the photo upload function. The screen just turns white and nothing happens. Also, while I’m using Fmobi, I can’t multitask and access the other fucntions on my phone….can I minimise the application?

    Please help.


    • jkosonen

      Try to install qtmobility via terminal 
      apt-get install libqtm-11-*

      You can minimize with the minimize keyboard shortcut. I don’t now remember what that was.

    • Gina

       I’ve the same probleme on c600

  • Anthi

    Hello! I have been using version 3.02 for a long time reading messages from friends!
    From yesterday it seems as I have new message but it does not show in fmobi!
    I see it in facebook program and in the facebook page but not in the fmobi app!!!
    What is wrong with the program?

    • Hushush

      hi, i have exactly the same problem. I can see there are new messages in my fb account via the facebook website and nokias own app for facebook, but fmobi shows nothing. I’m running full version 3.02 on nokia 500 belle.

      • thaddyusmaximus

        Same here. Can’t see messages from certain contacts. I’ve tried deleting messages on the PC ( Website) but the issue still occurs. Please Fix.

    • Aldraren

      Same here, it seems to affect messages from one specific contact. I get the asterisk for a new message but when I check in fMobi: no message.

  • TB

    Hi, I have the same problem like Anthi, i think.

    For a week or more I see only few (3-5) new posts and the rest are from 3-4 days ago. Where the rest recent posts? I’ve tried to install fmobi once again but nothing has changed. 

    Please help.

  • Liang Chiuan

    Just a request, can you make it scrolling to be smooth? Because when I load many feeds and scrolling will lag like a charm. Thanks update for us. 😀

  • Michał Kawaliło

    Hey i´ve got problem with chat. When i chating with someone and then use a back arrow to back to the main screen (dashboard) and then back again to chat i cannot write anything in chat… Keyboard just disappearing! For same reason after that i cannot write anywhere a comment. Its really annoying error and only restarting application helps.

    • Pascal Cox

      I have the same problem or it gives also facebook giving error back

  • Marco Argandoña

    ¿Donde consigo la última versión de fmobi para mi N900?

  • James Pettigrew

    Not sure what’s going on but I’ve noticed in the past few days on my N8 Belle, the users in the Chat list don’t disappear when they go offline. I have to close the app and reopen to see who’s really online

  • Radhey insan

    photo upload does not work in nokia 5233 ?

    i have used fmobi v 2 5 0

  • Mgoebelm

    First of all, congrats for this great app.

    – Is there anyway to invite new friends?

    – And about to tag friends? Is it working?

    My best Regards,

  • Omar Tona

    i’ve this problem whit nokia c7-00.i can’t read the message,appear”error 400 bad request”
    i try to reinstall but no result

  • Vierailija

    Sama ongelma kuin muutamalla muulla, eli näyttää vain osan statuspäivityksistä News Feedissä. Puhelimena Nokia 808. Onko ongelma tiedossa ja onko mahdollista ongelman korjaavaa päivitystä tulossa?

    • Henna

      Sama ongelma… vastausta odotellessa…

      • Henna

        Mulla puhelimena 701

      • jkosonen

        Onko ne jonkun tietyn käyttäjän statuspäivityksiä? Jonkun tietyn tyyppisiä päivityksiä/jakoja/linkkejä? Näkyykö ne jollain muulla FB sovelluksella, joka ei ole Nokian tekemä? Onko jotain lisäinfoa antaa, jotta voisi päästä jotenkin perille.

    • JP

      Same problem here with the Nokia 808. Not all the updates are visible in the News Feeds or the wall. Strange..

      • jkosonen

        Onko ne jonkun tietyn käyttäjän statuspäivityksiä? Jonkun tietyn tyyppisiä päivityksiä/jakoja/linkkejä? Näkyykö ne jollain muulla FB sovelluksella, joka ei ole Nokian tekemä? Onko jotain lisäinfoa antaa, jotta voisi päästä jotenkin perille.

    • jkosonen

      Onko ne jonkun tietyn käyttäjän statuspäivityksiä? Jonkun tietyn tyyppisiä päivityksiä/jakoja/linkkejä? Näkyykö ne jollain muulla FB sovelluksella, joka ei ole Nokian tekemä? Onko jotain lisäinfoa antaa, jotta voisi päästä jotenkin perille.

  • Lelane Abraham

    my FMobi is asking me to Login again… do i do that. Nokia N8

  • Davide

    Hi! I have fMobi 3.02 running on a Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle! There’s a bug: if I am connected to a Wi-Fi network, in the status bar the GSM icon is displayed instead of Wi-Fi connection icon! This is a bug of fMobi beacuse if I exit from fMobi without closing it, the status bar shows me the correct Wi-Fi icon! If return to fMobi from the task manager, the status bar swos me the GSM icon! Can you correct this?

    • Davide

       Sorry, “If I return to fMobi from the task manager, the status bar SHOWS me the GSM icon!” *

  • borx28

    I have the latest model of fMobi program in my Nokia C7 Belle pone. I have a problem with it and as I have seen in the net it is very common among other users: When I have the fMobi program on, the battery of the phone last no more than two hours. is it necessary that it consumes such us quantity of battery? Because of that it seems impossible to met letting the program in a second plane.
    I wish you take this into account for the next model of fMobi.
    Thank you for all.

  • Hugh Matthews


    I can’t reply to messages on my E6 because the font in the reply window is too big. Screen res is otherwise OK. But there is a lot of good things in there!

  • Mabavi_92

    descarga la aplicacion de tienda nokia y no  puedo instalarlo   sale cancelando instalacion

  • Pathum Wijayasooriya

    I’ve bought jiikoo’s fmobi and i gotta tell you, it’s awesome… I’ve been using it since you started developing it… 
    My suggestion to you is now try an optimize the usability, like improve the battery consumption, add a bit more eye candy, make it more attractive and brush up the widget 🙂

  • Jocksan25

    un poco lento , era mas rápida la vieja versión 

  • 823577338


  • Omar

    hi. I having a problem, see, I just type my user and password and then appears on top a text like: ‘window.location.href=http://’, but that js is only printed but not executed, so, can’t check facebook. Please fix it, that’s fair for everyone of us that actually paid for this application.application.

    • jkosonen

      Very weird, I just tested and it works ok for me.. Can you give any more spesific details?

      • Omar Rentería

        Well, I tap on fmobi icon, the application asks me for user and password, then I type my credentials, appears the “loading” circle, then on the top of the screen:
        window.location.href=”https://www.facebook.comcode=[some generated string]” and after that the application doesn’t do anything.

        So I tap the right bottom exclamation sign, appears a dialog it says: “Problems trying to login and load permissions?”, after that I tap “Try this!” button and just after login on web browser just appears at top of the screen: “Success!”, I go back to fMobi try to login again, nothing happends.

        Some details:
        -Phone: Nokia C6-01
        -System: Symbian Belle (111.030.0609)

        I’ll try to reinstall and I tell you how it went.

        • Omar Rentería

          Just reinstalled, not working at all. Can you tell us if there’s an estimated to know when will we get an update?… I know this is not fault of you, is facebook’s because they didn’t tell you the way you’re using for authorization in your application is going to change.

          But, as a customer (who actually paid for fMobi, if you don’t believe me, you can check on Nokia Store), I’d like to know how long will I be unable to use this application.

          I’ve just tried the Nokia Social application and is still running well, but, it has no chat and is quiet non-intuitive.

          I hope you bring us an update soon. Where can we be informed on the status of that update?

          • jkosonen

            i noticed this error with one of my test phones too. Ill make a fix this weekend and send it to Nokia qa, so hopefully it is there next week. Thanks

          • Omar Rentería

            Well, then thank you for the good support. 

          • Sebastián Dueñas

             Much appreciated! Good luck fixing 🙂

          • Ivan Barrios Kunze

            Good I thought this problem was isolated to just my N8, but note that began after installing and using moblie messenger eBuddy, which did not work on my N8, uninstall it and try using fMobi but not access my facebook account and is the same problem as before the end of the process shows me sucess! but nothing … good luck repairing expect news …er cambios

          • Sebastián Dueñas

            More details: I checked on facebook and fmobi is intalled and has permissions. This happened to me after I uinstalled and reinstalled… I was upgrading to version 3.2.0 (eventhough I had version 3.02, which I’ve realized is the same, it appeared as an available update on Nokia Store) Hope this helps… Looking forward to hear from you. Best.

  • Ayushgupta Ashu

    hi. I having a problem, see, I just type my user and password and then appears on top a text like: ‘window.location.href=http://’, but that js is only printed but not executed, so, can’t check facebook. Please fix it, that’s fair for everyone of us that actually paid for this application.application.

    • jkosonen

      Very weird, I just tested and it works ok for me.. Can you give any more spesific details?

  • Ayushgupta Ashu

    it was working fine a day ago as i use to jst exit not log out….today i log it out…then itz nt opening…. it use t happen many times before but after 2-5 times of trying again and again it use t log in…but today i must have tried 100 times…. see, I just type my user and password and then appears on top a text like: ‘window.location.href=http://’…………
    then this appears nd nothing happens…can i knw what type of more details u want

    • jkosonen

      Ok, thanks, I tested it 1min ago and didn’t have any issues. But I need to test with other phones later today then. What phone do you have, and do you have anna or belle?

      Facebook must have changed something, since I haven’t done a thing.

    • Sebastián Dueñas

       hi. Same problem here. Help! Thanks


  • Ayushgupta Ashu

    sir i have belle N8…sir plzz help i cannot live witout this fantastic app

    • jkosonen

      I’ll try to do my best, but can’t predict every breaking change of Facebooks :/

  • Andreas, sweden

    I ahve the exact same problem as Ayushgupta Ashu. Since about one hour ago… Please help!

    • jkosonen

      Yup, Facebook did some breaking change (again). Fix is waiting for Nokia QA, hopefully they release it soon to Store. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

  • Aliffahreizy

    my fmobi cannot online if i try login..i install in my nokia n8 fmobi version 3.02..please help me….

    • jkosonen

      Yup, Facebook did some breaking change (again). Fix is waiting for Nokia QA, hopefully they release it soon to Store. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

  • Michał Noworolnik

    3.02 It doesn’t work on my N8-00 Belle

    • jkosonen

      Yup, Facebook did some breaking change (again). Fix is waiting for Nokia QA, hopefully they release it soon to Store. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

  • fiori zeneli

    I’m experiencing the same problem  when trying to log in , Nokia 701 , Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 … 

    • jkosonen

      Yup, Facebook did some breaking change (again). Fix is waiting for Nokia QA, hopefully they release it soon to Store. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

  • Janne Lehtinen

    Terve!  Minulla C7-00 ja käyttöjärjestelmä on Belle. Nyt latasin fMobi 3.02 ja ei suostu kirjautumaan sisään. Ennen kyllä kirjautui, mutta nyt olen asentanut uudelleen ja enää ei. Facebookista tulee kyllä kirjautumis vahvistus, mutta näyttöön tulee vain joku pitkä nettiosoite ja kun sulkee ohjelman pyytää se uudelleen kirjautumista. Mikähän mahtaisi olla  vialla?

    • HK

      Sama ongelma ja puhelimena E7 ja käyttis Belle.

      • jkosonen

        Jep, Facebook taas vaihteeks teki jonkun rikkovan päivityksen. Korjaava päivitys odottaa Nokia testausta, toivottavasti saavat sen pian saataville.

    • jkosonen

      Jep, Facebook taas vaihteeks teki jonkun rikkovan päivityksen. Korjaava päivitys odottaa Nokia testausta, toivottavasti saavat sen pian saataville.

  • Asifmubbu

    I bought the application today by looking at the features but to my surprise its not working on my E7 with belle OS. 
    I am getting some link as an error with white screen. I tried re installing it but its not helping me either. 
    Please update me with the steps to use it properly.

    • jkosonen

      Hey, sorry, but Facebook made some breaking change to their login procedure, which broke fMobi login with some phone models. There is now fixed version waiting for Nokia testers to put it to Nokia Store, so there’s nothing else really than wait for the fixed version now 🙁 Sorry, and thanks for your patience.

  • Balasubramaniam Radhakrishnan

    Hi recently i downloaded Fmobi every time it asking me login when i login it shows some error massage i tried to link to give permission it show success but i am not able to login fmobi

    • jkosonen

      Yup, Facebook did some breaking change (again). Fix is waiting for Nokia QA, hopefully they release it soon to Store. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

  • Netanaw

    u ripped me and others off dude? Give my money back or fix it or il sue you a.s.a.p

    • jkosonen

       Like said multiple times. Facebook changed something and broke the thing, not me. Secondly your money is in Nokia, so you can ask your money back from them. Third, like said, fix is already sent to Nokia to pass it to Store as update.

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  • Carlos Argueta

    JKOSONEN, maybe you can put that info in te TOP of your site, cause i just spend  three hours trying to make it work, hard reset, soft reset, reinstalling belle, on my phone and my wife´s phone. Btw, on my c6-01 fmobi start working again but not on my wife´s nokia 500

    • jkosonen

      Thanks for your patience. Nokia QA is currently processing their testing pattern, hopefully we will get the update soon!

  • Shazli_muhamad

    1) i’m facing the same problem as the rest of others…. i’m using Nokia N900…
    2) when the updates will coming to N900…  so freakin’ jealous……

  • Scasabrina

    hi, my fmoby no work i’m using Nokia N8 and said me that i’ve a problems with a permission 🙁 what’s append? I don’t know  what I can make 🙁

  • Emerson Teles

    Eu tenho um nokia N8 belle e não consigo entra.

  • Pathum Wijayasooriya

    i logged out of fmobi, now i cant seem to log in.

    • jkosonen

      Yeah, Facebook did something that broke it. Fix is currently in Nokia QA, hopefully it will be soon available for download.

      • Pathum Wijayasooriya

        thanks bro…. 
        gotta hand it to you man…. you’re one awesome developer…. it’s great to see dedicated people developing for Symbian which is branded as a dead OS.

  • Snake69cl

    hola, tengo problemas al abrir fmobi en mi nokia N8, me sale error 400, desintale fmobi, lo volvi a instalar pero persiste en el error, como soluciono este problema , gracias

  • Jc_imperio

    para cuando van a solucionar el problema de fmobi 3.2.0 para que pueda entrar a facebook  o me voy buscando otra aplicacion

  • Jc_imperio

    ha tambien por que siempre de estas un rato en el chat de fmobi se me cierra la aplicacion tengo un nokia 603 con Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 y tambien con versiones anteriores pero siempre se cierra la aplicacion al momento de estar en el chat de fmobi favor de dar una solucion

  • Clemens Stork

    Thanks for information. Login-procedure at my N8 is also disconnected. When do you expect a  certification of the new version? 1 week, 2 weeks? Thanks in advance, C. Stork

  • Dis_bwy_ali

    hello i cant log in my facebook using this Fmobi application i have tried the little website and nothing still happend , what shall i do? iv got nokia N8

  • Clemens Stork

    by now you can’t do anything until nokia doesn’t certify the new version
    für fmobi. this has happened cause of a change for the rights of
    permisson by facebook. be patient, i do the same 🙂 

  • Buene

    clemens, thank you for your comment. with the app “facinate” it is the same. so we all have to wait … ! good night

  • PPS

    I have a problem with the chat in my N8, sometimes it simply stop working and there appear just a white screem, but sometimes it works perfect, does anyone knows how to solve it?

  • V_reatto

    Problem ‘window.location.href=http://’…………, Nokia e7

  • Dxnny Mad

    Could You improve speed and cpu usage on fmobi for next update?, because its a good app but when it has been used for a while it tends to use much resources and it is kind frustrating and by the way, i´ve noticed that some conversations are not shown on the chat section, i´m a nokia 603 belle feature pack 1 user and i would appreciate my comments are taken in consideration.

  • Hugo

    Reinstale el firmware de mi celular y tengo problemas con el fmobi. Realize todos los pasos que describen pero el problema persiste.
    1º Me sale el error 
    ‘window.location.href=http://’ ………… 
    2º Le doy al enlace para autorizar el fmobi desde facebook y me aparece la pantalla de “success”
    3º Al regresar a la aplicacion el mismo problema que antes… windows.location…….
    4º Espero unos minutos y la aplicacion sola se me va a mi perfil de facebook pero con pantalla blanca y sin foto de perfil.
    5º Presiono el boton de inicio del fmobi y se va a la pantalla principal del fmobi. 
    Crei que funcionaria pero cuando voy a mi perfil, a noticias, etc me aparece el mensaje… error 400
    Intente salir y volver a entrar pero el mismo problema. Reinstale el fmobi y el mismo problema, hasta tuve que comprar de nuevo la aplicacion ya que se agotaron mis descargas (calculen la cantidad de veces que probe reinstalarlo).

    Dicho de manera mas corta, probe TODO pero sigo con problemas. Pague 2 veces por la aplicacion y sigo sin poder usarla. Me pueden brindar una solucion?

    Mi telefono es un nokia n8 con firmware 111.030.609 (Ultimo de belle).

    Gracias Hugo

    Pd: Tambien probe cargar el cfw 111.040 (filtrado de nokia) y el mismo problema, por tal motivo realize un Donwgrade y volvi a la version 111.030.609.

    • Arturo Flores

      yo tengo el mismo problema, por favor una solucion, compre hoy el producto por suerte no volvi a instalarlo!

    • Arturo Flores

      amigo, nose si leiste los comentarios, parece que facebook actualizo nose que y el programa se vino abajo, pero el dueño ya lo soluciono y puso la actualizacion en nokia, pero esta siendo checada aun, y se va a poder actualizar sin pagar, saludos

    • Badsha Khan

      i m having same problem .and its realy bad 

    • Sebastián Dueñas

       Hay un update de fmobi disponible ahora en Nokia market… fmobi 3.03

  • Gabrielaestrad

    Yotambién compre la aplicación dos veces y no he podido utilizar arreglenla o devuelvanme mi dinero ya que esto es un fraude

    • Arturo Flores

      lee los comentarios de mas aajo, parece q fb actualizo noseque y entonces ya nose puede iniciar sesion con fmobi en algunos celulares, entonces el dueño ya actualizo fmobi per esta siendo checada por nokia,  dsp parece que la van a poner como actalizacion y ya no vas a pagar nada, saludos

    • badsha khan

      i m waiting 4 it.wan it wil work.

  • badsha khan

    help me i cant logging in fmobi 3.2 since last night i m using n8 

  • Badsha Khan

    how much time it will take to work 

    • jkosonen

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Nokia will release it today.

      • Sebastián Dueñas

         I have the fix! Thanks so much… Now I can´t find the widgets… :p

  • CyberMundo Mapastepec Chiapas

    Excelente aplicacion cuando logras entrar por primera vez…. De ahi no sirve, porfavor dar la solucion en español…  gracias

  • CyberMundo Mapastepec Chiapas

    Excellent application when did you first enter … Present the same problem and I read the other which is why … The cell phone I have is a nokia 500 symbian belle updated by the data if it serves … I wonder who can take time to fix the problem .. and where will be available for download, this site will be from the store or ovi .. Thank you.

  • carlosmx

    do anyone know an email from nokia so we can put some kind of preassure to nokia to release the update, this is a great app and i think its not fair that its loosing stars cause nokia hasn´t release it.

    • T Uomas

      I’m also checking in to Nokia store every day waiting for the fix. Fixes to broken applications should be released at a faster pace at Nokia.

      • jkosonen

        I agree, it has taken too long from them. But last night I got mail that it should be released “very soon”, don’t know what that means when it’s coming from Nokia. Hopefully today then.

        • Jalava T Uomas

          Will there be support for Nokia E6? The App is now taken off from the store.

          • jkosonen

            Yes, they failed E6 in the QA process for some reason, I check that and send new version asap.

  • Sandeep Lohar

    it seems like fmobi updated ( Login Problem )  at OVI store,
    but sadly their is no update for nokia e6. please update soon.
    i have purchased it twice. thanks for the great work. waiting for E6 version.

    • jkosonen

       That’s already waiting for Nokia QA

  • Kubaikevin

      Can anyone guide me on how to  implement active consent by creating a prompt to ask the user’s
    permission to use Push Notifications. The prompt must appear before Push
    Notifications are used

  • Xgh Wa

    thxx it working now on nokia n8-00 jiiko my world

  • Dis_bwy_ali

    hello , just want to confirm that nokia ovi store had updated Fmobi
    so it dose work on your phone , theres no problems now 🙂
    its been working since yesterday

  • James

    It’s also worth noting that, for me and my N8 anyway, there was no update as such but uninstalling and redownloading from the store fixed the problem

  • jill dasani


    What about Symbian^1 ? Nokia 5233.

    Is it updated ?
    Would like to know the latest version for it .. I have the version 2.5.1.

    • jkosonen

      Not updated yet, I’ll try to get update ready soon.

      • jill dasani


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  • Rasmus Raal


    Great app, appreciate the effort!

    But I can`t seem to get rid of one bug/problem:
    -Somehow I am not able to see some people profile info and their photoalbum. All I get is blank window, but it only occurs to certain contacts on my facebook list.

    Is there any fix for this?

    Ive noticed this problem with all the versions I`ve tried so far.

    Thanks in advance!

    • jkosonen

       If your friends have set in their privacy settings that their info doesn’t show to 3rd party apps, then you can’t see their data. There’s nothing you can do, but you can ask your friends to loose their privacy settings.

  • Etic

    Can any one please tell me how you can send requests or add new friends plase!

    • jkosonen

       Facebook doesn’t provide these to developers, so at the moment it is not possible.

  • Keyserd

    fMobi works well but I can not see the new updates in a group. Any ideas?

  • The_Pharmacist

    I can not download this app. It stops half way and just keeps hanging. I am using a Nokia 808 Pureview

  • Ajaysinhrathod30

    i have nokia n8.and i cant update in my phone this kindly help m.

  • ismail

     Why does no longer support fmobi Symbian 1 devices ? : (

  • Szczepan Piąstka

    Hi! This is by far the best Facebook client for Belle that I was able to find.  Just one question: would it be possible to have the feed list in the widget scrollable? As it is in a native social widget or email widgets?

  • Daniel

    The menu widget setting does not work on my nokia 700. I don’t like that I can’t see people in the chat who are online from their phones. however, is the best client for facebook that I’ve found.  Congratulations and I hope keep inproving.

  • Israel Garcia

    read it later its not working properly, i cant sign in, and a weird bug always there´s a notificacion of a new mesaage but there´s is not

  • Jc_imperio

    tengo un nokia 603 con symbian belle feature pack 1 todas las versiones de fmobi todas hasta la mas reciente 3.03 creo al momento de estar en el chat se cierra la aplicacion me pasa lo mismo con facinate al momento de estas chatendo a que se puede deber mi problema pero solo esas dos aplicaciones por que todas las demas que tengo no me pasa eso 

  • Dis_bwy_ali

    hello , i just want ot say i love ths app 🙂
    but is there going to be an update so that i can reply my messages in inbox on offline mode?cus i dont want to be online all the time

  • jc_imperio

     tengo un nokia 603 con symbian belle feature pack 1 todas las versiones
    de fmobi todas hasta la mas reciente 3.03 creo al momento de estar en el
    chat se cierra la aplicacion me a que se puede deber mi problema pero solo esas dos
    aplicaciones por que todas las demas que tengo no me pasa eso 

  • Musadiq Khan

    Well, I want to buy this app but the problem is I do not have any credit card. Can you accept payment through moneybookers? Please let me buy it I will pay you extra through moneybookers please !!!!

  • Arielmorales79

    Hola, la aplicación parece buena pero hay veces que se desconecta solo de mi celu. Tengo un Nokia C5-03 puede ser por el equipo? Pasaria lo mismo con el N8? Quien tiene que solucionar este problema.

  • Pertti

    Why I cant see all my friends news feed, Expesialy friend who are security line (https). I have nokia 701 Belle FP1.

  • fraiseme

    tried logging  in but the page says “this page contains the following error: error on line on column 1046….”


    • N900 user

      try this link

       Upgrade to 2.5.1 or use this link:

      it worked on mine…

      • CptSupermarket

         Hi. This didnt work for me. any other suggestions. where can i find 2.5.1 for n900?

  • jericho artadi

    i cannot access chat on fmobi 3.2 and notification pops out “bad api 404” something like that

  • Alexandra

    I can not see all my friends news. Some of my friend I don’t seem to have at all, so we can for example not check in together somewhere. I have Nokia N8 Belle.

  • XtROpA

    Hi there!  I bought this app month before, I had to clean my phone a week ago, now, I can’t download the app from the Nokia Store, there is only a grey “non-button” thing. Is my phone supported?  Nokia 5800

  • NickThGreek

    Hey! I bought this app some hours ago and I get an error message saying that fmobi for nokia has detected an error. Please try again later. Can anyone tell me if this is a general error or is there a problem with my device?

  • N900 user


    I have successfully followed/installed these:

    Maemo:White screen issue? Install qt Mobility 1.1 (apt-get install libqtm-11)Black screen issue? Install Qt Quick compatibility (apt-get install qtquickcompat)And make sure you have Qt hot fixes also installed (link)

    If you have problems giving permission (script error or similar) and can’t login to the app try this link to give permissions:

    But I’m still getting this error:

    erron on line 7 at column 802: Expected “#” or “a-zA-z”, but got “&”

    please help…

    • pocoyo

      I have the same error messaje : 
      erron on line 7 at column 802: Expected “#” or “a-zA-z”, but got “&”

  • Vipi1105

    so many “error with request” and “facebook api error” . i did buy from ovi with n900 but seem that there is even no update . ? will you fix it ? please

  • N900 user

    fixed my problem…great app! check-in and photo upload not working though…

  • N900 user

    fixed my check-in and photo upload problem! really great app! 

  • AC

    Getting log-in error. The link below does not solve. Solution?
    “error on line 5 at column 1046: expected ‘#’ or ‘[a-zA-Z]’, but got ‘&’. ”

    • AC

       Forgot to mention N900 with version 2.3.0 for Maemo…

      • pocoyo

        I have the same problem…please a need assistance. 

        • N900 user

          had the same problem before.try to uninstall fmobi then  install it again. make sure u also install those qt mobility, qt compat and hot fixes. see above for links.

          • acorey

            Uninstalled and reinstalled and it works now.. Had the qt stuff already… Thanks!

    • jkosonen
  • Pingback: Nokia N9 paid apps: fMobi « qrant()

  • janapati vishnu

     the app looks nd feels amazing but there is no option for replying to direct messages, all i can do is read the message. please fix this issue as quickly as possible. Using it on Belle fp1

  • Jojabra

    I’ve downloaded the latest version, but i cann´t see the members of a group.. i can see wall, info but no members… Is it a bug or an installation problem??

  • Liam Uğur Payne

    ben Etkinlikleri açamıyorum takılıp kalıyo ya nasıl düzelcek

  • jc_imperio

    cuando van a arreglar el problema de cierre de aplicacion al momento de estar chateando en fmobi y fchat 

  • jc_imperio

    ha otra pregunta ya no va ver actualizaciones para estas dos aplicaciones fchat y fmobi para irme buscando otra por que si esta muy muy buena solo que al momento de querer chatear se cierra la aplicacion a que se debera esto

  • Carlos Argueta

    if possible i have a request, why do you dont make an app like this for Google plus, you would be the only developer with a G+ app.

  • Saul Escalante Cruz

    why can’t download to my N97 mini?

  • Priscila Barros

    Really would like it to show as a mobile device in facebook chat and messages, like Gravity does.

  • elias

    hola tenia fmobi en mi movil y un dia me equivoqué con la contraceña y desde mi ordenador tube que cambiar la clave, y desde entonces no puedo utilizar ésta aplicacion en mi movil.
    es una verdadera lastima por que es muy buena… por favor si podeis ayudarma les agradeceria

  • Miguel Martins

    Hi i started using fmobi last version in ovi store for nokia 5800 i’m linking very much the app but i can’t upload pictures the albums pictures apear when i select the album where i want the picture to be uploaded it appears “select image” but no images.

  • vrsh0

    I just bought the application, installed everything necessary on my n900, give the application permission on Facebook and I’m getting always this error:

    “error on line 6 at column 924: expected ‘#’ or ‘[a-zA-Z]’, but got ‘&’. ”


  • Vivek – N8 belle

    Became very slow.. And Show more option in news feed is working only once.. after that it stands in the middle of the newsfeed instead of going to end.

  • Vorion

    Sir, I purchased your FMobi app few months before through Nokia Store. Iam an N97 User. I had to format my phone. So, I wanted to reinstall FMobi in my N97. It says Its no longer available to my N97. I love your Fmobi.. Kindly do some alternative for N97 users.

  • Vorion

    @Jkosonen.. Iam an N97 user. I purchased your FMobi at Nokia Store. I had to format my phone last month. I tried to reinstall FMobi from My Stuff – Nokia Store. It says its no longer supports N97. Kindly reply me whether I have to wait for an updated version or I will no longer be getting FMobi for my N97.

    • jkosonen

      Hmm, it seems like Nokia failed my last update for Nokia N97 & and N97 mini for some reason, all other s60v5 phones were accepted, I look into it if there is something I can do.

  • vrsho

    Do you know why I’m getting this error:

    “error on line 6 at column 924: expected ‘#’ or ‘[a-zA-Z]’, but got ‘&’. ”

    I tried everything without luck :/

    • jkosonen

      Did you try this: ?

      • vrsho

        Yes…And i installed everything necessary.
        But everything without luck.
        I have n900.

        • jkosonen

          Try to disable the “new device name” thing from facebook settings. It might help according to some users.

          • vrsho

            It’s turned off. What else could it be?

          • vrsho


  • Spock112

    Hi all,
    I also have problems Login with Maemo version 2.3
    I installed all requierements … and used the link for login problems …
    But I still got
    “error on line 6 at collum 924: expected ‘#’ or ‘[a-zA-Z]’, but got ‘&’. ”
    could anyone help?

    • jkosonen

      Someone said that it could help if you disable asking for the “new device name” in facebook when you log in.

  • Spock112

    yes … but this is disabled …

  • giacomo uncino

    hi there, with the new official “belle refresh” 111.040.1511, button widget settings isn’t working, and exiting from the app totally freezes the phone for some minutes, if the widget is present.

    • Andrea

      Also at me! on C6-01.
      Please fix… pleaseeeee 🙂

  • Thomas SchokoCremig

    I have a Samsung I8910HD.
    I have install Qt 4.7.3, QtWebKit 4.7.3 and QtMobility 1.1.3, but fMobi dosen`t starting 🙁 The App begin to loading, and crash or close. Why ???

  • Jin Jkt

    Hi, i use N8-00 in thailand and were very happy by Fmobi. last weeks there were some issue of v3.3.0 and then got only “error! session has timed out. you need to re login” any help for me

    • jkosonen

      From settings, set “Exit on logout” and then it will ask new credentials next time you login.

  • Pathum Wijayasooriya

    Hi Jikkoo… can i know what font is used by fmobi?? i

  • micky

    why can not I do the upload of photos and when I click upload pictures I do not see anything with my symbian 5th edition?

  • Micky

    why can not I do the upload of photos and when I click upload pictures I do not see anything with my symbian 5th edition? any idea?

  • Nicolas

    Hello, what version of fmobi nokia s60v5 who walks in? I have a nokia 5233 … thank you very much

  • jadson

    my nokia 5233 is the error: !error loading page.

  • asdf808

    i’m testing the trial version and i can’t set the app widget

  • Christian Eichholz

    hi! on nokia 808 pv with fp2 the text field isnt readable. please fix that 😉 THANXXX!

  • Thomas SchokoCremig

    I have a Samsung I8910HD.
    I have install Qt 4.7.3, QtWebKit 4.7.3 and QtMobility 1.1.3, but fMobi dosen`t starting 🙁 The App begin to loading, and crash or close.

    Why ???

  • Andrea

    In C6-01 after update to Nokia belle, the button “Widget setting” don’t work!
    The application after press the button is near to crash!!
    Please! fix it!! thankyou Jiikoo.

  • Jaz

    Using FMobi 3.5 on Nokia E6 Belle Refresh, the widget isnt available to add … A widget which shows notifications and message alert would be really cool …

  • Arun Krishnan

    How to install qt Mobility 1.1 (apt-get install libqtm-11)

  • Alessandro

    Auto Clear Cache Photos, Nokia Suite Import All Photos on the Symbian.


  • Abdu Mad

    Awesome !! Just Awesome !

  • Anil

    Where do any downloaded images go? I cant find their location….

  • Jill Dasani

    When will the update come for Symbian^1 devices ?
    Have been waiting for so long …

  • Skyz Soo

    I’m trying the trial version 3.03, and there’s a bug where you can’t send a message, when you click on the “write message”, the keyboard won’t pop up. It happens all the time, only restarting the app over and over again to make it works. I’m using nokia belle FP1. Is this bug get fixed in later version? Else it’s pointless to get the full version.

  • Manuel

    what is the las version for 5530 or s6v5??

  • Manuel

    what is the latest version for symbian^1??

  • Subash Patel

    I am trying out the fMobi trial after getting fed-up with the facebook app for N8. I wonder why do you need to access my personal details by this app? In the beginning I was asked to provide permission to access personal details by fMobi. I am now reconsidering about using this app purchasing it(I must confess this is really nice app for facebook on Nokia). Even after paying why should I part away my personal information?

    • jkosonen

      Hey, the application needs to get to access everything in the Facebook to be able to show those in the app. If you don’t give access, Facebook API doesn’t return all data. But like said in the privacy policy, I don’t collect any of your data. It’s just used to make the app to work.

  • stuck_788

    I’ve bought your app on the Nokia Store since the very beginning, now I don’t have my Nokia N8 Belle anymore and I’m using a Sony Ericsson Satio that is a Symbian 1^ 5th edition touchscreen… how can I install Fmobi in my Satio? If possibile, do I have to pay again for this?

  • henrikweide

    This morning – 1st Oct. 2012 – fMobi stopped working. Facebook API keeps returning error “403”. Guess Facebook changed their crappy API once again…sigh. Hope that you can provide an update soon 🙂

  • saban

    Fmobi was working fine till today. Facebook API returned 403 forbidden error. Tried to signout and sign in again but it doesnt work. I guess it have something to do with facebook itself and not with fmobi. They changed something. Can you check it out ??? Please…

  • disqus_7380zwCHtx

    Error API 406, It doesn´t refresh the app

  • Matthew

    “Security Warning: The above URL is Not valid for a cash card or gift card. Giving away the URL may result in your account being Hijacked” Any solution to this?? Nokia N800

  • n8

    N8 : Error! Facebook API returned 403

  • kutyafal

    I get the same two below error also. Worked fine a couple of weeks ago. Please fix it!

  • Vivek N8 Belle

    “Security Warning: The above URL is Not valid for a cash card or gift
    card. Giving away the URL may result in your account being Hijacked” message while logging in and after login
    “Facebook API returned 403 forbidden error!”
    Signout and sign in again doesnt work.

  • Gustavo Navejas

    It shows this message: Error! Facebook API returned 403 forbidden.
    How can i solve this error please help. Thanks.

  • PopRWC Ortega

    Error Facebook Api 403 :S

  • deekbee

    Another one here with the same API 403 error; facebook have been doing some more playing around …..

  • Vik Glez

    Al intentar entrar al fmobi sale el siguiente errror
    SECURITY WARNING: The above URL is NOT NOT VALID FOR A CASH CARD OR GIFT CARD. Giving away the URL may result in your account being HIJACKED.

    y no me deja recibir ningun dato

    • Nec

      Me pasa lo mismo y no encuntro solucion, ayudaaaaaaa error 403.

    • James

      Yeah, what they said, about 1200 GMT yesterday the app stopped working returning a 403 error. Have tried deleting and re-initiating the app security settings on facebook, which worked fine but the app still returns a 403 error.

      • Stewart

        Same here, Nokia N8 running Belle.

      • Lukcc

        Sam here…..after update to latest version 403 error… I tried to reinstall, logof/logon…

  • Ante

    SECURITY WARNING: The above URL is NOT NOT VALID FOR A CASH CARD OR GIFT CARD. Giving away the URL may result in your account being HIJACKED.
    i get this message evry time i want to login…i do not know what to do, nothing doesnt work, please help…:///

  • saban

    How come that all the other facebook apps work only fmobi doesnt ? Social works,facinate works,etc. Did you compile it in QT 4.8 ? Because Belle Refresh have that version of QT now. Maybe it got something to do with that ?

    • jkosonen

      Since they haven’t reached limits from Facebook. But for some reason fMobi has. So it’s nothing to do with the app. but everything to do with Facebook API, and they are blocking fMobi at the moment.

  • saban

    fchat also works,forgot to say that :))))

  • Dexter

    Error 403 … Not able to use the app … The rating on Ovi store is falling steep, blame the angry users … You gotta fix this issue soon !!

  • Daniel

    Have our Nokia phones been compromised? Or only the app? or is it a missunderstanding the hijacked message?

    • jkosonen

      Nothing has been compromised. That’s just security warning not to share your login url to anyone, given from facebook.

  • matias

    ERROR 403 !!! hice relogin varias veces pero no hay caso no funciona!! ayuda..! version 3.05

  • Hugo H. Menendez

    No se porque se borro mi mensaje de ayer. Me sale lo mismo que a otros usuarios!!
    SECURITY WARNING: The above URL is NOT NOT VALID FOR A CASH CARD OR GIFT CARD. Giving away the URL may result in your account being HIJACKED.

    Error 403.

    Si entran a face veran que ya esta reportado y el creador del fmobi pide que por favor se suscriban al canal para que mientras mas seamos mas rapido lo solucionan.
    El canal de suscripcion es:
    Y su texto es:
    fMobi for NokiaCan you please subscibe to this issue so maybe Facebook will speed up things when there is more users engaged. Puede usted por favor subscibe a esta cuestión tal vez que Facebook acelerará las cosas cuando hay más usuarios comprometidos. (Traducido por Bing)
    Un abrazo a todos y espero se solucione rapido!!Hugo
    Pd: El fchat me funciona bien jejejejeje Al menos sigo con el chat!!

  • chazey2

    fmobi 3.5 re purchased for new phone nokia 701 fp1 now get error 403 tried above link no joy. please sort it out as just purchased again!

  • Alisha Hill

    Im also having problems getting into the app with the 403 forbidden error even if i logout/ login when will this problem be fixed?

  • Salva

    Connection Issue:
    Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!!
    Nokia N8 Belle Refresh.
    What can I do ????

    • mer

      Yo igual!!!! What can I do ????

    • Juan C. Linares

      A mí me salía ése error, y seguí las instrucciones de acá, loguearse en y después ya me sirvió. Parece que el acceso fué revocado, hay que restaurarlo!. Saludos

    • mohak

      same here

  • Alisha Hill

    Why have i still not received a reply??? when will fmobi be fixed? It seems alot of people are having this 403 forbidden error! I don’t like paying for things that don’t work! a response would be appreciated thanks

    • jkosonen

      This is currently happening to all users, since someone had hammered the Facebook API trough fMobi and they have blocked us. But I have told this to Facebook and we are now investigating this. Hopefully it is all sorted sooner than rater.

  • Dunc…

    I also have the same error as “Salva”!

    This is by far the fastest and best fb app around – help us to get back online pls …


  • Rodrigo

    CARD. Giving away the URL may result in your account being HIJACKED.

    This the nd of Fmobi?????

  • jkosonen

    Fix sent to Nokia QA

  • Vip

    Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !
    Nokia 701 Belle FP2

  • 808 PureView User

    I updated to Belle FP2 on my 808. Now i got the Error 403 🙁 Dam its one of the Apps i really paid for 🙂

    • jkosonen

      Fix is waiting for Nokia QA. Sorry for the trouble

  • DEUR

    Hi there! yesterday I update gmobi to 3.5 and give an error: Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!!I unistall, and reinstall and nothing what happen?? please help!

  • Vivek -N8 belle

    yaay!! fmobi is back guys!! 🙂

  • Tyron Go

    Can’t download fmobi app for my 701 at nokia store. Always download failed.

  • Arunkumar Mourougappane

    hi, I am having trouble with chat in my nokia c5-03. its not working!!!

  • Andy Lindsay

    I need some help please. I overloaded the C drive on my phone (Nokia 700 symbian belle) and had to do a factory reset and memory wipe to get it working again. I also restored a backup but this didn’t bring back all the software. I had fMobi working at version 3.01 but couldn’t upgrade to 3.5. I tried various things but the new version wouldn’t install. I use the personal download history on the Nokia store. I then removed version 3.01 and tried to re-install to 3.5. I also can’t install / upgrade any other QT based apps (there’s an upgrade for NSR reader). I don’t think the QT components and QT quick components are installed any more. How can I rectify this? I don’t mind if you remove all my phone’s knowledge of QT as it would only means I have to re-install all the QT based apps.

  • Rwaad Hmarsha

    i cant login. cuz saying error loading page

  • Selena

    Ho formattato il mio C600 ed ho reinstallato fchat, con il risultato della schermata bianca. Ho provato a cancellare l’applicazione e reinstallarla di nuovo ma senza alcun cambiamento. Cosa posso fare?

  • De

    Check-in posts are always marked as “private/for me only” – for friends should be default. (fmobi 3.5 an N8 belle ref.)

    • jkosonen

      Check your privacy settings from Facebook for this app.

  • Rohit Saraf

    How to tag friends in a photo?
    How to add location while uploading a photo?

  • zgembo

    Will there be any new updates of fmobi or fchat ??? Contact pictures from facebook or birthday ? Maybe with latest QT 4.8 ?

  • WhitP

    Repeatedly getting ‘Error – session timed out please login again’ Makes using fMobi less than convenient logging in every time I want to use it. A fix/workaround would be most welcome

  • liong park

    i cant login in my asha 311,,still secure network not available,,please fix it..

  • liong park

    secure connection not available in my asha 311 if i want to login…..

  • Martin

    Hello thanks for your develeping.But I would like to have in this application videocalling and possibility sent photo like a message!So my question is if it is possible and when it will be work.Thanks Marti

  • hanuka

    I can’t type in a textarea ina a chat. I tap but no keyboard is showing. I have to restart the app each time.

  • Bernard Russe

    Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden

  • cliomaniaa

    Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden

  • cli oma nia

    Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!!

  • grahamwh2312

    FB api returning a 403 error unable to load anything

  • Vivek N8 Belle

    Error 403 again!!! 🙁

  • Ivan

    Hola. Me aparecen los contactos desconectados y no puedo chatear?? ni enviar mensaje privados??

  • Vamshi

    memory full and error..
    wat to do

  • bta

    buy the fmobi … Store in nokia .. served me well for 2 days now I get: error 403 forbidden facebook API returned if problem Persists try to logout and login again .. I can do?? help

  • bta

    buy the fmobi … Store in nokia .. served me well for 2 days now I get: error 403 forbidden facebook API returned if problem Persists try to logout and login again .. I can do?? help nokia 603

  • Bernard

    Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden ,again

  • prabhakar

    1.some time msg ill not display in chat box… ill display inbox while chatting[rare cases]
    2.forbidden error.

  • Buldan

    i just installed Fmobi and work fine…
    but now when i try to log in, it says error! facebook API returned 403 forbidden
    what should i do…??
    and i use fmobi 3.51 anyway

  • saban

    Now there is no widget settings with the latest update…

  • Jenn

    I cant upload photos, after selecting album it shows select images with a black screen, how will it works? Im planning to buy this apps but i want to make sure the photo upload will works

  • Binnie

    Hi, Connection Issue: Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden. It worked fine for a few weeks. I have a NOKIA C6. Is there something I can do?

  • Nico Budzko

    Connection Issue:
    Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!!
    Nokia N9

    Any solution?

  • Fernando Madrigal

    3 days with: Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!!

  • Garp

    Same problem on my N9 as below 2 month ago meaning
    Error! Facebook API returned 400 Bad Request and then 403 Forbidden!
    Fmobi 3.05 Nokia N9.

  • Garp

    Same error for several users 16/12-12 then it disappears the day after and now it has returned today!
    Connection Issue: Error! Facebook API returned 400 Bad Request and then 403 Forbidden!
    The app seems to be unstable – other FB apps works OK so it can’t be FB alone – at least the free trial, so in this case I won’t buy the app!

    • petaqui

      Same problem here!

  • Timo

    Can’t download images.
    Nokia N9, ver. 3.05

  • Jin Vorion

    Fmobi stopped working on my N97 since 4 months. When will I get it back?? 🙁

  • Jin Vorion

    When can we expect “Poking” option in our favourite FMobi? Mr.JK, I am desperately looking forward to it 🙂

  • jpb

    Again same Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!! when i updated it to latest version ….. 🙁

  • andrea

    Great app! Do i For Windows phone! Please!!

  • teesa

    how do I erase something on my wall,ex my status??

  • pasquy89_vr

    Some news of the pages there aren’t in the news section! I compared the application of nokia with fmobi.

  • Shaw

    Sir! Why there isn’t any version for s60v3 like E5 etc of such a sophiscated fb app fmobi???
    It is indeed very sad! Plz do reply.

  • scriptlivver

    again 403 forbidden API error….HELP?!

  • tom

    when is the widget working again?

  • Fabrizio

    The version 3.55 restart my telephone. Nokia N8 Delight belle.

  • Clemens

    After Update to version 3.56 connection mistake: Error! FACEBOOK API returned 403 Forbidden. Logout und Login again doesn’t solved the problem.

  • majo

    Hii, when i turn off chat, i cant write normal message too, why is it solved this way?? i like fmobi chat, but when i recieve a chat message, also recieve normal message even if chat message is red and i hate when i must click on it to be red

  • Pathum Wijayasooriya

    FEATURE REQUEST – Jiikoo…. Try to introduce the Name tagging feature (when you start typing someone else’s name it gets tagged)!!! and also if possible an inbuilt picture viewer… cz we always hav to load the browser to view pictures on links! 🙂 …anyways nice work. I love Fmobi!

  • varar

    NO WIDGET in 3.55 and 3.56 versions !!!

  • Cristopher

    Why don’t you add poke feature and share images and status from news feed??

  • Shah

    Why isn’t there still a version for S60v3 like E5????
    Do reply plz….

  • ahmed

    how to install the qt 4.7.4 in n97

  • ayos808

    for some reason, if you go Search then Pages, and search for anything, nothing comes up

  • ramiro

    Hi….I got a problem…I remove the SD card (removing with the confirmation message of the N8) and now the widget dissapeared, I tried to reinstall…the same…hard reset…same…Iwhen I reinstalled the widget is not listed on the “widget list” any help?


  • Martina

    Hey 🙂 The app is very cool. I have a question. How can I upload a pic and tag a place where it was taken? I know how to tag people in the pic, but I don´t know how to add the place where we are. Thanks for your answer.

  • gabriel_egm

    Chat not working since i install the version 3.56!! I tried uninstalling the application and re-install but the problem continues!!

    • jkosonen

      Try to logout and then login again.

  • Stefano Spinelli

    Hello. I’m using fMobi 3.56 on Nokia N8. I still have the same problem: I can’t see any post from some friends, even if I gave all permissions on Facebook site. What can I do? Is there any setting I miss or it’s a bug?
    Thanks in advance

  • ayos808

    if you go to Search, then Pages, used to work before, now it doesn’t

  • Darren

    Until today. I used version 3.33. It kept hanging from time to time. I updated to version 3.56. It keeps giving me an API 400 error and I have to log-in all over again after exiting (even if the settings are set not to log-out at exit). Is there a way I can fix this? I’m using it on a Nokia N8-00, running Belle Refresh.

    If not, is there a way for me to downgrade back to 3.33. I hope that’s not the only solution though, cause I really like how fluid 3.56 is. Thanks

  • Tobias Ernst

    Since yesterday, fmobi asks me to log in each time when I start it up, after entering credentials I see “success”, but then I get “Facebook API returned 400 Bad request.” Restarting the phone does not help. Nokia Social works normally. I tried the link from above to re-grant access, got “success”, but no change in fmobi behaviour. Nokia 808 with Belle FP2 build 1507. What can I do?

  • keopem

    Error 400 API. Nokia 500 belle refresh
    Why this problem??

  • Milika

    estou com problemas no meu c6-00. Apos marcar a opção de sair da conta quando fechar o aplicativo o aplicativo mudou completamente.

  • Timo

    Is possible to download photos on N9?


    quise descargar la aplicacion y JAMAS me llego el mensaje con el enlace… no sea cosa que me lo cobren sin poder haberlo descargado… TODO MEDIO PEDORRO…

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  • malc

    fmobi 3.56, cannot post comments, API403 error. Nokia 808.
    Please advise.

  • Macer

    Looks like FB broke the login procedure again. I keep winding up at the FB login screen with an error message. I authorized the app just fine but fmobi itself doesn’t seem to realize it is authorized.


    • Puffin

      Same to me

  • Macer

    fmobi is still malfunctioning. It is trying to access a URL which no longer exists on FB. It remains at the login screen and even after authorization returns to the FB login screen. Symbian Belle (e7). All of the other apps seem to work (ie: facinate).

    • Macer

      Please note: this happens with a fresh install of the 3.56 trial from the Nokia store. I am not sure how badly it affects users who already have fmobi installed.

  • Macer

    Why do my comments keep disappearing? fmobi is broken. Keeps trying to access a non-existent oauth page. Will not allow you to authenticate so the app keeps going to the FB login page for app authorization even after it has been authorized.

  • noemi

    la versión gratuita me funciono de 10 y ya caduco así que como me gusto mucho lo compre pero la versión paga me aparece como la versión común de facebook para eso no pagaba nada porque no me da la opción de subir fotos del cel como la versión gratuita yo quiero la que la versión paga sea tal cual es el de la demostración tengo un nokia n8 no es valido ofrecer algo y dar otra cosa

  • Puffin

    Not working the auth.. Fix it

  • Vitor Litwinczik

    Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden
    Nokia N9

  • Inquisidor

    after having set the “log out when exiting” option. Now, clicking on
    the widget icon, after having logged-in, a traditional facebook webpage
    appears, without the smarthphone-friendly interface that used to be
    offered by this app. Basically, this app works just as a link now! 🙁
    Has anyone experienced such a similar problem so far? I don’t know what
    to do: I tried to unistall this app re-installing it afterwards, but the
    problem did not get fixed. HELP ME!

  • Mike Strong

    I have the latest version of fMobi for the N9, which was working fine in the
    recent past.

    However yesterday when I tried it it told me there was an
    timeout error.

    Rebooting the phone did not fix this. Removing and
    reinstalling the app from Ovi store now results in an “An error has occurred.
    Please try later” dialog on startup, which when cancelled, leads t an ugly,
    iconless page with an exit, like, refresh, and ! icons at the bottom, none of
    which do anything useful apart from generating “Error! Facebook API returned 400
    Bad Request”

    I have also used the link yopu provide to fix application
    permission settings at the Facebook end in case that was the problem. Made no
    Is fMobi for N9 now broken?

    • Mike Strong

      Given that I paid money for this product, and that Ovi store directs me here for support, it would be nice to see some sort of official response to my problem report – particularly since I do not seem to be the only person suffering.

    • Mike Strong

      Excellent! I can login again on v3.05 on Nokia N9. Someone has fixed something!

  • Francesco

    Hey it’d must be some general problem. I’m getting “an error has occurred” when logging in from this early morning! I’ve read on maemo forum that other people is having the same problem from this morning. Please help. Thank you

  • Abramo Spagnolo

    Hello…Unluckily, after having set the “log out when exiting” option, I am experiencig a problem with this nice app on my Nokia N8. Now, clicking on the widget icon, after having logged-in, a traditional facebook webpage appears, without the smarthphone-friendly interface that used to be offered by this app. Basically, this app works just as a link now! 🙁 I don’t know what to do: I tried to unistall this app re-installing it afterwards, but the problem did not get fixed…

  • Puffin

    Are you working to fix the authentication problems? Let us know something.

  • luis

    Hola.. hay un error en verion 3.56 .. donde no se puede publicar nada directamente en el muro de un amigo… porque? gracias

  • luis

    version 3.56 en nokia N8.. symbian belle refresh… Sorry

  • malc

    In ‘Events’ it shows a list of events like birthdays. I want to import into my Nokia 808 calendar. How do i do it? I pressed the calendar button at the bottom of the screen and the listed events all have a ‘+’ next to it. so i press each one but nothing happens. Please advise

  • Natalia Berduc

    hola he descargado la version full de fMobi desde tienda nokia pero al iniciarse no aparece como muestran las imagenes sino algo asi como la imagen q subi y luego todo se ve como si fuese unfacebook d Social client network ayudaaaaaaa (tengo nokia 500 actualizado a symbian belle funcionando perfecto salvo esto

  • MAK

    fMobi v3.56 installed on my Nokia 701 (belle FP2) is fantastic and working normal. The thing missing at moment is ‘fMobi Widget’, need to know when it could be available? Pls update.

  • Angela de paz morales

    hola.esta maravillosa aplicacion la busco en la tienda nokia y no la encuentro !!!como puedo descargar a mi mobil,es un nokia c303

  • Jonathan Diederiks

    when trying to post to a friends wall I get a API forbidden error… Nokia 808 with Belle FP2

  • maredusan

    Hi, is possible to add the option to post fotos in comments, like in groups ?

  • Pingback: fMobi - Ottimo client Facebook per Symbian ^3 | StyleTechBlog()

  • MAK

    comments from fMobi to any post/pictures has no fMobi stamp on facebook (like post from fmobi mobile… etc), other wise posting a new POST is working with fMobi stamp, pls improve it!!!

  • Ŕáméź Á Ŕáméź

    what about for the sound

    can you tell me how can change sound

  • Ŕáméź Á Ŕáméź

    what about for the sound
    please can you tell me how can change sound in fmobi v3.56

  • Nico

    Hi, my fmobi 3.05 stop working for no reason, first API ERROR 400, try to relogin. But then, I can’t login anymore, after several minutes in the white screen, its shows the fmobi icons, but nothing works, I make some screenshots for you, and if you need a log, tell me where it is. My phone is a N9. Regards.

  • Banderpop

    For reasons unknown I found that I was logged out yesterday. After countless attempts to log back in, including a reinstall of fMobi and disabling my Facebook security settings, I still can’t get past the Remember Browser screen when logging back in. Has Facebook changed something in the login process?

  • utk

    “display must be one of the following values: async, iframe, page, popup, touch” and after that “Success
    SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone.”
    What should i do now?? Please help me!

    • Ahmad Ayub

      same problem… any solutions??

  • Javier

    I can´t log in anymore. No matter do I use the link ‘Try this’ or from the desktop using Explorer, Firefox, Opera o Chrome (or Nokia´s Web). I have reinstalled the program but to no effect. I had some happy months with fmobi and there were few times I had some trouble loging in but it always was easy to solve it. Now its imposible. I use an 808 Pureview with Belle FP2.

    • Javier

      Many times replies it does`t find the web. Sometimes ‘display must be one of the following values: async, iframe, page, popup, touch’…

  • papageno

    The login system did not work anymore 🙁

  • Bob

    How do you uninstall qt-componenets and qt quick components on a Nokia N8 Anna device? I’m having the white screen issue, but i don’t see the qt things in my application manager.

    • Banderpop

      It’s possible that you have the new login problem white screen issue, rather than the old QT one.

  • epdm2be

    I got the same error as stated below:
    Error! Facebook API returned 403 Forbidden !!!

    Version 3.5 on 808PV. It worked a few days ago. I did a 3-finger reset prior to re-installing fMobi and getting this error.

    Oddly enough gravity also gives an error?!?!?

    Tried Facial which logs in perfectly.

    WTH is going on? Symbian boycot?

    BTW. whatever icon I click it says to log-off and re-login. But how do do that? There’s no icon nor a menu-item to log-off and/or login. It only logs in at the start of the program?

    BTW. The page on your website says login successfull

    • Banderpop

      Facebook changed something. Gravity got updated today with a fix for this. But for Facebook I’d rather use fMobi if I could.

      • epdm2be

        IS there a way to find out what those bloody morons changed? And complain to them! Because they apparently change inlog-procedures every few months. This will keep breaking apps. Or is this done deliberately to wipe out competing non-facebook OS’s/Apps?

        Funny thing is that I currently use Facial (a free alternative for now because I simply can;t keep pouring money in various facebook-clients) which has no problems at all. Installed it and logged in right away. It’s UI isn’t really userfriendly with its tiny buttons, though.

        BTW How do you log-off/log-on with fMoby? As stated when login fails. I think a proper usefull menu structure with log-in/log-off is whats missing in fMobi as functionally it’s (currently) the most competent.

    • Ahmad Ayub

      If you want to log out, select the option from the settings to log out on exit… But no point in doing that, because some of the users are getting the white screen issue while logging back in, any ways, try your luck…

      • epdm2be

        this is not what I want. I just want to log out and log in again immediately. It’s ridiculous to quit the program just to log-out. Anyway thanks for trying but I reverted to Facial. It worked without a hitch so I its bye bye fMobi.

    • Guest

      If you want to log out, select the option from the settings to log out on exit and close the app… But no point in doing that, because some of the users are getting the white screen issue while logging back in, any ways, try your luck…

  • Jayanand Supali

    hey pal, fMobi on N9 is having probs logging in. plz do look in to it. ThanQ

  • Angela Neilson

    I can’t login to fmobi. I get error loading page on login in screen, also API error and display must be one of the following async etc………….

  • woli

    Permission problem – 404 error

  • RRb

    not working after login…

  • Patrick Michel

    please find a solution or give us an answer to our problem of login. Many people have this problem and waiting of your help

  • Mace

    OMG PLEASE FIX THE N900 VERSION! It hasn’t worked in over a week. It also has no way to exit the app without using ctrl+bspace. Can’t login after receiving 40x error.

  • Jano Torres

    la pantalla se me queda en blanco y no habre

  • Macer


  • Macer


  • JR Gonzalez


  • sabin

    login eror !!!!!

  • ankit khachane

    i have installed a letest version of Fmobi and after runing the app i get an error So i turned off log out on Exit Now i cant us fmobi it only shows this screen please help me☺

  • rocabehe

    nuevamente no sirve fmobi ayuda

  • rocabehe

    por favor no sirve ayuda

  • MAK

    Please update the fmobi with widget…!!! 🙂

  • olee22

    How I “Uninstall qt-components & Qt Quick components” ?

  • KyoXI

    marcar un erro 400 api y no me deja registrar mi cuenta en nokia n9

  • DCvircar

    la version gratis es excelente pero la de costo no me permite abrirla, dice que tiene error…

  • Matias Gomez

    How I “Uninstall qt-components & Qt Quick components” ?

  • Timple

    Can’t access at the moment – the oauth procedure seems to be broken…….

    • jkosonen

      Yeah, Facebook did some changes to the Login UI and now it’s not rendering with symbian. I made some tweaks and sent new version to Nokia QA, hopefully it is available soon.

      • Timple

        Thxs – out of interest – the endless changes FB seems to do on their apis – can you see functional reasons why FB is changing them – or is it just to make life difficult for small development companies like yours? When I used to work in telecoms tech (Nortel) we used to bend over backwards to retain backwards compatibility in development.

        • jkosonen

          Yeah, they keep constantly breaking things while developing new stuff, no idea what is the idea behind that…

      • Meshuga

        Seems to have taken an age for the update to appear in the store, been checking daily, but now FMobi has disappeared altogether in the store for FP2 phones. Please can you sort this out? I’m on an 808 PV

        • jkosonen

          Yes, and because of this Facebook change Nokia removed fMobi from the Store. I have sent them updated version which works fine on my 808, but they still failed it for some reason. But now I yet again send new version to them yesterday, hopefully they will get that published. But as far as I know, the Facebook login issue should be solved already, since Facebook made some new tweaks to their UI?

  • jkosonen

    If yu have login problem you can try this. Symbian Belle users, use this link to authenticate with pc , MeeGo users use this link . Then you can try to login with fMobi

    • Guest

      still doesn’t work :/

      • @utkarsh007

        I think this problem persists with the newer user accounts! My sister’s account has no problem giving the authentication but i recently created a new account of mine and it doesn’t work with mine!

    • tzelu

      fmobi it’s sucks now, i paid for this aplications and can’t use on my symbian belle

  • Jeet Roy

    how to remove qt components…???please help

  • juan

    failed at first did not enter my facebook account and go blank after a few days went smoothly now only lacks to answer messages and hope it stays stable until the new version corrected for the Nokia Asha 303 ​​chat

  • juan

    You can see more of my friends older posts only shows the first 4 most recent publications missing older posts button

  • Ivan

    How can I connect using 3G and not wifi on Nokia n8??? I don’t want to use wifi when I am at home. Please help me

    • Dương Tuấn Việt

      touch on status bar and pull down…you will see Wi-fi on/off switch….or you can put a widget Wi-fi on/off on home screen by touch on
      Option button ( right-bottom screen ) then choose ” Add widget ” and find Switch Wi-fi on/off

  • ahmet

    where can i download full version? link isn’t working

    • Marika Kiuru

      I´m wondering the same thing!!!! I REALLY want that full version 😀

      • jkosonen

        I sent new version to Nokia QA, hopefully it’s available in day or two, and back at Nokia Store.

  • simone

    i’ve FMoby 3.56 in my N8.. but now i cannot login for error 400.. i set in option tab “disconnect on exit” but on restart, not works, for 5 secs is display the screen for insert my username and pwd but when i try to insert it, is shown the home screen…

    • jkosonen

      I sent fix for that to Nokia QA, hopefully they will release it back to Nokia Store.

      • simone

        with 3.57 now.. but i have 2 questions:

        1) after i write a comment the keyboard not work ( i think is a symbian problem..

        2) is possible in future share links, news or images?now we can like or comment

  • g

    Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia N8-00 Belle.

    Browse more great content in the “Related” section below.


  • Nícollas Carvalho

    I formatted my phone and now I’m not getting to download the store, “item unavailable” “Sorry, this item is no longer available.”
    How do I get in contact with the developer?
    I love this App

  • victor

    me aparece un error 400,y no me deja nisiquiera iniciar nuevamente a facebook…que hago..???elimino y compro denuevo???

  • Crow

    Error for me too, I try re-login and many other things, no sucess!

  • Rogério

    erro API returned 400 Bad request

  • Emerson Teles

    fMobi, não encontro o aplicativo para beixar na Nokia store…

  • Ivan

    When will be the app ready for download from Nokia Store Webpage??

  • Василий Платонов

    Doesn’t available for N900 at Nokia Store ((

  • Gagan Jattana

    There is a bug in your message sending system. M using E7 n fmobi 3.57 when we send message in comments it dont send the last world.. For E.g “Hey m coming” u type n send but it sends “Hey m” even single word dnt go other side.. Check it out n fix it ASAP.. Thnx in advanced.. Great app.

  • Mikko

    Is there going to be a widget for Belle again?

    Thank you for making the app work again! Its essential for old Belle phones. Only missing that widget…

  • Harsha Vardhan

    plz make this app for android also

  • Mario

    I have fmobi v. 3.57 in Nokia E6, but i cannot login for error 400.

  • Marijan Kondinski

    Nokia n9 error 400 fix pls

  • PACO

    Hola tengo un Nokia C6 01 y quisiera saber el por que no puedo comentar directamente en el muro de alguno de mis amigos, error API RETURNED 403

  • Sergio

    Me da error 400 y no me deja ingresar, que ROBO!

  • Garp

    fmobi doesn’t work, ‘time out error-try relogin’ but nothing helps.
    And no version in store except free trial version.
    I receive a message saying: This item is unfortunately not available for N9 any more! Strange after having paid for this app. Then you can’t try reinstalling to get it working!

  • frapg

    Fmobi do an error api 400 on my nokia c6-01. HEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I paid for that

  • Silja

    I downloaded the 7-day trial. Logged in, but getting error message:
    “Error! Facebook API returned 400! OAuth “Facebook platform” “invalid_request” “An active access token must be used to query information about current user.” If the problem persist, try to logout and login again.

    Logout, login doesn’t work.

  • greg towle

    My f-mobi 3.56 doesn’t work now on my pureview. I upgraded the phone is that it? first it said I needed to log out and then log in. There is no log in! now it says face book rejects it. I cannot find a log in option. I can log into facebook using the phone’s face book app, but cannot do anything with the f-mobi. I purchased this program from the nokia store.

  • Bob

    Doesn’t work for more than 1 week even after trying to give permissions correctly. What’s the hell ?!

  • anrydisappear

    Hey man,why you sold to us( is linux community,if you want some euros or dolars,just created donate account.What a shit are you

  • Henry

    me da error 400 plataforma invalida y no me volvió a funcionar al comienzo
    si me servia pero ahora no lastima por que la aplicación me parece buena

  • Carlo

    Doesn’t available for N900 at Nokia Store. I already bought this app time ago, fix this problem, please.

  • Albarracin Mauro

    ADVERTENCIA DE SEGURIDAD: trata la dirección URL si fuera tu contraseña y no la compartas con nadie.

  • Luís Fernando de Lima Jr.

    fmobi widget is not working. This is temporary or permanent?

  • darth

    Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia N9.
    Browse more great content in the “Related” section below.

  • thea_ii

    Hi, whenever I want to use fMobi I come to the following error note:

    ERROR! Facebook API returned 400!
    0Auth “Facebook Platform”
    “invalid_request” An active access token
    must be used to query
    Information about the current
    user.” If Problems persist try to
    logout and Login again
    I tried a lot, including new install and the links above to give permission. Nothig works. What am I doing wrong?

    I have a Nokia C7-00 with Symbian Belle.

    • Boris

      I have same problem..What´s the API 400 oAuth???

  • Javier Peña

    mi nokia 5530 ya no conecta en fmobi y no puedo instalar una actualizacion por que me pide las qt 4.8 y mi 5530 solo admite las 4.7.3
    que puedo hacer
    error 400 facebook api returned

  • Laurys Green

    Porque no reparan fmobi para el E6-00 Belle??? Urge que lo arreglen!!

  • Iván

    Buenos días. La aplicación es muy buena. Deberían incluir actualizaciones donde tenga lo siguiente: Ver y dar toques, Salir de la aplicacion pero que no se cierre q se mantenga en segundo plano, mas emoticones para el chat, q el chat sea mas estable a veces se cierra.

  • saintchelo

    I bought Fmobi 3.57 in the Ovi Store and installed it on my Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle and found a problem. When I search for a user (which is not part of my friends) and when tap in Photos, not appear any album or photo, but I know that this user has published photos that can be viewed by anyone. Anyone have this problem too ? One more thing, when the Fmobi Widget will again be available?
    Thanks to all

  • Pepe Chotuno

    Hi, I have got fMobi 3.57 installed on my N8 Belle Refresh. App worked nice but wo days ago when I try to access displays me a message showing:


    What can I do ?????

    I tried by that fMobi explained on your Facebook’s page but still no works.

  • palikao

    I can’t find fMobi on Nokia Store for my N9.. I can only find trial.. not the full version 🙁

  • Luis

    Chat it not working on the latest version (Nokia 701 FP2)

  • Luis

    Chat is not working on the latest version (Nokia 701 FP2)

  • Nick

    Chat is not working on the latest version for Nokia N8… Why?

  • Luke

    Yes, chat is not working. i have fmobi 3.60 version and Nokia N8 – Belle. Any suggestions?

    • jkosonen

      Hmm, that’s weird since I just tested with the latest version and chat worked in my 808. I’ll check more later today.

  • Albarracin Mauro

    When you upgrade to the latest version 3.6, I can not connect to chat, “No friends online chat. Try ….” Nokia 500 Symbian Belle…

    • cl3hjr

      I got chat to work on mine once but I cannot remember if I was using wifi or not. That may have something to do with it.

  • saban saulic

    can you fix fchat like you fixed fmobi too?

  • Sandeep Patnala

    FMobi 3.60 error which am getting in my Nokia 701. Apart from this am not able to access Chat , Notifications too

    • jkosonen

      You haven’t given needed permissions to the app, like the error says, so you can’t check your notifications from fMobi.Fix for the chat is already sent to Nokia QA

  • cl3hjr

    does anyone know why the search for people on fmobi yields different results than if you search for the same person on the actual website?

  • Albarracin Mauro

    No online chats friend……..

    • jkosonen

      Get the latest update 3.61 that will fix it.

      • Albarracin Mauro

        Store in updating nokia does not appear

        • Albarracin Mauro

          ready, and update. thanks

  • henry quispe saravia

    compre la aplicacion funciono 5 minutos y ahora me sale plataforma invalida
    por favor ayudenme

  • shirish

    I have downloaded fmobi from nokia store for my nokia 808 pv …..its working fine ….is here where any widget for fmobi for the homescreen …I am not able to get it …please help

  • martin

    no sirve esta apps nokia es una MIERDA. mejor un ANDROID

  • saban saulic

    events doesnt update in 3.61 .it just shows spinning circle.n8,belle refresh.

  • Liloi

    The chat doesn’t work. I cannot send any messages. I get the same error notification as Sandeep Patnala. I am using fMobi v3.61 and I have updated Symbian. Could you help me please to solve the problem? Thank you very much!

  • murray

    It works fine, but still no widget. (N8-00 Belle Refresh)

  • marcelo

    I have fmobi in my nokia 808 works great, excellent work the best facebook aplicattion on symbian. for add notification similar a whatssapp

  • Armando

    Good overrall app. But needs widget needs to be running in back ground and have ”last seen” status or a stand by mode for chat conection status and auto restore it when you use it. I receive message notifications of my own sent messages to friends like new ones something rare. At times the app closes itself in the midle of a conversation. Would be good if it has diferent notification sounds for chat, message and notifications or the option to customize the default sound. Still waiting for the widget.
    Good luck!!

    • cl3hjr

      I agree with a lot of other people and the widget would be a nice re-additon

  • Michael

    Dear Juuso,

    could you also provide an update for the N9 version? It’s still 3.05. At least some login fix would be nice!

    If you need someone for testing just let me know.

    Thanks & kiitos,
    Michael (on the behalf of all the people who bought fMobi for N9)

  • cl3hjr

    does anyone know why I cannot see the pictures someone sends me in my messages?

  • Henwii

    I got this in my meego: Error! Api returned 400 bad request. <- what is this ?

    • Bubai Champs

      i got the same..

      • Hồ Trọng Hùng

        Same here, any solution? 🙁

  • Paul

    I am unable to play videos using this app on my Nokia 808.
    When i click on ‘open video’ it opens the nokia browser then facebook automatically re-directs you to the mobile site and the video will not play.
    I have set the default browser on my phone to opera but fmobi ignores this and opens the nokia browser instead, please fix the app so it uses the default browser cause opera can play the videos!

  • ian

    how do you log in as a page? i run a business and want to log into fb as page manager

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  • Abramo_Italy

    Another problem with fMobi on Nokia N8: the app does not visualize anymore a few friends (about 1 out of 20 on my friends’ list), their “likes” and their comments. Any trick to solve the problem? Thank you in advance for your help…

  • Javier Peña

    please solution
    nokia 5530 api 400 error
    not work in symbian ^1
    please help

  • marxsrb

    nothing works fine with this app

  • cl3hjr

    Will the next update be able to support seeing pictures in messages and also download them? Also when I click on open video it always takes me to the comment section, am I doing something wrong?

  • Shawn K Deepson

    my phone is nokia n900,….. i cant download fmobi app full version…. plz help me….

  • Javier Núñez

    fmobi login seems to be broken again (3.61)

  • Flygon ಠ_ಠ

    no me funciona la ultima version , no puedo logearme

  • Fernando Almeida

    fmobi 3.61 é este o mais atualizado?

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  • AKSdude

    The application definitely needs updating to include basic features. I am not saying advanced features are not there. It needs to at least be better than facebook html5 site! And thats easy with little improvements in fmobi. So, please.

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  • graybip

    It is getting really difficult to purchase software from the Nokia store–none of my credit cards get acknowledged. Do you have plans to offer FMobi in via another vendor site?

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  • Lara Zoè

    I really would like to use the program, but the download from Nokia Store always stops after 50%.. I use Symbian Belle on a E7-00. Have you already heard of this problem? Is there any solution? Thanks in advance!

    • Lara Zoè

      Switched off WiFi and downloaded via mobile phone network – and suddenly it worked 😀

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  • Przemek Kowalski

    I bought Fmobi everything works except a widget, I do not have it on the widget list of my Nokia 808 please help, thank you

  • aneestmc

    Hi, thanks for providing it as free via applist.
    I have dome req to u.
    1) make fotos larger in news feed
    2) give direct like and comment option in news feed
    3) while close and reopen, all the chat history should be there
    4) when chat works in back ground and new message comes it should give a pop up

  • Craig Meads

    Version 3.61 on Nokia Pureview 808 getting Facebook API returned 403 errors again. I assume FB have changed something that you’ll need to provide an update for? Dated 15/04/2015

    • AllanKafka

      Same here on my 808. It would be great if the developer could fix this issue 🙂

      • Marco Angeli

        I have the same problem

    • Miquéias Do Prado Guimarães

      Hey I managed to fix the problem, at least on nokia n8 it worked… It’s not a problem with the app but with the permissions it has on facebook. I searched a little bit and I found a link, on the developer’s page on facebook, it’s from 2012, but corrects the problem. Here it is:

      • Craig Meads

        That points to a blank page with the word success, and nothing about fmobi I sorry

        • Miquéias Do Prado Guimarães

          You should open the link on the pc with facebook logged in.. but it doesn’t matter now, it also stopped working… facebook must have changed something..

          • Craig Meads

            Thanks – the Developer seems to have gone “missing in action”. I’d say it’s the end of the road for Fmobi, if we don’t hear of anything soon. I have messaged his twitter account, but also had no reply. The Facebook page has been taken down by the looks.

    • Craig Meads

      Friends request is deprecated for versions v2 and higher is the latest error.

  • Raul Velazquez

    como lo puedo reinstalar en mi 808 con firmware original yo lo tenia pero tuve que resetar el quipo y lo perdi y no lo encuentro en la operastore…

  • Giuseppe Barranquilla

    f mobi v. 3.61 for nokia n8 don’t work. Error api returned. Please release a new version…….. Thanks….

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  • Italo Devoto

    I am sorry but fmobi is no longer working, would you release a fix or this is the end of the product. Thank You, it looked great.

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  • Edmond Rose

    I recently downloaded fMobi to my Nokia E7 from applist. Like others, it is returning an error message from the Facebook platform. Shame, as it looks like it would be a great app.

  • Coen Berends

    Same problem here. ‘Api returned 403!’. Makes Fmobi unusable on my 808.

  • Luno Lang

    Hello im use FMobi in Nokia n9 but this app have many bugs, I wish you repaired the best app for Nokia n9

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